Five Before the Flies





We have kicked off our “Five Before the Flies” campaign  Unfortunately, we find dogs with bloody ears all summer long. The flies get on there and will literally eat their ears. The flies are all over because the people do not pick up the feces from their chained dogs and so the flies just go crazy and pretty soon, they are annoying the hell out of these chained dogs and causing deep wounds on their ears. These dogs can’t do anything about it because they’re on their chain in their 6 ft. circle (if they’re lucky).  Once the flies have made a wound on the dogs’ ears, it is all down hill after that-they will not leave the dog alone. We have often found maggots in the wounds on the ears. It is disgusting and so unnecessary.

We hang up fly catching bags all summer long. They cost about $5 each and we hang them all over the city. That, in conjunction with applying and giving out the ear gel that not only heals their wounds, but repels the flies from landing on there again, can go a long way to helping a dog have a little better life.  It is a constant battle and a very depressing one to find these guys suffering in the terrible heat with bloody, raw ears.

This is truly a situation where just a small amount of money and effort can make a dog’s life so much better. $5 for a fly bag to give a chained dog a few weeks of relief is very appreciated. If we can improve their situation, even just a little bit, than their lives will be a little more comfortable.

Thanks for keeping us out there finding these babies.


2 Responses to “Five Before the Flies”

  1. Andy Whiteman Says:

    Anyone who chains a dog should not be allowed to own a dog!

    Every city should have an ordinance against chaining or tethering a dog for an extended time. Raytown has such an ordinance. Any dog with infections as pictured should be reported as abused!

  2. Sarah Mullally Says:

    Andy I totally agree with you there should be tethering laws!! Sucks there aren’t. And until there are, getting these fly bags up is the only defense for these poor babies:(

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