We were in the hood one day and saw a dog chained in the front of a house and another one chained in the back. We went to the door and met the owners. They actually had a couple of special needs young children, one of them was going in for some kind of surgery and then they told us that they also had 2 puppies. The puppies came from somewhere else-2 different circumstances, they were not siblings. There seemed to be a lot going on over here and these people obviously needed some help. The dog in the front was an unspayed female and we talked about getting her spayed. They said they had no money, so we told them that we would spay her for free (thank you donors!) and that we could pick her up and then bring her back home the day after surgery. They agreed and we got their contact info. so we could get the appointment set up. Surprisingly, the male was already neutered and both adult dogs were at pretty good body weight. I then asked them if we could see the puppies, so they brought them out. One was a young, light brown pit mix puppy, about 12 weeks or so. He looked pretty good. The other one was this sweet little girl.

DSCF2666She was a very tiny, black and white puppy, with wiry hair and little tiny whiskers! She was adorable!  We started talking to them about letting us take these puppies. They would not give up the pit mix because he was going to some relative or someone. They finally relinquished the tiny black and white one, after we pretty much just kept talking and weren’t going to leave without her.





DSCF2536This poor little thing was dehydrated, underweight, and dirty. We got her to the vet right away. Aging her by her teeth, she was about 6 weeks old, but she looked like a 4 week old. She was malnourished and had parasites. We gave her a bath and had to soap her up twice to finally get the water to run clear. Thank God we got her-this poor little one didn’t stand a chance over there. She was too small and fragile to be down at Chain of Hope. She needed more care and a lot of TLC, so Patty took her home to foster her. She called her June Bug.



June Bug got healthier and happier and was a joy to everyone who met her!




DSCF2658Well, of course, it didn’t take long for this girl to get adopted after she was bigger, spayed and vaccinated. We had a lot of interest in her, but she was adopted to a single mom with a couple of kids. They named her Maisy and they seemed pretty crazy about her. We had called and checked on her a couple of times like we always do and things were going well.

A couple of months ago, Maisy’s owner contacted us and said that she needed to return Maisy, through no fault of Maisy. This woman had had to take on a 2nd job and she said that she just didn’t have enough time for Maisy and she didn’t feel it was fair to Maisy to have to be home alone so much, especially at only a year old.

Our adoption contract states that if the pet owner can no longer take care of the animal, it has to come back to Chain of Hope-they can’t just give it away to whoever or take it to a shelter. When I do adoptions, I always tell the new owner that that is the paragraph in the contract that I care about the most-the animal comes back to us if something happens and they can’t keep it. Our rescues have come from bad situations and it is our vow that they will never be in the position again. So although we are always needing more space (thank you to all of you who foster and help us create more space!), we are glad when we get that phone call. We don’t want any of our animals falling through the cracks. We made arrangements for Maisy’s owner to bring her to Chain of Hope. We were anxious to see this girl after a year! We’d all wondered what she would look like as she got older.



Maisy came back to us just as adorable as when she left. We love her whiskered face! She has the best personality-she is social and playful and quickly made friends at Chain of Hope.

She is young and playful and silly! Yet, she is so loving and affectionate as well. She listens well and minds very well. She is crate-trained and very smart. Maisy is the total package, What a great dog!





Maisy likes to climb on top of the doghouses that we have stacked up. She plays King of the Mountain with the other dogs. She’s usually the one on top!


We are now looking for a new home for Maisy. She weighs 40 lbs., loves playing with other dogs and loves people. She’d be a great family dog, a great dog to take to the dog park, a new best friend. You are guaranteed to smile and have a good day when Maisy’s around! Please share this blog and let’s find Maisy a new home! Call 816-221-8080 for more information.


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