DSCF4966We had met this dog’s owner a couple of months ago when he called for food. A couple of volunteers went over to check it out. The dog at that time did NOT look like anything you’re seeing in this picture. He was a pit bull and was not neutered. Our volunteers explained about the city ordinance and the fact that we will neuter his pit for free, but the guy didn’t want to do it, had to think about it, whatever. We told him to call us if he decided to neuter him, but we couldn’t assist him until his dog was neutered.

We didn’t hear from this guy after a few weeks, so I turned him into animal control. Surprise, surprise, they never went over, but I didn’t find that out until very recently. When I couldn’t get clarification from animal control, I put this boy back on our outreach list for us to check up on him. We didn’t even know if the dog was still there.  Very coincidentally, this pet owner called! He said he needed a dog house. When Patty called him back, this guy told her that the dog was outside with no shelter. She asked him if he’d ever gotten his dog neutered and he said no. She told him that we could not provide services unless he was willing to neuter his pit bull. He said, “if that’s what I gotta do….”

He also told Patty that he was on house arrest and couldn’t “go out to take care of the dog”. He said he’d been sending his little brothers out there to feed and water him. Hmmm, this did not sound good at all.

Jan and I headed over the next day to check on this poor dog. We went to the door and the guy answered. I asked him where the dog was and he said out back. I asked him if we could go back and give him a treat and he said yes and closed the front door. Jan and I headed back and this is what we found.






It was 35 degrees the night before we were here and this boy spent it and all the other nights tied to a tree in the back yard. He was tied up with a blue rope, which was wrapped around the tree-he could barely move. We could see all of his ribs, he had sores all over, there was no food or water. This situation had gone down hill and was incredibly sad. We gave him a raw hide right away and he just laid there and chewed on that while we took all of this in. There was no way this dog was staying here.

About this time, the guy came walking out into the back yard. Gee-guess he could go outside with his ankle bracelet on after all! I turned to him and pointed to this dog and said, “This is how you’ve been keeping your dog? What the hell?”. He replied that he “couldn’t get out there and take care of him”.  I looked at him and very calmly asked him if he wanted animal control to come and take this dog or did he want to sign him over to Chain of Hope, because this dog was not staying here. He looked at the ground and mumbled that we could take him. I said, “Fine, I’ll have a paper for you to sign in a minute” and started to untangle the dog. He told me that he would get him untied. I walked back to the van to get the relinquishment paper and Jan stayed behind to help get this poor dog. This was his liberation day out of his hell!







What is so sad is what we see all the time. When we all got out in the front yard by the van, look at how this little boy is staring up. Guess who he is looking at? The owner. How sad. He’s the only thing this dog has known. Dogs are amazing creatures, their love and loyalty run deep despite what humans do to them. Little did this dog know that there was a wonderful life waiting for him and things would be so much better very soon.







We got this boy back to Chain of Hope. We were in the middle of the World Series, so Leah named this little one Lorenzo, after Royals player Lorenzo Cain.  Lorenzo went to the bath tub and Devin got him all cleaned up.





Lorenzo started getting used to being inside where it’s warm and he thoroughly loved getting to play with other dogs. It turns out that Lorenzo is only about 8 months old. What a precious boy.













We took care of Lorenzo’s parasites and he started putting on weight quickly. Amazing how that works when they have food on a daily basis, too!






Lorenzo quickly had a new problem, though. He had “happy tail”!!! He wags his tail so much that it made a sore on the end from whipping around and banging on his crate and things like that. We wrapped his tail and it’s doing well. What a problem to have, hey Lorenzo???






This little guy is much loved at Chain of Hope. It is such a pleasure to watch him playing, filling out and having the time of his life. How horrible that he was treated the way he was treated, but he was pulled out of that hell and Lorenzo is loving life!!! Thank you donors and supporters for helping us to save Lorenzo’s life. He’s the best!























One Response to “Lorenzo”

  1. andywhiteman Says:

    Frankly, I fail to understand why people have a dog when they don’t even care about the dog and leave him/her on a chain in extreme weather (both hot and cold). A dog belongs in the house with his/her family. Thank you COH for the follow up and rescuing Lorenzo.

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