Chain of Hope has several “angels in the hood” that keep their eye out for animals in need and distress. We received a call one day from  one of those angels named William (he also saved Spanky, an older Shih Tzu that I blogged about fairly recently). William said that the people down the street had “put out” their pit bull. He said they literally took his collar off of him and pushed him out the door.  William told us that those same people had a female pit and a litter of puppies. They kept them in the house, so there’s nothing authorities can do. Whether this dog was the father of the puppies and they were now done with him, who knows? We’ll never understand the thought process out there. William told me that this blue pit had come up to his house  and was hanging out there. William said that the dog was injured and was very thin. He said he had been feeding him and letting him sleep on his front porch, but he really couldn’t afford another dog and this dog needed medical help.

I headed over and that is when I met this dog William was calling Baby. He was pretty thin, the right side of his face and mouth was swollen and his left, front foot was swollen and had a cut on it. He was limping pretty badly. Another poor pit bull having a hard time out here. This poor, poor boy. I loaded him up and got him to the vet.

This dog was ours now, so I named him Riley. It turns out that Riley’s toe was fractured in 4 places and needed to be amputated. He had a tooth that was jabbed extremely far up in his gum and it was broken in 4 big chunks up in there. He had lots of sores on him and his skin was in poor shape. We didn’t know what had happened to sweet Riley, but it wasn’t good. He was the sweetest boy, but obviously had had some kind of trauma.


Riley desperately needed our help. He settled in at Chain of Hope. We all fell in love with him immediately. He was a doll!





The next day, Riley went to surgery to get everything taken care of.








Riley woke up with stitches in his mouth, a toe gone and stitches in his foot, plus he was neutered! He had had a lot done to him and we kept him on pain meds and  kept him comfortable. Through it all, he was the most loving, patient dog-not a complaint out of him.

Riley began healing, putting on weight and making new friends at Chain of Hope.






This boy was extremely handsome, had a great personality, got along with all other dogs and just had a lot of love to give. It didn’t take long for Riley to find a home with Gabe! Gabe adopted Riley about a month ago and everything is going great! What’s not to love about this dog? He’s amazing!








Thanks to Gabe for giving “Ray” as he is now called, a fantastic, forever home. Thanks to our supporters for keeping us out there.




Have a wonderful life, Ray!


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