Asking KCMO Animal Control to Step Up

I know that our faithful followers know that we are out here fighting on a daily basis for the poor animals that are neglected and forgotten. I wanted to show you a few of our recent cases and show you how frustrated we are trying to resolve situations for these poor animals. You can’t even imagine what we deal with trying to get help for the animals out there.

The first case involves an owner that we’ve helped in the past. I first found his 2 pit bulls on heavy tow chains in his back yard about 2 yrs. ago.  He was receptive, so I brought Red and Duke in for a free spay and neuter. We dewormed his dogs because they were both very skinny. We got this guy to crank up their feedings to twice a day and the dogs started looking and feeling better. We were finally able to score a large dog run for him so that his dogs could come off of their chains. He got it right up and when I visited the next time, both of his pits were in the dog run together, playing and happier than they’d been in a long time.

Then the guy moved. He called for food and I went over and both of his pits were back on heavy chains and they were skinny. I asked him where the dog run was and he said it was at his grandma’s house. I told him I wanted it back because I wanted to give it to somebody who wanted to use it. He insisted he was going to go get it. A few weeks later, he had brought over 1/2 of the dog run, not all of the pieces and had tied up both of his pits with 3 ft. long leashes. They were skinny, his yard was trashy, and there was lots of feces and flies around.We expressed our disgust and disappointment to this guy after everything we had done for him and more importantly for his dogs and this is how they were living now. We cut him off, which is a very hard decision to make. He would not step up. We hadn’t been over there for a few months and I always worried about these dogs. I sent a couple of outreach volunteers over to check on them since we hadn’t seen them in a long time and this is what they found:










These dogs are in a hell hole. They are both very skinny, they had no food, no water, feces everywhere, trash everywhere, the dogs were tied up with short leashes, their igloos that we gave them a long time ago are now broken, not a speck of straw or anything in there to help keep them warm. They were so hungry, when the girls tossed them some raw hides, they went right to trying to actually eat the rawhide right away. This was sad, inhumane, disgusting and unnecessary. We called this into KCMO animal control and they left these dogs here!!! To me, this is automatic impoundment when they find dogs in these conditions. This is unbelievable and heart-breaking.


We received a call about a house with several animals. I went over and no one was home. I looked in the back yard and these people had 7 dogs back there! They had a shepherd on a chain, a rottweiler on a chain, a dog run with 2 adult pits and an older mixed breed puppy in there and another dog run with another pit and an older pit  puppy in there. The limit of animals is 4, there were 7 here and 4 of them were pits. I was quite sure none of the pits were altered, which is the city ordinance, so I called a supervisor. This back yard was pretty over whelming.  Animal control called me later and said that 2 of the pit bulls looked pregnant. I asked them what they had done over there and they said they were giving the man time to “get his numbers down”. He was out of town for the day, they spoke with him on the phone and he told them that he would be back in town that eve. and he would move some of his dogs. Unbelievable! They were going to let this guy move his possibly pregnant pit bulls to another location so that he could go ahead and have his “cash crop’ of pit bull puppies. I, of course, was very disappointed and upset and I called the director of animal control. I asked him how much time they were giving this guy and he said, “Two weeks”.  I expressed my opinion that they should have removed those possibly pregnant pit bulls right there and then and he told me that “this is their policy”. I have talked to them about this case more than once and they are sticking to their policy. Letting this man move his pit bulls is irresponsible, especially in a city with a mandatory spay/neuter ordinance for pit bulls. It’s against the law what this guy was doing, yet animal control gave him  a pass. I don’t think this is taking the pit bull ordinance very seriously, but then KCMO animal control barely touched the $100,000 of free money they were granted to spay and neuter pit bulls either.

IMAG1958 (1)






IMAG1953 IMAG1955


We received a call about a small dog outside, tied to a fence with no dog house. I went over and it was a freezing cold day. That night it was supposed to be 12 degrees and this 15 lb., small white terrier mix was tied to the fence. It had some kind of  card board box/recycle container for shelter and that was it. This woman wanted a dog house and I told her that no way were we bringing her a dog house because a tiny dog like that had no business being kept outside. She told me that it barks all the time and pees in the house. I told her we were not enabling her to keep this little baby outside. The next day, the dog was tied out there and so we turned this into animal control. This was the night it was going to be 7 degrees. When I checked the case, it said that “the officer patrolled the area and did not capture the animal”. What??????? This was clearly called in with the address with the fact that this dog was tied up behind this house. Why were they “patrolling”? I was so afraid that this little one would freeze to death that night, but somehow it made it through that brutal night. I called animal control again about this address and yesterday they went out and told her to keep it in the house until she got it a dog house. I already know what’s going to happen-this dog is peeing and barking a lot, it’s going to be right back out there.  We are speaking with this woman regarding signing her dog over to us. Frustrating.

photo 2 (21)


I have had 2 situations in the last week where dogs had a plastic crates with tarps over them as their shelter. Can you imagine staying outside when it’s 5 or 10 degrees and all you have is a plastic crate? We’ve called them both into animal control and both times, it was considered adequate shelter.

You and I are the taxpayers supporting this department. Do you feel like they are responding like they should? Is this how you want your city-run department to operate? How many animals are going to be left out there while the benefit of the doubt is always given to the owner and animals continue to suffer?

We are frustrated beyond frustrated. I wanted all of you to see why things aren’t that easy when you comment at times “take the dog, can’t you call animal control, is’t this cruelty, won’t animal control do anything, are there going to be citations served, isn’t this neglect, isn’t this abuse?” This is what we are facing on a daily basis. Chain of Hope is a very strong advocate for those animals suffering in the inner city, we are not going away and we will continue to fight for these babies. Thank you for donating and keeping us in this fight.






8 Responses to “Asking KCMO Animal Control to Step Up”

  1. Trudy Royster Says:

    Unfortunately animal control doesn’t really give a damn. They are paid to do a job…..when they get around to it! Besides, if they pick them up, they will put them down. Animal control in MO has always been a joke due to overcrowding and people who don’t care…..the pet’s owners don’t even care!!!!!! I care, you care, but we need more shelters and animal control officers WHO CARE! I don’t know what they get paid, but clearly it isn’t enough to motivate them!!!

  2. Marla Ritchie Says:

    Can you go over the AC and to the Mayor’s office about it? Getting the local media involved and putting the “shame” to AC might also get someone at City Hall to wise up. These are just LAZY people who don’t want to be bothered to do the job they are paid to do!

  3. andywhiteman Says:

    1) In my opinion anyone who leaves a dog out in cold weather should be required to spend the night or day out in the weather with their dog and/or no food or water as the case may be!
    2) Cash crop of Pit Bull puppies? First, I don’t buy from breeders. All of my dogs were from shelters or individual owners who could no longer keep them! I know the quality of care these pups received and will not enable breeders. I want a healthy dog from a known shelter. Animal Village N.M.(http;// who I also support vaccinates dogs and cats at or before intake. Also mothers and pups are housed in a cleaner than hospital conditions! Caregivers and visitors are required to cross bleach pads before entry, wash hands, and wear gloves and gowns. As I said, CLEANER THAN A HOSPITAL!
    3) Does the CASH CROP of pups person have a business license? Whatever city they are in is losing revenue if there is no business license. This sounds like a case that should be referred to Code enforcement and/or the Business License Department.

  4. maryann k Says:

    I wonder if calling one of the news stations like “Fox 4 – Call for Action” would be able to help or at least expose the situations you’re having to deal with… God speed!

  5. disappointed Says:

    Within the first two weeks I lived in this city, I witnessed a dog killed in the dog park. The beasts who killed it, covered it with their jackets and stuffed it in the trunk. I called the police with the license plate number, and they said that animal services was closed for the day. They said there was nothing they could do about it. It was only 3:30pm on a Thursday! I asked if I should call them the next day, and they said it would be too late.

  6. KCMO Lady for the Animals Says:

    I have been told by Animal Control and another very well known non-profit in the KCMO area to leave things like this alone and let the dog “take one for the team”, meaning leave that dog there because they will just go get another one once we take it away from them. I WAS APPALLED!!! I couldn’t believe what I was being told, but truly they wouldn’t help! Best thing I could say is go let the dog loose, then lure it to you, and take it KC Pet Project (KCMO Animal Shelter), and pay the $10 for them to take it. Then the owner will have to pay a fine, and other fees in order to get their dog back. Most people with dogs living in these situations will not even bother looking for their dog, let alone pay to get it back. Of course, remember you have to be a KCMO Resident to take an animal there, you must provide proof of address either an ID or a current utility bill. There are loop holes.

  7. Stefani Domenico Says:

    What can we do??? What about a petition?

  8. Joan Lewandowski Says:

    Go the mayor, got to the news, get the word out anywhere. Also try to get some law enfored, basically the FINES part. Hit’em in the pocketbook always works.

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