Liberty has quite a story. We spotted her one day. tied up on an enclosed  front porch, whose door had been left open so she could go in or out of the porch. The woman was an older lady and her dog named China was a young, adorable, brindle female. She had no vaccinations and wasn’t spayed. We began monitoring China, we spayed her and stopped by often checking up on her. Everytime we went, China would be all tangled up in the furniture on the front porch. She rarely had food or water. We kept harping on this woman that she needed to move her-she couldn’t keep her on that porch getting tangled up all the time. So her solution was to tie her up to the porch of the abandoned house next door. Really??? Yep, really.


Same thing happened repeatedly over there-no water, no food, tangled or caught in all the crap around the house all the time. China would be out there in the terrible, terrible heat and be all tangled and have no water. It was disgusting how she was being treated. This woman was obviously not going to step up despite all of our help, so we decided that we needed to bring China into our program.



IMAG0002One of our volunteers took China home to foster her and named her Liberty. She was absolutely gorgeous! She has a beautiful copper brindle coat. She has an adorable bobbed, puff tail. She runs like a deer-gracefully and beautifully.

In fact, the volunteer that fostered Liberty was a runner! She took Liberty on group runs with other runners, some with their dogs, some not. Liberty received a lot of exposure for adoption this way and it wasn’t too long that a fellow runner expressed interest in Liberty. We thought it would be a good match and the volunteer knew him and thought he was an ok guy and his application was good. So, Miss Liberty went to live with Luke. Well, a lot of things happened that next year that Luke had Liberty. Apparently, after a few months of having Liberty, Luke adopted another dog from a local shelter. Liberty had a friend! Everything was fine, until Luke went and adopted a cat from a shelter. Well, guess who didn’t like the cat? The dogs! So, instead of keeping the cat in a room when he was gone, the dogs went into kennels and there they spent untold hours. Of course, this was months after Liberty’s adoption by the time he had the 2nd dog and a cat. and we did  not know that this had happened. The volunteer would ask about Liberty and he would always say that she was fine.

Well, I guess Luke quit running or whatever so then our volunteer wasn’t seeing him anymore. He apparently went through some kind of life crisis and decided to ditch his animals and move to Hawaii. Really? Yep, really. He wanted to return Liberty, who he had had for 1 yr. and 9 mo. He took his 2nd dog back to the shelter that he had adopted it from and apparently found a home for the cat with a friend. Nice commitments to your animals, Luke. You didn’t deserve Liberty anyway and we know that now.


photo (11)


photo (9)

Liberty came back to our facility. She was high-strung and nervous at first. You could tell that he had kept her in her crate a lot because we would take her out for a walk  then come back into the playroom with the intention of letting her run around and play for a while. She would automatically go straight to her crate when she came back in. It was a new concept to her that she didn’t have to go right back into her crate, she could be free for awhile. It made me really sad to see that and I felt so bad that this adoption had gone south after a few months. At least she was back with us and she was happy now!



photo (12)

We made a special effort to give Liberty as much time out of her crate as we could. She spent hours in the play yard, she played with other dogs, she wanted to please her people. But most of all, she wanted to run! Our Chain of Hope volunteers that are runners began running her on Sundays, especially. This girl can go for miles! Here she is, leading the pack back to Chain of Hope. She just ran 5 miles and she could run 5 more! It’s a great outlet for her energy because she is a high-energy girl.



We all need to make every effort to find Liberty a forever home. She deserves it so much. It’s hard to look at her and know that 2 1/2 yrs. after her rescue, she is still not settled in her forever home. It’s important to find the right kind of home for her and we need everyone to share and network for Liberty. On that note, here’s the good, the bad and the ugly about Liberty. First of all, she is far from ugly. This girl is stunning. We get asked all the time about her breed. We have no idea! We just know she turns people’s heads she is so stunning. She is thin, but strong. She has a lot of energy. As much as we have our dogs out, we know that Liberty needs more exercise. A tired Liberty is a good Liberty! She can totally chill when it’s time to settle down. She likes pig ears and raw hides to chew on. She does not like her crate and we can’t blame her. We recently moved her to Man’s Best Friend boarding facility where she has an indoor/outdoor run and a lot of great people who love and walk her everyday. She seems much happier. Many thanks to April for keeping in touch with our dogs out there, walking them and, taking them for ice cream!!

When Liberty is meeting a new dog for the first time, she can be a little ramped up. Just by giving her some time to adjust and settle down, she does really well. She played with males and females when she was at Chain of Hope. She would do best with a submissive dog. She listens well and tries to please her people! When she is left loose at Chain of Hope she does not tear anything up or potty inside. She is a very good girl. Although we always recommend crating when transitioning one of our dogs to their new home, Liberty would not need that for long. I think she could be left free when you’re gone and she would do fine.

Liberty is very affectionate and she gives and gets lots of hugs and kisses everyday!




Please share this blog with your running friends and running groups, especially. Liberty is a good dog and I know there’s got to be a great home out there for her. All she needs to do is run!!! If you’re into running, why not run together? Liberty needs someone to come into her life and give her what she needs so badly-an outlet for her energy and a new best friend! If you’re interested in fostering or adopting Liberty possibly, please go to and go to our adoptable pets page to find the application. Or give us a call if you have questions-816-221-8080.




photo (13)

DSCF8490Liberty needs a foster home or better yet, an adoptive home! She has been through a lot and has been waiting this whole time to find her soulmate. She needs an angel, a best friend and she needs a chance.


2 Responses to “Liberty”

  1. andywhiteman Says:

    Sorry that Liberty had such a hard life and a failed guardian. I know of a no kill shelter that requires a contract at adoption. The agreement requires a lifetime agreement and that the pet will not be sold, taken to a shelter, or given away if adverse circumstances arise, but the pet will be returned to the shelter. The shelter has filed lawsuits against those who violated the agreement. COH might think of a similar agreement to avoid situations such as happened with Liberty. I am not stating the name of the shelter I mentioned but will provide it to COH if asked.
    I have found that dogs enjoy running. I don’t and can’t run but have a 60’x110′ back yard for my dog to run. She will run at high speed in circles or back in forth the length of the yard and really enjoys it! When she is coming in, I have the door open and better be out of the way or she will crash into me!

  2. Susan Says:

    Liberty is stunning. I will put her in my prays that she finds the best home for her needs, an active dog who needs an active person who will make her their running partner, and pretty much just take her everywhere you go and keep her busy and smelling everything and learning new things and making new friends. Fulfill her needs, all of them. She will be your soulmate and best friend forever.

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