Marilyn and I found Libby one chilly, wet spring day in 2010. We barely caught a look at her because she was up a hill and we just barely saw her kind of peeking over. We’d been out all day and were tired and ready to call it a day. Marilyn said that she’d just run up the hill and have a look, see if there was a doghouse or anything. Marilyn got up there, turned around and gave me the thumbs down sign. I parked the van and went up the hill and that’s the day we met who we came to call Libby. She was chained to a pole in a literal mud and feces pit. She had no shelter, no food, no water. She just sat there looking around, chained to her pole. Thank God we found her! She was only 5 mo. old and yet she was already just another pit bull on a chain.

We brought Libby down to Chain of Hope and got her vetted and settled in. She is a delightful dog-she really is. She is beautiful and loving. Eventually, we had to put Libby in our boarding facility that we work with. The dog walkers for Chain of Hope loved Libby, but she didn’t stay there long-she moved on across the parking lot to doggie daycare with Crystal. Libby stayed there for awhile and did awesome! She played all day long with the other dogs. Eventually, Amy stepped forward to foster Libby. Libby stayed with Amy for a few months. Amy had a spayed female dog that for whatever reason, Libby and her other dog would get into it at times. Amy was working with them  and just being extra diligent, but one day the two dogs got into it again and Amy,very heart-broken, saw no choice but to return Libby to Chain Of Hope. Those two dogs just didn’t click for whatever reason. We were pretty puzzled because Libby had been in daycare for so long without any incidents. Sometimes, I think, two dogs just don’t jive with each other and it is what it is.

Libby has been back at Chain of Hope and thanks to all of you who “bought a board” for our new fence, she gets to play and run in the backyard everyday. As fun as it is here for Libby, I know that she’d like nothing better than to be in her forever home. Can you please help us spread the word about Libby? She really is an incredible dog. Libby is sweet, loving, is crate-trained, spayed, vaccinated and heartworm negative. This girl deserves a wonderful home. She’s been waiting almost a year. We are determined to find Libby her fantastic, forever home. Please send this to everyone you know and let’s get Libby home!


3 Responses to “Libby”

  1. Andy Whiteman Says:

    Libby is a beautiful dog! You mentioned that Amy’s dog is a spayed female and didn’t get along with Libby. My dog had no problems with dogs until I had her spayed. Then she became what a trainer describe as defensive-aggressive. The vet who fills in for my vet told me that a spaying a female can cause aggression towards dogs. Other vets and people deny this. Since you mentioned “spayed female,” do you have any knowledge of this behavior issue? I had her spayed because she was going into heat on my bed. If I had known this would have happened, I wouldn’t have done it. BTW: She had a litter sometime before I adopted her.

  2. Hannah Says:

    I met Libby today and she is just a DOLL!!! SO SWEET. I hope someone gives her the loving forever home she so deserves!!!!

  3. Sarah Mullally Says:

    There is absolutely NEVER an excuse to NOT get your dog spayed! None!! Aggression has nothing to do with being spayed. Libby lived a shitty life and that’s why she is aggressive, but rarely so! She is a LOVE BUCKET and we adore spending time with her. She deserves only the best possible foster home!

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