October 16, 2014



Chain of Hope received a message from a very nice woman, during a very rainy, stormy night in KC. She said that she had some relatives that were on their way over to her house that evening and when they were almost there, they saw someone throw a dog out of their car and speed off. Thank God her family members stopped to pick up this poor thing. It was thunder storming really bad that night.

They put the dog in their car and brought it with them to her house. This dog was in terrible shape. It was a little Shar Pei and she was not in good shape at all. The woman whose house it was had dogs of her own. She didn’t have anywhere to keep this poor, abused dog separate in her house, so she made a make shift pen for this little girl. What a very caring woman!

We got the message the next morning so I called her and headed over. This pathetic little dog was in her make shift pen with food and water. She was in bad shape. She had recently had puppies. She had milk in her teats still and she had a discharge from her vagina. I don’t know if the puppies had died and the people just didn’t want her anymore or if they got a litter out of her and then dumped her-who knows? They hadn’t taken care of her, that’s for sure. Her eyes were gunky and I knew she probably had entropian, which is common in Shar Peis. That  is where the eyelashes turn inward to the eye instead of outward. It is very painful and requires corrective surgery. Her skin was bad, she had lots of sores on her. She was too thin. I could tell she’d been through some unspeakable things.


It turns out that I knew Barbara, the woman who called us about this dog.  She told me that she had called for assistance with dog food just a couple of times, about 3 yrs. ago. She had kept our number and I’m so glad she did! I now remembered being on her street. This shar pei’s owners knew exactly what they were doing. Barbara’s street is out south and there are only houses on one side of the street. On the other side of the street is all small grassy areas and woods. Of the houses on Barbara’s  side of the street, most of them were abandoned and boarded up. It was a very discreet area. Little did her owners know that they had dumped her in an area where an angel for the animals lived!














I loaded this little one up in the van and whispered to her that this was one of the best days of her life-she was a Chain of Hope dog now! She was malnourished and really couldn’t see much at all with those eyes, but she was safe now and would soon be getting the help that she so desperately needed.








We named this little girl Honey because that is exactly the color she is! We put her surgery off for about a week or two so that we could get rid of her parasites and get some weight on her. We had her on meds to keep her eyes comfortable until surgery time. Honey began recovering physically and mentally from her neglect and abuse. She began making new friends, both human and dog.












Honey was finally in good enough shape to go through her surgery. She had her eyes fixed and was spayed all on the same day. She did fabulously!






I was there to hold little Honey as she woke up form surgery and comfort her. Dig those nails!




Honey almost always has something in her mouth! Usually, it’s a stuffed animal, but if not-a raw hide will do!











Honey is all filled out now, all vetted and is finally ready for her forever home. She is up for adoption or a foster home! Go to our website at http://www.chainofhopekc.org and go to our adoptable animals page to find the foster and adoption applications! Let’s get this very deserving girl a home!










Honey was quite the medical case. If you can’t foster or adopt, how about possibly helping us out with her medical bills? She’s had a lot of medical work done:  eye surgery, spay, vaccinations, heart worm test, worming, flea control and heart worm prevention. She’s the total healthy package now and ready to get settled in her new life! Thank you to all of our supporters for keeping us out there in the community. That is how we got Honey, by being so plugged in to these neighborhoods. A lot of people know us and turn to us for help, as you know. We are knocking on doors and leaving our information every day. It takes boots on the ground and that’s what we’re best at!










October 9, 2014



There is a house that we’ve been involved with for quite some time, at least 3 yrs. There are 3 dogs tied up: 2 big Golden/Chow mixes, tied in the back yard, and an older black dog that had a dog run-type thing on the side of the people’s house. It was a long, rectangular pen  We spayed and neutered everybody about 3-4 yrs. ago and made sure everyone had adequate shelter. The people never brought any of the dogs inside, so we made sure they had plenty of hay in the winter and water and fly control in the summer. The little older dog on the side of the house especially broke our hearts. The pen had a lot of  tall vegetation around it and so very little sunlight made it into the pen. It was muddy a lot. They were not good about picking up the feces. The “gate” to the pen was a piece of plywood with some rope tied around it to keep it closed. You know they weren’t in that pen with her very often at all if they had to move that everytime! The little one always looked at us with the sweetest face. We called animal control over to this address a couple of years ago and they came back with no violations. They all had shelter, they were all at a pretty good body weight and they were all fixed. It was then that we knew they would just have to be on our monitoring list and we would have to get by there every few weeks and make sure these babies didn’t fall further through the cracks.

Last Sunday while we were on outreach, we were talking about the upcoming winter and discussing which dogs that we helped care for absolutely had to get out of there before winter. We talked about the little sweet old black dog on Indiana. While we were driving in the van, I realized we weren’t that far from this house. We decided to go over there and check up on the dogs. I thought that I could plant a seed with the owner and get them thinking about giving her up to us before the harsh winter set in.  We knew it could be a process to get people thinking about it and then continuing to follow up and press on with them until we get the dog out of a hell hole. We wanted to start that process today!



We pulled up in front of the house and the owner was on the front porch. She was dressed up and had obviously come from church. I asked her how things were going and she said, “ok, I guess”.  I said, “what’s going on?” She said, “I’ll pay you $10 if you’ll take that black dog”! Oh my gosh!!!!! We were floored. Erica and I just kept looking at each other! I said, “you don’t want her?” and she said, “no”. I told her that we would definitely take her!!! Oh my gosh, this was finally her liberation day!!! I can’t tell you how happy we were!!! I can’t tell you how happy she was!!!









We brought her out of the pen and the owner asked us to bring her over so she could see her. This dog had been so neglected, yet she still looks up at her owner-that is all she’s known. Little does she know that her life is about to get a whole lot better!






I don’t think Carol could have a bigger smile on her face! We were absolutely thrilled to be getting this poor girl. Erica got the relinquishment form signed and walked this beautiful soul around in the field! She was walking through grass! I don’t know when the last time had been that she had ever walked on grass. The smallest things enthrall these dogs that come off of their chains and tie-outs. They love to smell! They are so used to being in their depressing, dirt circle that when they get a chance to get out in the grass and smell lots of different things and pee on everything that they care to pee on, they are so happy! Of course we are going to stay involved at this house. Hopefully in the future, we’ll be able to get one or both of the other dogs out of there!








We named this precious soul Carley and I’m telling you, this dog knew she was saved! Look at her joyful face!





Carley had dreads and mats and she stunk to high heaven, but she still rode in the front seat with us!



We got her back to Chain of Hope and everyone fell in love with her instantly!




Tanner came in the next morning and worked his magic! He got Carley all shaved down and bathed. She looks great, she feels and smells even better, and she is so happy to be here.








Your financial support makes stories like Carley’s possible! We say it all the time, but we couldn’t do it without you! Chain of Hope put a big smile on Carley’s face!!!











October 2, 2014



We had been working on a house in north east with an older couple who had a Benji-type female dog and a tiny, male chihuahua mix. We were trying to get them to agree to let us spay and neuter their animals  and to get the people to take them inside. In fact, I had called animal control on these people in the winter because these small dogs were out in that terrible cold. Animal control made them take them in the house. This house required repeated visits and lots of education. Their house was on a corner and one day we noticed a black lab peeking around the back privacy fence of the house across the street. We didn’t know those people had a dog, We were in a hurry, but ran over and knocked on the door. No one was home, so we left our information. The people never called for anything and really this dog just kind of fell off of our radar, because we are constantly handling crises and medical cases and we are continually having to re-prioritize our day as the calls pour in. We didn’t even know if this dog was a male or female.

One day I found a note that had this address written down and ” black lab” written on it, too.  This jogged my memory and I put it on the outreach list for the girls to go by and see if the dog still lived there. It was now a few months later and it was also now winter. Judy and Karen went over there and this time someone was home. They still had the dog-she was in the basement with a litter of puppies! Oh no! We were so upset with ourselves for not remembering this dog. We had to let that go now, though, and address the situation at hand. At least they had brought them all inside. It was super cold outside.

Judy and Karen stayed in close contact with these people, taking dog food for momma and keeping an eye on the puppies. The people said that they needed help with the puppies and Judy told them that we could take them when they were old enough and get momma spayed.  There were 7 puppies. A few weeks later, the guy finally gave Judy a certain day to come over and get the litter-they were finally old enough. When Judy went over there, they had already given 4 of them away! This ALWAYS  happens and I can’t tell you how frustrating it is. Then this guy does what these people always do and he tells us that he’s keeping 2 of the puppies. Oh, I can’t even tell you how mad Judy and I were! It ended up that he only had 2 puppies that could go to rescue. Extremely disappointing. These two were definitely the lucky ones!




To make matters worse, I was back at the house across the street from this house, trying to talk to the people with the Benji-type female and male Chihuahua mix. It turns out that they are related to the people with the black lab and the puppies across the street . The Benji dog’s owner was the mother to a grown son and his family that had the litter of puppies. The grandmother also had 2 of the puppies! We didn’t even know that 2 of the puppies had gone right across the street to grandma’s house. It’s enough to make you not want to try anymore, but we’ve got to think of how to get the best results for these animals.

These people finally decided to get the Benji dog spayed and the 2 male puppies that they now had neutered. They would not neuter the Chihuahua mix, but we’d address that later. We wanted to get these 3 done for sure. When I went to pick them up for their surgeries and loaded them in the van, the woman pointed to the 2 puppies and told me not to bring them back. They had decided they didn’t want them. Thank God! Now we at least had 4 of the 7 puppies. While I was at their house, I told the lady that I was going to go over and see the black lab. I could see her peeking around the fence. I went over and gave her a pig ear and loved on her. It made her day!

The next day I took the  Benji dog back to the grandma’s house. I looked across the street and I didn’t see the black lab. I asked the lady if she could be in the house and she said, “No, she’s always back there now.” I wondered why she wasn’t there because I knew she could hear me. There had to be a reason why she couldn’t peek around the fence. I pulled over to her house, got out, went in the back yard and this is what I found:






This poor, skinny, precious dog’s chain was all wrapped around some wheels to something. I don’t even know what it was for sure. She was all wrapped up and could barely move. It was very hot outside and she was panting heavily. She was also barking at me a lot and acting like she didn’t want me near her. I ran to the van and got a bowl and some water and gave her a drink first thing. She drank the whole bowl, she was so thirsty.



I went back to the grandma’s house and knocked on her door. She spoke very limited English, but I motioned for her to come. She followed me across the street and into the back yard. She saw the dog like she was and she shook her head and said, “no…no”. I told her to come on we were going to the front door and talk to her son. She was a little reluctant to go, but she went. It took a long time, but finally her son came to the door, looking like we had gotten him out of bed. I was not happy and told him to come to the back with me and look at the dog. When he went over to her, she jumped up on him, excited to see someone-he was all she knew.



This guy could tell I was mad. I asked him if he had even been out there today (it was about 2:00 pm and 93 degrees). He said no, he hadn’t been back there since yesterday. Guys, there comes a time when it’s ok to lose my cool out there and this was one of those times. He kept saying, “it’s ok, it’s ok” and I said, “it is not ok, I am taking this dog”. He’d say, “no, it’s ok”. I took out my cell phone and told him that he was signing over this dog right now or I’m calling the city and they would take the dog AND write him tickets. All of the sudden, he was saying “ok, ok-you take her”.  I told him to untangle her and get her to my car. I kept at him the whole time. I asked him why he hadn’t taken care of this dog and he basically tried to blame it on the kids and everyone else in the family. As we got over to my car with this poor dog, he was so bold as to ask me if I would still be coming over to help him with the puppies. Suffice it to say, I blew!  I told him that he shouldn’t be keeping any puppies and exactly what I thought of him for ditching the momma dog and keeping two of the puppies. I told him never to call us again. Of course, we are keeping tabs on the puppies and as soon as they are off of the front porch (fenced front yard) and on chains in the back yard like momma was, he’s busted.


We got this precious momma back to Chain of Hope. She was in bad shape. She was skinny, she had hair missing and sores on her. She was dehydrated and her teats sagged from nursing all of those puppies. She had been treated terribly and we couldn’t wait to show her a happy life!







We wanted Jersey to get rid of her parasites and put some weight on before spaying her. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, she tested positive for heart worms.  Actually, today is her big day. She is getting spayed and getting her first heart worm treatment.

All I can say about Jersey is that she is a total sweetheart. She is a lab mix-beautiful black with some chocolate on her, too. She is only about a year old and she is great with other dogs. She’s in playgroups and has very nice manners!









Look how good she looks now!




We can’t say enough about this dog. She’s a really great girl! She is ready for adoption as soon as she completes her heart worm treatment and rests for a couple of weeks. Let us know if you’re interested in giving this special girl a wonderful rest of her life! Applications can be found at http://www.chainofhopekc.org and go to our adoptable animals page to find the app! In the meantime, Jersey is having fun at Chain of Hope and loving being treated like she should be treated-extra special!









Thanks for making our very important work possible by supporting us! We couldn’t do it without you!


September 23, 2014


I was coming back to Chain of Hope one afternoon from doing outreach out south. I was heading north on Raytown Road-on the south end where it is pretty rural. I saw what I thought was a black cat run across the road-from the woods on one side of Raytown Road to the woods on the other side. I looked in my rear view window and barely caught a glimpse of it as it ran into the woods. As I looked in my rear view mirror, I thought it looked more like a puppy than a cat. I pulled over, backed the van up and got out. I walked back to where I had seen it go into the woods. I walked around, called, looked through branches and bushes, but to no avail. I figured it must be up in the woods with it’s momma or something-it had looked pretty little. I went on back to Chain of Hope, wishing I could’ve gotten it.

About 2-3 hours later, April came down to walk dogs and she came in my office and told me that she had just seen a puppy on Raytown Road! I asked her where and it was the same area that I had seen it. She had pulled over as well and gotten out, but didn’t see it after that. I grabbed my keys, we grabbed a cat trap and some canned food and jumped in the van to go try and get it.  We pulled over at the place we had both seen it and walked along the road. It was about 5-5:30 pm and the road was very busy with cars traveling really fast along there. As we searched and looked into the woods along the road, I saw it! I told April it was right in there, about 6 feet from the road. We moved down a little further so as not to scare him even more and set the cat trap. This was a tiny little guy, poor thing. We could see him huddled under an evergreen tree. You can barely see him in this picture.


He was definitely interested in the smelly food we baited the trap with. We went back to the van to just get out of there and give him time to go into the trap. We waited about 5 minutes or so and then walked back to peek. He was eating some canned food leading up to the trap! We retreated back to the van and waited longer. When we went back to check, he was not near the trap, he was huddled back under the evergreen tree. There was an incline up to more woods and we didn’t want him running up there and taking off. I told April that I was going to crawl up in there, above where he was so I could hopefully head him off if he tried to run up the hill. April kept tossing him some yummy treats while he was under the tree. I was on the hill, but he really wasn’t moving much. I inched my way down and I told April that I thought I could just slowly reach under the tree and get him. I really couldn’t see him that well-just parts of his body under there. I reached my hand in and pulled him out. He was scared to death. He’d been through hell, you could tell. There was a deep gash on the top of his head that looked infected. He was missing hair in places and had little scars and sores all over. He was petrified. Little did he know that everything was going to be ok -he was a Chain of Hope puppy now!







We got “Woody” as we called him, back to Chain of Hope. He was only about 8 weeks old. What in the world had happened to this poor little boy? Was he thrown out of a car? I guess we’ll never know. We looked all around for more and there were none. This is one of those times when I’m glad animals can’t talk because I don’t think I could bear to hear his sad story. He must have been so frightened all alone.

We got this little one settled in. He was exhausted and wanted to sleep a lot. It takes a lot out of them to try and survive out there. We fed him, let him sleep and decided we would tackle his medical issues in the morning. He had had a lot happen to him already today!




Woody is much loved at Chain of Hope and loves having other puppies to play with.




Woody’s head healed up fine. He has been neutered, vaccinated, wormed and had flea prevention on him. He is an adorable male pit bull puppy. We love his personality! He is very laid back and mellow. Definitely a snuggler!



Woody is up for adoption! Go to http://www.chainofhopekc.org and go to our adoptable animals page to find the application. Woody deserves the best, he’s been through a lot in his young life. We are so glad that we were able to rescue him from the woods. Thanks for keeping us out there.



September 11, 2014



We first met Chico back in the winter of 2013. We saw him chained to a tree, far back in a side lot next to a house. We knocked on the door and that is how we became involved with Chico. He had a very small dog house at the time-I don’t even think he could fit into it anymore. He was young-about 6 months. The people were receptive to neutering him. Since it was so cold, we went ahead and fixed him up with a bigger dog house with lots of hay and made arrangements to pick this boy up and neuter and vaccinate him. We could tell these people needed some education and this dog definitely needed monitoring!

I picked up Chico and brought him in for his vetting. He was a shepherd/hound mix and he was adorable! He was the sweetest dog you could ever meet.

We stopped by pretty regularly. Our hearts went out to him because he was cabled to the tree and didn’t get much attention. We found out that these people also had a couple of smaller, white dogs that they kept in the basement. The woman told me that they were siblings. They were not altered and she usually blew me off when I brought it up and offered spay and neuter. I told her over and over again NOT to breed at all, but especially don’t breed siblings-she was going to end up with lots of problems. We usually cut people off that won’t spay and neuter every animal in the home, but we couldn’t walk away from Chico. We were all he had.

We stopped by one day and they told us that he kept breaking his cable and so they had him on a chain, although it was a light weight one. They said he broke his collars, etc. I’m sure it’s because he wanted to be free! We spent time fitting him with a harness, hoping that would help things. He seemed so happy when the kids were around him! Too bad they didn’t spend more time with him or  have him in the house with the family. He was at a good body weight and was healthy. We didn’t need to stop by here as much as some other houses we needed to monitor more closely.











Sometimes in the spring, the woman would put her little white dogs out on the front porch in a crate, “to get some fresh air”, she’d say. She still wouldn’t listen to us about spaying and neutering, but we wouldn’t walk away from Chico and we would just keep working on her about the white dogs.

If you’re an avid Chain of Hope blog follower, you probably remember the story or Floyd, the Boxer.  http://chainofhope.wordpress.com/2014/06/03/floyd/   I found him all tangled up in the chain with Chico! It was Chico’s yard that Floyd had run into and gotten tangled up while playing!





We hadn’t been by in a while, so I put it on an outreach list for Erica and Carol. They called me later and said that there was a white dog in a crate on the front porch. It had no water and it was a hot day! No one was home. They also told me that Chico was thinner than he’d been. They’d fixed them both up with food and water and I told them I’d be getting over there in the next couple of days and see what was going on. When I went over, I was not happy. The white dog had a chain wrapped around it’s neck and was now chained to a tree. It was disgusting.






DSCF4081The little dog had a  styrofoam container laying on the ground with a hunk of chicken or something in it and there were flies all over it. This was despicable. There was Chico, still chained to his tree. His water was knocked over and it was a really hot day.  I took pictures, gave them a small amount of water to drink and a few milkbones, but I knew I was going to go call this into animal control, which I did. When I came in to work the next day  and put in the case number to see what happened, the results were “unable to locate animal”. Oh brother!

I drove over to this address the next day. There was the white dog, still chained to the tree and there was Chico, chained in the back of the yard. I took more pictures. While I was there, the woman came home with a couple of the kids in the car. I knew I would be pursuing this with animal control again as soon as I left, so I didn’t spend very much time talking to her. I asked her why the white dog was chained to the tree and she replied, “Oh, we’re moving”. So…..because you’re moving, you need to chain your dog to a tree on super hot days with no water??  I asked her where they were moving to and she said, “I don’t know but it’s somewhere not too far from here.” I didn’t get to ask her where the 2nd white dog was because she used to have two of them. I left and called a supervisor and they said they would send someone over. I went on because I had a lot of addresses to get to. I drove by this house the next day and the white dog was not there. I never found out if animal control impounded this dog, but I don’t think so. What they probably did was had the people put it in the house and tell them that it couldn’t be out there like that. Apparently, they thought Chico looked ok.



A few days later, I received a call from an animal control officer and they were over at Chico’s house. Someone else had noticed Chico and called animal control. The officer called me because Chico had a dog house that said Chain of Hope on it. They thought he looked pretty thin, which he did. They said it didn’t even look like anyone lived at this house anymore. She wasn’t sure what was going on. I told her how this boy had been falling through the cracks for the last several months. She ended up leaving paperwork on the front door of the house. When she went back the next day, the note was still on the door, so she impounded the dog. Thank you, animal control!!! Finally, this boy was out of there! It looklike the people had gone ahead and moved, taken the white dog with them and left poor Chico chained in the yard. Losers!

We contacted the shelter and let them know that we would like to pull him out of there just as soon as he could go. We found out that he is heart worm positive, but we’ll deal with it like we always do. It was a joyful day when Judy and Jan went over to get him out of the shelter! I’m sure he was wondering where he was going now, but his new life was about to begin!





You know our dogs we rescue always have to lose their old name, along with their old life. We renamed this boy Farley and we love him!!! He is so happy to be a Chain of Hope dog now! Farley gets along with everyone, he is a little shy but getting better everyday with all of the TLC that he’s getting. He loves to go out in the yard and the pool. He’s really blown away by the fact that there is always food and water available to him! He’s gaining weight. He’s happier than he’s ever been! Farley is literally smiling everyday!












Thank you for your support. It is the only way that we can continue our critical work in the inner city. It’s because of all of you that Farley now has a happy life. The only thing that could make him happier, would be his forever, loving, indoor home! Let us know if you’re interested in offering Farley a foster home or better yet-a forever home!


Chopper and Jasper

September 4, 2014

A  pet owner in north east Kansas City called us for help with food.  Judy and Karen took some food over and there were several animals there. A young man and his girlfriend had recently moved in with his grandparents and proceeded to bring 4 animals with them to add to grandma’s cats and her Boston Terriers. It was a chaotic mess. A couple of weeks later, Judy and Karen ended up over there again taking more food.  They came back from outreach and told me that these people were keeping a little puppy outside in a wire crate with a blanket over it. This was in the late winter and it was cold. They said that it had been there the very first time they went there and the owner had immediately let it out and said that it wasn’t in there all the time. The same thing happened the second time they were there-the puppy was in the wire crate on the front porch. The owner let it out and again acted like it was not in there all the time. When they got back from outreach and told me about this, I knew I had to get over there and talk to these people.


I went over the next day. A woman came walking over from next door and it turns out that she was the sister of the young man that had moved in with grandma and grandpa. I started talking with her and she was pretty upset. She told me that that poor puppy was in that crate  24 hours sometimes. She said she had talked to them and they always told her to mind her own business. Shes said that when her brother and his girlfriend moved in with grandma and grandpa and brought all these extra animals (2 dogs, 2 cats) that it had turned her grandparents lives upside down.

The young couple came out and I started figuring out what animals belonged to who. They told me that the puppy had started out in the house, but it had worms and so they couldn’t have it in the house. Geez-ever think about treating the puppy for parasites instead of banishing it to the front porch in the cold of winter???

I offered them free spay and neuter for their 2 dogs. They had a bigger white and brown pit bull mix named Chopper. They also had the puppy, who had never been to the vet. I had a long talk with these people about this whole situation. I arranged a time for me to come and pick up Chopper and the puppy to get them fixed, vaccinated and de-wormed. They agreed. I told them while I had the animals in at the vet, that they needed to clean up their mess. I told them that puppy could not stay outside, that I would have him treated for his parasites and that they needed to clean out the crate and take it in the house.

I kept the animals overnight. The puppy was very skinny. Chopper was super cute, not too thin, but he was a little aggressive. This puppy was breaking our hearts. He was the sweetest little thing and his whole, short life so far had been hell. I very reluctantly loaded them up to take them back.

As soon as I pulled up, I could see the nasty, disgusting crate still sitting on the front porch, with the old coats and feces in it. They had not bothered to clean it out and put it in the house. I was not happy! The young couple wasn’t home and his sister came over again. She said that they had done nothing about any of this while the dogs were with me.



I asked the sister who was in charge of the house and she said her grandmother was. She also told us that her grandmother wanted us to keep the puppy. Grandma was sitting in the doorway in her wheelchair.  I went up and talked to her and she told me that what her grandson and his girl were doing to this puppy was inhumane. She signed the puppy over to Chain of Hope! It was her house and she wanted the puppy to have a better life. Thank God she had the good sense to do the right thing.

Of course we received the phone call when the young man came home and found out that the puppy wasn’t there. He was pretty mad. Patty explained to him that his grandmother had signed the puppy over, It was her house and she wanted this little guy to have a better life. When Patty told him that, there was suddenly a voice on another extension of their phone and the woman’s voice said, “you bet your sweet ass I did” and that was the end of that!

We named this little guy Jasper and he was a super puppy! He was so grateful, happy and very well behaved. We loved having him at Chain of Hope, showing him how to have fun, play with toys, play with other dogs, etc.





It wasn’t very long and we had a wonderful adoption application for this great little guy! It was time for Chain of Hope volunteers to tell him good-bye. Jasper was going to his forever home! We were so happy for him!







Of course, we didn’t forget about Chopper! The next time we went to see Chopper, the guy was pretty wary of us, but they desperately needed our help-none of these people were working. I knew they had a dog run in the backyard and that’s where Chopper was. I asked if I could go back and see Chopper and the guy said, “I don’t want you taking my other dog. ” I told him that I wasn’t there to take his dog, I was there to help him with Chopper. We went in the back and Chopper looked really good. We had wormed him when he’d been in getting neutered and he had filled out well! His kennel was clean-there was no poop in it. He had fresh, clean water and a good dog house. We hung up fly control, left food and told the guy he was doing a good job.  We also told him we’d be back with a tarp so that Chopper could have some shade, which we did provide for him. Chopper was a funny dog-sometimes he acts like he’s just fine and then it’s like he forgot to show you his bad ass self and he’ll bark and charge at you through the fence. I guess you could say that Chopper has a little bit of an attitude.  We  are continuing to stop by and check on Chopper and leave food and treats.  It’s always clean when we go there-every time. We gave them a leash and they say they walk him, but who knows? He does have it better than a lot of the dogs we see. He’s clean, well-fed, and healthy. Like most chained and confined dogs, he gets lonely, I’m sure. We are a bright spot in his day when we stop by, I know. We can’t possibly have space for all of the dogs that need to be taken out of their circumstances. We get the ones out that we can.









Thank you for your support. Jasper’s whole life has changed, thanks to Chain of Hope. Now he really has something to smile about!






Anita and Her Puppies

August 28, 2014

DSCF2951We all know how bad last winter was. It was brutal! Chain of Hope received an enormous amount of calls, mostly people needing dog houses and straw. There were days that we just hustled to get to as many houses as we possibly could before night fall. We had seen plenty and we knew that there were dogs definitely being kept outside 24/7 in below 0 wind chills, but many that had a dog house had no straw or hay in there whatsoever. We knew that every house we could get to, that that poor animal would be a little bit warmer that night because we got to them! Normally, when we go on calls, we must take a look at the animals at the house, we spend a lot of time talking about spaying and neutering and getting them signed up, getting them supplies, etc. When the weather is extreme, we are down to the basics-food, water and shelter and we keep it moving to the next house. Such was the case when people called and said that their dog house was too small for their dog and they needed a bigger one. They even said that we could trade them out-take the small one and leave a bigger one. I remember going there in the dark one evening with a bigger dog house. I dragged it up to the door with a bunch of hay in it and a teenage boy answered the door. He didn’t seem to know anything about switching out the dog houses, so I just told him not to worry about it-I’d stop by some other time and talk to someone and get it. I hustled to the next stop.

It wasn’t until spring that I found myself passing right in front of that house and I remembered about the dog house. There was an older man outside drinking a beer and washing his car, so I pulled over. I got out and told him that I was the one that had brought the dog house and hay over in the winter. I asked him how his dog was doing and he smiled and said, “She’s got 7 puppies.” My heart sank. Oh no! I asked him where they were and he told me they were in the dog house. We went around back and there they were.


DSCF2263This was terrible! Momma was chained up to a lawn mower. I asked him if he wanted the momma and puppies. He said he wanted momma. I told him that when they were a little older, we could help him with the puppies and get them vetted and find good homes for them. He seemed receptive to that idea.

Momma had water, but it needed freshened up. I talked to him about making sure momma had plenty of clean water to drink because she was making a lot of milk. I also told him to make sure she had food down all the time because she needed a lot of calories to make the milk. For now, the puppies needed to stay with mom and continue to get her nourishing milk. I left him a big bag of good dog food and told him I’d check back in a week or so. 

We continued to be involved over there, stopping by every Sunday. Every Sunday, the old man was always sitting on his front porch with a beer in his hands. Rarely was he sober. We were so afraid that he would start giving them away to people in the neighborhood, relatives, etc. This is what always happens and it is one of the most frustrating parts of our jobs. When we become aware of a litter out there, we try and get the entire litter signed over. Inevitably, the “owners” start promising them to neighbors, relatives, etc. It’s always a battle, every single time.

Every week we asked him to sign the litter over and every week he said he wasn’t ready for them to leave yet. He’d always say, “maybe next week” and put us off. I was getting very tired of this and the puppies were getting bigger. We stopped by on a Sunday and he started in with, “well….the mail man wants one and the guy down the street wants one and I’m going to keep one,” It was starting, just like it always does. So he wants to keep a puppy so that it can grow up and live on a chain just like his momma?? It’s sad, it’s frustrating. 





We’d been standing there talking forever, trying to talk some sense into him. I noticed something and stepped over to Erica. “He doesn’t have a beer in his hand today” I quietly said to her. This is how in sync Erica and I are from doing outreach for a few years together. That’s all I had to say and Erica understood immediately! She headed to the van, yelled over her shoulder to the guy that we were going to the liquor store and we’d be back. 

We returned with a 15 pack of Colt 45 and asked him to sign them over right then and there. Well, guess what he did? He signed them all over but the one he was keeping. We just went with the flow like that was cool that he wanted to keep one. We told him that we could take that puppy into the vet with the others to get it’s vaccination and worming and then we could bring it back the next day. He agreed. We got the entire litter and he got his Colt 45!


We hooked momma up before we left. She had been getting tired of her puppies-they were getting older and she was weaning them. We whispered in her ear to hang on, that we would get her out of there. We promised her.

We got the puppies situated. They were hungry, but mostly they were exhausted.






We, of course, were not going to take that last puppy back to the guy. We expected his phone call, but it never came. We kept the puppy and we did not hear from him. We got the puppies all spayed or neutered and put them up for adoption. We knew we’d have a good response because they were all so adorable.

In the meantime, we would run by and give mom biscuits and pig ears, without encountering the old man. Didn’t want him demanding “his” puppy back! Our hearts broke for this momma, but we kept telling her to hang on.She was still sitting over there, chained to the lawn mower and lonely. 


We were swamped with interest and applications on the puppies. They were thriving in our care.

Within a few weeks, we were finally able to make this beautiful, skinny, sweet momma dog a Chain of Hope dog. First thing on the agenda? A bath! She was filthy.


We wormed and vaccinated her. We would get rid of her parasites and let her gain some weight before spaying. This poor girl was impregnated while on her chain, gave birth while on her chain and tried to care for her puppies while chained. This poor, poor thing. Erica named her Anita and she began her road to recovery, good health, and soaking up the Chain of Hope love from all of us.




Anita filled out beautifully and then we had her spayed. She got along with everyone at Chain of Hope. We could let her play with anyone and she was totally fine with them. She had a really sweet and grateful spirit.




Anita was with us a few weeks when we received a good application for her. The people had a cat and we had cat tested Anita and it went fairly well. The family decided they wanted to adopt Anita. When they came down a few days later, we had Anita around the cats and she was acting way more interested in the cats now! Oh no!

The family decided they could work with her on the cat issue and they wanted to go ahead and adopt Anita.We showed them how we use a water spray bottle for behavior correction and off they went!

Well…….Anita ended up coming back because of the cat issue. 

That’s ok! She was happy playing with her old friends at Chain of Hope again!

One day, an owner came in with 2 puppies that they had adopted from Chain of Hope, to get their vaccinations.  They were Anita’s puppies! We brought Anita over to see them. They all sniffed each other a lot, but I wouldn’t say that any of them were ecstatic.


A couple of weekends later, Donna and Jackie took Anita to an adoption event. A wonderful woman came over and met Anita. She spent a lot of time with her. This woman had her very good friend with her and that woman is a vet tech. They both really liked Anita. The girls told that woman that if she was really interested that she needed to on online and fill out an application. We had the app the next day and it was very good!

Well, Barbara ended up adopting Anita! Donna took her over there to do the home visit and said that it is awesome and that Anita and Barbara’s other 2 dogs were getting along fine. 

photo 1 (21)

photo 2 (19)

photo 3 (14)Anita has gone from hell to heaven! The three dogs run through the house and out the doggy door and into the fenced yard, and back around again!

Barbara has renamed Anita, who is now Summer! We love that name for her! Thanks for giving her such a wonderful home, Barbara!

Chain of Hope is tenacious-we don’t give up and we don’t forget. We certainly didn’t forget about this incredible girl!

Welcome to your new, happy life Summer!



August 14, 2014





Chain of Hope received an urgent call one morning from an owner that had accidentally run over her own dog. This woman was very, very upset, of course. She felt terrible and she couldn’t stop crying. She told us that it had happened the night before and she had taken him to an emergency clinic. They told her that they thought the jaw was broken and of course, the eye needed to be removed. She only had money for a pain injection, which she did get for him.  She left with this poor little guy and took him back home. She said that his eye ball was hanging out of the socket and he had gone through the night like that.

Judy and I rushed right over. The woman told us that she couldn’t bear to look at him and that her older daughter had kept him in her room the night before. When the daughter brought this little dog out, our hearts broke for him. His eye ball was hanging out, he had a deep, bloody abrasion on the top of his head and a very deep wound on his front left leg where we could see the tendons. The poor boy was in bad shape. He wasn’t crying. The pain meds had been administered at 11:00 pm the night before and was supposed to hold him for 12 hrs. We had to get this boy in to the vet!










We got him into the vet. Thankfully, his jaw was not broken! He underwent surgery for the removal of his eye and stayed at the vet for a few days. We picked him up, brought him back to Chain of Hope and got him settled in! Everyone loved Wilbur and he enjoyed a lot of time getting loved on and sitting out in the sun for awhile.






Wilbur was doing great for about 5 days and then he started crashing. He started vomiting and having diarrhea. He wouldn’t eat or drink and was very lethargic. He had the classic signs of parvo. We ran a parvo test on him and poor little, weak Wilbur tested positive for parvo. Oh my God, I was afraid this would do him in. He only weighed 9 lbs to start with.

Wilbur was a pretty sick little boy. He was on an IV pump and receiving multiple medications. Thank you, Dr. Kennedy for diagnosing him and getting an IV in him on a Saturday night! This little one had another battle to get through, but we were all right beside him, helping him through it the best we could.










Wilbur is a fighter, that’s for sure. After several days, he started turning the corner. He was doing better and we were able to take him off of his IV. We thought he was on the road, but just a couple of days later, he was having more struggles. He was not wanting to eat. He had dwindled to 8 lbs. We felt like this little boy was barely hanging on.

We finally decided to take him to Blue Pearl. They did an x-ray and a sonogram. Wilbur had fluid in his belly and they diagnosed him with pancreatitus.  Poor, poor Wilbur. Our hearts were breaking. How much could one tiny dog take? We were worried sick about Wilbur. He didn’t want to eat or drink anything, but thank you Leah, for getting all of his meds down him and in him! He didn’t want to take his pills, but you always volunteered to be the “meanie” that had to get them down him. You were a Godsend to Wilbur and one of the main reasons he’s alive and well today!






After a couple of trips to Blue Pearl and the excellent care Wilbur received on a daily basis, Wilbur was healing! He was feeling much better, his appetite was coming back, and he was doing very well. He loved it when we took him outside and he got to smell around and feel the sunshine on him.








Eventually, we were able to give Wilbur a friend. We put him in the back area with Spanky, a  little Shih Tzu that we had rescued. Wilbur and Spanky spent a lot of time together and they became pretty good friends.





One of our wonderful volunteers that helps out walking dogs and cleaning  was really drawn to Wilbur. Kelly just loved this little guy, and she told us that she would like to foster him! Kelly had 2 little dogs and thought Wilbur would do great at her house. Well……guess what? Wilbur was so great that he is never leaving! Kelly is adopting Wilbur!!! We are so happy for Wilbur and Kelly and Wilbur’s new siblings!

photo (7)

Here is Wilbur, dressed in his finest, with his new sister Puddin and his new brother Dolce.  They are quite a little pack! Thanks for giving Wilbur such a wonderful,  forever home, Kelly. Supporters, thanks for enabling us to respond to calls like Wilbur’s and to be able to provide the medical care that these poor animals need. We couldn’t do it without you and we can’t thank you enough! Neither can Wilbur!




Sophie and Riley

August 7, 2014



Chain of Hope received a message from a man that said he needed help placing a couple of dogs from a family member’s house. Apparently there had been a lot of turmoil and the family, unfortunately,  fell apart. While family members scrambled to take care of the human children, no one remembered about the dogs right away. This nice man told me that it finally dawned on him a couple of days later that there were dogs in the back yard. He bought some dog food, drove over and fed and watered them.

This was out in Belton and we normally don’t go out that far, but this man and these dogs needed help. He told me that there was a Cocker Spaniel and a Golden Retriever and he thought that they were both around 6-8 yrs. old. He thought that they were both fixed. He said that the Cocker was pretty matted. He said the family members had obviously not taken very good care of the dogs. I thanked him for calling and trying to find help for them. We made arrangements to meet at the house the next day to see how we could help him. I called Crystal, who runs Winding River- a doggie daycare and boarding facility. She usually has at least one Chain of Hope dog at her facility and we appreciate her and all she does for the dogs! She has a great relationship with  Golden Retriever Freedom Rescue in Colorado and I knew she could probably get Riley safely to them.

The next day, Crystal and I arrived in front of a nice,  middle class house. It had a large, fenced back yard.  Thankfully, the dogs were not on chains-they were running free. It was then that this man told us that he couldn’t touch them. He said they wouldn’t come to him. Crystal and I went in the back yard. The two dogs were running together, back over to a deck with a lot of overgrown vegetation. This must have been their home base. There was no shelter, but the dogs went under the deck. Oh joy-this was not going to be easy!




DSCF3529They were scared was all. We tried coaxing with the smelly treats and all of that. Riley was a little more trusting than Sophie, although he hid under the deck, too, for awhile. Finally,  Crystal was able to get Riley, the Golden, on a leash. She dangled a slip lead from up on the deck, hoping to lasso Sophie when she finally peaked out from under the deck. That’s exactly what happened and Crystal had her on the leash!  I had to go around the deck and crawl under some bushes to get Sophie out.  It took some coaxing and talking to her, but eventually she let me pet her head and then she let me scratch her head and then she finally decided it was ok to come out.





Crystal and I got them over to the car and Crystal showed them how to jump up in there! I love this picture of Riley with a slight smile on his face. It’s like he knows he’s safe now.







Sophie was matted terribly! She had to be so uncomfortable. Riley was matted, too, just not as bad. He was sporting some dreads, though! We got these two deserving dogs back to Chain of Hope. Their new lives had just begun!









Sophie was pretty nervous.  Tanner, our fabulous groomer, went to work! It was a chore, but he got through it and so did Sophie. Tanner weighed the hair and Sophie lost 6 lbs. of hair. Poor, poor girl. She was going to feel like a different dog!









Riley got cleaned up next and then Sophie and Riley spent the next few days at Chain of Hope, getting a lot of love and attention.















Then it became time for Riley to leave for Colorado! Off to rescue in the mountains and a wonderful new life. Good for you, Riley! Have a great life!



Sophie remained at Chain of Hope and boy does she miss her buddy! I call her “nervous nilly” because she’s so frantic for attention right now. She  had been so ignored and so neglected  for so long, she is very much needing the attention now!






Sophie is a very intelligent dog. Do you know how I know that?  She’s figured out exactly where the treats are! You go, girl!




Sophie is up for adoption. She needs someone who can hang out with her a lot of the day. She wouldn’t do well with someone who is gone all day.  She needs some confidence, but she’ll get there. I’m sure she doesn’t trust quite yet-probably wondering if she’s going to get neglected or ignored again. You’re not, baby girl, you have no more worries-you’re a Chain of Hope dog now!







July 31, 2014

DSCF1293   We came across a house on a corner in mid-town one day over a year ago. There was a skinny male Boxer chained in a fenced yard.  His water was filthy, he wasn’t neutered and he was too thin.  We left our information, but the owner never called. We put this boy on our monitoring list and began visiting him regularly.  One day, we finally happened to catch the owner out in the front yard. We stopped to talk to him about the Boxer. He told us that the dog’s name was Marbles. He was not that receptive and had no interest in getting Marbles neutered. There were also 2 Min Pins that lived there and they would be outside a lot of the time, too. They had a dog house.

Marbles suffered a long time. He was in a locked fenced yard with a chain and padlock around his neck. He always looked so sad. We had to try and dump his buckets through the fence because we couldn’t get into the yard. It was very hard to get the ice out of there in the winter so that we could water Marbles. Everything over here was difficult. One day in the freezing cold, we stopped by and caught the owner getting in his car. We gave him a big bundle of hay for the dog houses. He said that he was leaving, wouldn’t be gone long and to leave it by the fence and he would put it in when he got back. I decided to drive by there a couple of days later and double check and there was the hay, still sitting where we’d put it and it had new snow on it. Lazy, lazy loser of a guy.

In the summer, Marbles would have no water, an inch of black nasty water, rain water  or something like that. Poor Marbles-we worried and worried and worried about this boy. He had a good dog house, was thin but not emaciated and we knew from our experience that animal control would not do anything here, so we maintained him the best we could, and we never forgot about him. We were there with meaty bones and pig ears (thank you donors!) and treats at least every couple of weeks or so.

We went to care for Marbles one day and he wasn’t there! His dog house was gone, he was gone, the Min Pins were gone. We were devastated. We talked with a neighbor that told us that the guy had moved, but he didn’t know where. Oh no-we couldn’t lose track of Marbles!  What would end up happening to him without us watching out for him? We were all very sad. It is so upsetting to lose track of one of our regulars that we’ve all come to love and care for.

One day a couple of months ago, one of our outreach teams was in south Kansas City and they spotted a pretty thin Boxer wandering around. He had no collar on. They stopped and got a slip lead on him and gave him something to eat. One of the people on the block yelled at Erica and told her that he lived “down there”.  The girls walked down to the house and there was a chain hooked to the fence and a big red collar laying in the front yard. A young woman was coming out of the house and Erica asked her if this was her dog. The girl said that it was her boyfriend’s dog. Erica commented on how skinny he was and asked the girl if her boyfriend even wanted the dog. The girl said that she would ask him, but she didn’t think so. Erica gave her our card and told her to talk to her boyfriend and call us if he didn’t want him and we would come over and get him. Erica snapped a few pictures of this boy and then headed back to Chain of Hope. When Erica was telling me about this, she said, “for a minute I thought it was that Boxer from Chelsea”.

photo 1 (20) photo 2 (18)   The next day, the girl left a message on the Chain of Hope line that her boyfriend didn’t want the dog and asked if we could come and pick him up. I headed over to rescue this poor thing. When I pulled up to the house, I saw the Boxer laying on her front porch . OMG-it was Marbles!!! I recognized him immediately!!! I was so glad to see him again and he was SO glad to see me!  We hadn’t seen Marbles in over 4 months.  I couldn’t believe that we had run across him again and this time we were definitely going to be able to save him! Sweet, sweet Marbles was finally going to be ok. I texted Erica and told her that it WAS Marbles and he was now a Chain of Hope dog!!! DSCF2853 DSCF2852   DSCF2850 DSCF2851I got this boy back to Chain of Hope. He was pretty skinny, only weighing in at 71 lbs. You could see his ribs. He was full of whip worms! We got this boy de-wormed and vaccinated. We were going to let him get rid of his parasites and put a little weight on and then we would neuter him. We decided to call him Fletcher! They always have to lose their old names with their old, miserable lives! A week or two later, we neutered Fletcher and ran his heart worm test. He was heart worm positive, but we pretty much figured that. He’d lived outside only his entire life. We would begin heart worm treatment as soon as he put on a little more weight. We wanted this boy in the best shape possible to go through his treatment.


Everyone at Chain of Hope fell in love with Fletcher!

DSCF2856   DSCF2854 Finally,  Fletcher is all filled out, now weighing in at about 82 lbs. He is an absolutely gorgeous creature!!! What a head turner-this boy is handsome!!! DSC_0003 DSC_0007   DSC_0014   Fletcher is a great dog! He plays in playgroups very well. He is very strong, but walks well on a leash. He has finished his heart worm treatment and is ready for adoption. All of that time that we cared for Fletcher the best we could through the fence, we could never really pet him and wrap our arms around him. It felt so good to be able to love on this boy, scratch his ears, rub his head-he loves it all! He always looked so sad when he was chained in mid-town. He has some big jowls that almost make him look like he’s frowning, but believe me-this boy is happier than he’s ever been!DSCF3450






Fletcher is a big, strong, handsome hunk of a dog! He has a great personality! His whole life has changed because our supporters keep us out there. We are so happy that we finally got this boy. It’s a miracle that we found him like we did, but  I know that Chain of Hope was supposed to find him again. Now Fletcher has a life he can smile about!







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