Chain of Hope is very well connected to many utility companies.  Their technicians obviously see a lot of things in the inner city regarding animals-they are in the back yards and the alleys like we are. Thank God a very concerned AT&T technician cared enough about this little dog and knew about Chain of Hope to stop and intervene. He saw this little girl living in these conditions and knocked on the door. It turns out that the pet owner is an older man and he has brain and lung cancer. His health is failing. He told the technician that he loved his dog, but he knew he couldn’t get out there and take care of her like he knew he should.

DSCF7441The technician told the pet owner all about Chain of Hope. He told the man that he was going to contact us on his behalf and that this man would be hearing from us. He then called Chain of Hope relaying all of this information. We went over to visit this dog and check out the situation. Her name was Boots. She was very shy without the owner out there, but when the owner came out with her, she was a different dog. I think this man loved her and had tried to do well, but with his illnesses, Boots just kind of started falling through the cracks.

DSCF7442We told the man that we could take her in a few days and that we would be back. We made some space for her and went back over to get her a couple of days later. The man was too ill to come out and get her, so he sent his grandson out there to help us. Boots was pretty scared-she didn’t understand what was happening. We told her that it was all good!







We got her back to Chain of Hope. She was pretty dirty and had dreads hanging off of her. Here’s Tanner checking out his upcoming groom job!



After a good bath and a haircut, Polly (as we were now calling her!) was lookin’ good! It turns out that Polly is a Border Collie, about 1-2 yrs. old. She was already spayed, so the owner was trying to do things right! She did test positive for heart worms, so we went ahead and did her treatment and she is doing very well.








Polly started making friends at Chain of Hope, both with people and other dogs.  She shares a room with Casper, a little white pit that we have, and they are good friends.









The best news is that Polly is leaving Friday on a 2 week trial adoption! Yay for Polly!!! We love out Polly-she is super adorable. Thank you for enabling Chain of Hope to put this big smile on her face!!! Her entire life has changed for the better and she’s a happy girl now!





3 Responses to “Polly”

  1. Trudy Says:

    I love everything you guys do and I totally love the way you tell us everything…..how it happened, what you did, how they are doing, etc.!!! Hooray for Polly that she may already have a new furever home! 🙂

  2. Cyndi Deems Says:

    I hope Polly has a new home! She looks so happy… Thank u chain of hope for all u do.

  3. Buddy2Blogger Says:

    Reblogged this on Sherlockian's Blog.

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