Hope and Misty


Judy and Jan were on outreach one day in south Kansas City.They looked down the side street as they were approaching an intersection to check for traffic when they saw 2 tiny puppies in the street. They turned down the street and saw the puppies run under an abandoned house.They got out and found where they were going in and out of, which was under a door to the basement. These poor babies.


DSCF8652Judy called me and I said that I would come over there and help them. Well, these two ladies did not need any help from me! When I got there, they had already gotten the black puppy in the trap, transferred it to a pet taxi and had reset the trap for the blond pup! These ladies had this handled! NIce work, Judy and Jan!

The puppies were very scared, but they were also starving and it didn’t take long to trap both of them. As scared as they both were, their entire lives were about to change-they just didn’t know it yet!






DSCF8649We got these two cuties back to Chain of Hope. It became clear pretty quickly that the black one (who we named Misty) was a little braver than the other one. She was the leader, the protector and she had a little confidence. The blond puppy (who we named Hope) was very frightened. They were only about 7-8 weeks old. How scared and lost they must have felt. I wonder what happened to their mother and how did they get to be under that house? We’ll never know the answer to either of those questions, but thank God they had survived and thank God Judy and Jan saw them.

They spent the first couple of days hiding behind the shelves in one of our offices!





DSCF8697We vaccinated them and dewormed them. They were getting a lot of love and they began relaxing. It was fun to watch their personalities. Misty was always the first to greet us, the first to come forward for anything. Hope was more reserved and shy, but was getting a lot of love and attention and she began coming out of her shell.











We just looked at these two girls and marvelled at how they survived out there. They are both beautiful puppies. Once they were vaccinated, dewormed and spayed, both of them were adopted! Both of these little girls had hernias, which were repaired when they were finally big and strong enough to get spayed. They had come a long way and it had been our joy to watch them both blossom.

Here’s Misty with her new family! Her new name is Pearl, which we think is beautiful.  She is very happy and her new family loves her very much!



Misty -- PEARL

Here’s Hope sitting on her new front porch. Gotta love those ears!


Here she is meeting a new friend while out on her walk with dad!


Two more puppies off the streets, spayed and adopted because of Chain of Hope. Thank you for keeping us out there!

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  1. andywhiteman Says:

    Great work COH!!!!!!

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