There is a house that we’ve been involved with for quite some time, at least 3 yrs. There are 3 dogs tied up: 2 big Golden/Chow mixes, tied in the back yard, and an older black dog that had a dog run-type thing on the side of the people’s house. It was a long, rectangular pen  We spayed and neutered everybody about 3-4 yrs. ago and made sure everyone had adequate shelter. The people never brought any of the dogs inside, so we made sure they had plenty of hay in the winter and water and fly control in the summer. The little older dog on the side of the house especially broke our hearts. The pen had a lot of  tall vegetation around it and so very little sunlight made it into the pen. It was muddy a lot. They were not good about picking up the feces. The “gate” to the pen was a piece of plywood with some rope tied around it to keep it closed. You know they weren’t in that pen with her very often at all if they had to move that everytime! The little one always looked at us with the sweetest face. We called animal control over to this address a couple of years ago and they came back with no violations. They all had shelter, they were all at a pretty good body weight and they were all fixed. It was then that we knew they would just have to be on our monitoring list and we would have to get by there every few weeks and make sure these babies didn’t fall further through the cracks.

Last Sunday while we were on outreach, we were talking about the upcoming winter and discussing which dogs that we helped care for absolutely had to get out of there before winter. We talked about the little sweet old black dog on Indiana. While we were driving in the van, I realized we weren’t that far from this house. We decided to go over there and check up on the dogs. I thought that I could plant a seed with the owner and get them thinking about giving her up to us before the harsh winter set in.  We knew it could be a process to get people thinking about it and then continuing to follow up and press on with them until we get the dog out of a hell hole. We wanted to start that process today!



We pulled up in front of the house and the owner was on the front porch. She was dressed up and had obviously come from church. I asked her how things were going and she said, “ok, I guess”.  I said, “what’s going on?” She said, “I’ll pay you $10 if you’ll take that black dog”! Oh my gosh!!!!! We were floored. Erica and I just kept looking at each other! I said, “you don’t want her?” and she said, “no”. I told her that we would definitely take her!!! Oh my gosh, this was finally her liberation day!!! I can’t tell you how happy we were!!! I can’t tell you how happy she was!!!









We brought her out of the pen and the owner asked us to bring her over so she could see her. This dog had been so neglected, yet she still looks up at her owner-that is all she’s known. Little does she know that her life is about to get a whole lot better!






I don’t think Carol could have a bigger smile on her face! We were absolutely thrilled to be getting this poor girl. Erica got the relinquishment form signed and walked this beautiful soul around in the field! She was walking through grass! I don’t know when the last time had been that she had ever walked on grass. The smallest things enthrall these dogs that come off of their chains and tie-outs. They love to smell! They are so used to being in their depressing, dirt circle that when they get a chance to get out in the grass and smell lots of different things and pee on everything that they care to pee on, they are so happy! Of course we are going to stay involved at this house. Hopefully in the future, we’ll be able to get one or both of the other dogs out of there!








We named this precious soul Carley and I’m telling you, this dog knew she was saved! Look at her joyful face!





Carley had dreads and mats and she stunk to high heaven, but she still rode in the front seat with us!



We got her back to Chain of Hope and everyone fell in love with her instantly!




Tanner came in the next morning and worked his magic! He got Carley all shaved down and bathed. She looks great, she feels and smells even better, and she is so happy to be here.








Your financial support makes stories like Carley’s possible! We say it all the time, but we couldn’t do it without you! Chain of Hope put a big smile on Carley’s face!!!











8 Responses to “Carley”

  1. Susan Says:

    Oh happy day!

  2. Penny Francis Says:

    Look at that smile!! Spreading some Carly love!!!

  3. Nancy McCoy Says:

    This is a wonderful story! Thanks to all of you for what you do!

  4. Judith Pannebaker Says:

    Oh, happy day for Carley!!!

  5. andywhiteman Says:

    It was Carley’s lucky day! I don’t understand why people won’t keep their gods in the house???? People are strange.

  6. elizabeth gamble Says:

    thank you

  7. Maria Kaplan Says:

    I love Chain of Hope! What a heart-warming story. Sending you a donation and gratitude for all you do every day.

  8. Josephine Says:

    Awwww…sweet, sweet, sweet and happy, happy, happy!

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