Chain of Hope received a message from a very nice woman, during a very rainy, stormy night in KC. She said that she had some relatives that were on their way over to her house that evening and when they were almost there, they saw someone throw a dog out of their car and speed off. Thank God her family members stopped to pick up this poor thing. It was thunder storming really bad that night.

They put the dog in their car and brought it with them to her house. This dog was in terrible shape. It was a little Shar Pei and she was not in good shape at all. The woman whose house it was had dogs of her own. She didn’t have anywhere to keep this poor, abused dog separate in her house, so she made a make shift pen for this little girl. What a very caring woman!

We got the message the next morning so I called her and headed over. This pathetic little dog was in her make shift pen with food and water. She was in bad shape. She had recently had puppies. She had milk in her teats still and she had a discharge from her vagina. I don’t know if the puppies had died and the people just didn’t want her anymore or if they got a litter out of her and then dumped her-who knows? They hadn’t taken care of her, that’s for sure. Her eyes were gunky and I knew she probably had entropian, which is common in Shar Peis. That  is where the eyelashes turn inward to the eye instead of outward. It is very painful and requires corrective surgery. Her skin was bad, she had lots of sores on her. She was too thin. I could tell she’d been through some unspeakable things.


It turns out that I knew Barbara, the woman who called us about this dog.  She told me that she had called for assistance with dog food just a couple of times, about 3 yrs. ago. She had kept our number and I’m so glad she did! I now remembered being on her street. This shar pei’s owners knew exactly what they were doing. Barbara’s street is out south and there are only houses on one side of the street. On the other side of the street is all small grassy areas and woods. Of the houses on Barbara’s  side of the street, most of them were abandoned and boarded up. It was a very discreet area. Little did her owners know that they had dumped her in an area where an angel for the animals lived!














I loaded this little one up in the van and whispered to her that this was one of the best days of her life-she was a Chain of Hope dog now! She was malnourished and really couldn’t see much at all with those eyes, but she was safe now and would soon be getting the help that she so desperately needed.








We named this little girl Honey because that is exactly the color she is! We put her surgery off for about a week or two so that we could get rid of her parasites and get some weight on her. We had her on meds to keep her eyes comfortable until surgery time. Honey began recovering physically and mentally from her neglect and abuse. She began making new friends, both human and dog.












Honey was finally in good enough shape to go through her surgery. She had her eyes fixed and was spayed all on the same day. She did fabulously!






I was there to hold little Honey as she woke up form surgery and comfort her. Dig those nails!




Honey almost always has something in her mouth! Usually, it’s a stuffed animal, but if not-a raw hide will do!











Honey is all filled out now, all vetted and is finally ready for her forever home. She is up for adoption or a foster home! Go to our website at http://www.chainofhopekc.org and go to our adoptable animals page to find the foster and adoption applications! Let’s get this very deserving girl a home!










Honey was quite the medical case. If you can’t foster or adopt, how about possibly helping us out with her medical bills? She’s had a lot of medical work done:  eye surgery, spay, vaccinations, heart worm test, worming, flea control and heart worm prevention. She’s the total healthy package now and ready to get settled in her new life! Thank you to all of our supporters for keeping us out there in the community. That is how we got Honey, by being so plugged in to these neighborhoods. A lot of people know us and turn to us for help, as you know. We are knocking on doors and leaving our information every day. It takes boots on the ground and that’s what we’re best at!










5 Responses to “Honey”

  1. judy Says:

    Thank God for Angels like you.

  2. Linda Stanley Says:

    Thank you for all you do!

  3. Terri Gardner Says:

    Honey was my Tuesday’s Tails dog a couple of weeks ago. Like everyone else, her story especially got to me. If you don’t mind, I would like to add a link to this post and I think I will republish it again.

  4. Steve Edson Says:

    God Bless you folks.

  5. andywhiteman Says:

    I followed Terri’s link, clicked on the Pet Finder link, then clicked SPONSOR ME receiving the following message:
    “Help a Shelter Pet in Need!

    This organization does not currently participate in the Petfinder Foundation’s Sponsor a Pet program. If you would like to help pets like this one, please donate to the Petfinder Foundation so that we may assist adoption organizations in the greatest need. This is a one-time donation.”

    COH may be losing donations here!

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