I saw a small pit bull puppy tied to a gas meter in someone’s front yard one day. It looked thin, it’s bowls were knocked over, etc. I went to the door and met the woman that lived there with a bunch of kids. She said that the puppy didn’t stay out there all the time (which is what everyone tells us). They acted like they just loved her and all of that. I always think and sometimes actually  say, “you have a funny way of showing love.”

We began trying to educate these people and telling them that she was going to have to get started on her vaccinations, get treated for parasites and would also need to get spayed, once we got some weight on her. They insisted they didn’t want a dog house because she “doesn’t stay outside”. Yeah, right.  We began keeping an eye on their house and this little one would be out there pretty frequently. But then we just weren’t seeing her at all. One day, the volunteers went around back to look and there was this poor little girl, with a chain wrapped around her neck, flies all over her and her ribs sticking out. These people had moved her to the back and were completely ignoring her. We knew that she needed to get out of here, these people didn’t care about her at all. It was disgusting what they were doing to her.



We were able to bring Dee into our program the very next day, thank goodness. She was very, very thin, and so excited to be rescued! Look at that huge smile! I think she knows that her life just got 100% better!









Dee received her vax, her worm medicine and was spayed. She began putting weight on and looking much better! She was a gorgeous, dark brindle pit bull with a big happy  smile! What a transformation from the sad little creature that we had found a few weeks before!









We were extremely full at the time of Dee’s rescue, so we sent Dee out to Aunt Crystal’s doggie day care at Winding River. Let me just say that Dee had the time of her life!  She ran and played all day long. She ran free all day and slept in a room with a couple of other dogs.  She was getting bigger,  getting older, had a lot of energy and she had no manners at all! After a few months, we decided to bring Dee up to our facility to start working with her.

We began kennel training her and putting  her in play groups with various dogs. She did great! She absolutely loved the baby pool this past summer.








Dee has been with us since July of 2014. She always gets over-looked. I don’t know if it’s because she’s dark brindle. I know everyone is now thinking, ” but I love the brindles!”. However, right now at our facility, we have 3 brindle pit bulls that have been with us for a long time, all with great personalities and all deserving of a home. They totally get over- looked. We want everyone to know how wonderful Dee is! She gets along with male dogs and most females. Every once in awhile she comes across a female that she doesn’t care for. She is excellent in her crate-she’s just very quiet and chews on her raw hides!









DSCF7355We discovered recently that Dee has a luxating patella-a knee cap that pops out of place. She began limping and favoring her leg. We tried some pain meds for awhile but it wasn’t getting better.  We took her to our orthopedic vet at Independence Animal Hospital, where she was diagnosed. Poor Dee-just can’t get a break!

Dee is having surgery today as I am writing this. She would love a foster home to recover in. She has been waiting for a foster home or adoptive home for 9 months! She deserves a break and the chance to be in a home environment. Could you offer that to Dee? We would send her with a nice kennel for crating her and letting her rest.



DSCF7354If you would be willing to offer Dee a foster home to recover from her surgery in, please fill out a foster app on our website, and go to our adoptable pets page.  Just to give her a break would be wonderful and she can come back here once she’s healed up, if she needs to. The other thing you could do is share this blog and let’s get as many people as we can aware of  Miss Dee! We love this girl and our hearts go out to her. Thank you for your support so that she can have her surgery that she needed! Chain of Hope supporters are the best!






2 Responses to “Dee”

  1. andywhiteman Says:

    It is well known my shelters that people don’t don’t adopt black dogs which is a fact I don’t understand. I am not a bigot and when I adopt, I look for a mature, loving dog. I have had black dogs in the past and had no problems. They and I selected each other with no regard for color. If I was still in Raytown and didn’t already have a dog, I would consider Dee for adoption.

  2. Buddy2Blogger Says:

    Reblogged this on Sherlockian's Blog and commented:
    Please share and help get Miss Dee a permanent loving home or a foster.

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