We had been working on a house in north east with an older couple who had a Benji-type female dog and a tiny, male chihuahua mix. We were trying to get them to agree to let us spay and neuter their animals  and to get the people to take them inside. In fact, I had called animal control on these people in the winter because these small dogs were out in that terrible cold. Animal control made them take them in the house. This house required repeated visits and lots of education. Their house was on a corner and one day we noticed a black lab peeking around the back privacy fence of the house across the street. We didn’t know those people had a dog, We were in a hurry, but ran over and knocked on the door. No one was home, so we left our information. The people never called for anything and really this dog just kind of fell off of our radar, because we are constantly handling crises and medical cases and we are continually having to re-prioritize our day as the calls pour in. We didn’t even know if this dog was a male or female.

One day I found a note that had this address written down and ” black lab” written on it, too.  This jogged my memory and I put it on the outreach list for the girls to go by and see if the dog still lived there. It was now a few months later and it was also now winter. Judy and Karen went over there and this time someone was home. They still had the dog-she was in the basement with a litter of puppies! Oh no! We were so upset with ourselves for not remembering this dog. We had to let that go now, though, and address the situation at hand. At least they had brought them all inside. It was super cold outside.

Judy and Karen stayed in close contact with these people, taking dog food for momma and keeping an eye on the puppies. The people said that they needed help with the puppies and Judy told them that we could take them when they were old enough and get momma spayed.  There were 7 puppies. A few weeks later, the guy finally gave Judy a certain day to come over and get the litter-they were finally old enough. When Judy went over there, they had already given 4 of them away! This ALWAYS  happens and I can’t tell you how frustrating it is. Then this guy does what these people always do and he tells us that he’s keeping 2 of the puppies. Oh, I can’t even tell you how mad Judy and I were! It ended up that he only had 2 puppies that could go to rescue. Extremely disappointing. These two were definitely the lucky ones!




To make matters worse, I was back at the house across the street from this house, trying to talk to the people with the Benji-type female and male Chihuahua mix. It turns out that they are related to the people with the black lab and the puppies across the street . The Benji dog’s owner was the mother to a grown son and his family that had the litter of puppies. The grandmother also had 2 of the puppies! We didn’t even know that 2 of the puppies had gone right across the street to grandma’s house. It’s enough to make you not want to try anymore, but we’ve got to think of how to get the best results for these animals.

These people finally decided to get the Benji dog spayed and the 2 male puppies that they now had neutered. They would not neuter the Chihuahua mix, but we’d address that later. We wanted to get these 3 done for sure. When I went to pick them up for their surgeries and loaded them in the van, the woman pointed to the 2 puppies and told me not to bring them back. They had decided they didn’t want them. Thank God! Now we at least had 4 of the 7 puppies. While I was at their house, I told the lady that I was going to go over and see the black lab. I could see her peeking around the fence. I went over and gave her a pig ear and loved on her. It made her day!

The next day I took the  Benji dog back to the grandma’s house. I looked across the street and I didn’t see the black lab. I asked the lady if she could be in the house and she said, “No, she’s always back there now.” I wondered why she wasn’t there because I knew she could hear me. There had to be a reason why she couldn’t peek around the fence. I pulled over to her house, got out, went in the back yard and this is what I found:






This poor, skinny, precious dog’s chain was all wrapped around some wheels to something. I don’t even know what it was for sure. She was all wrapped up and could barely move. It was very hot outside and she was panting heavily. She was also barking at me a lot and acting like she didn’t want me near her. I ran to the van and got a bowl and some water and gave her a drink first thing. She drank the whole bowl, she was so thirsty.



I went back to the grandma’s house and knocked on her door. She spoke very limited English, but I motioned for her to come. She followed me across the street and into the back yard. She saw the dog like she was and she shook her head and said, “no…no”. I told her to come on we were going to the front door and talk to her son. She was a little reluctant to go, but she went. It took a long time, but finally her son came to the door, looking like we had gotten him out of bed. I was not happy and told him to come to the back with me and look at the dog. When he went over to her, she jumped up on him, excited to see someone-he was all she knew.



This guy could tell I was mad. I asked him if he had even been out there today (it was about 2:00 pm and 93 degrees). He said no, he hadn’t been back there since yesterday. Guys, there comes a time when it’s ok to lose my cool out there and this was one of those times. He kept saying, “it’s ok, it’s ok” and I said, “it is not ok, I am taking this dog”. He’d say, “no, it’s ok”. I took out my cell phone and told him that he was signing over this dog right now or I’m calling the city and they would take the dog AND write him tickets. All of the sudden, he was saying “ok, ok-you take her”.  I told him to untangle her and get her to my car. I kept at him the whole time. I asked him why he hadn’t taken care of this dog and he basically tried to blame it on the kids and everyone else in the family. As we got over to my car with this poor dog, he was so bold as to ask me if I would still be coming over to help him with the puppies. Suffice it to say, I blew!  I told him that he shouldn’t be keeping any puppies and exactly what I thought of him for ditching the momma dog and keeping two of the puppies. I told him never to call us again. Of course, we are keeping tabs on the puppies and as soon as they are off of the front porch (fenced front yard) and on chains in the back yard like momma was, he’s busted.


We got this precious momma back to Chain of Hope. She was in bad shape. She was skinny, she had hair missing and sores on her. She was dehydrated and her teats sagged from nursing all of those puppies. She had been treated terribly and we couldn’t wait to show her a happy life!







We wanted Jersey to get rid of her parasites and put some weight on before spaying her. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, she tested positive for heart worms.  Actually, today is her big day. She is getting spayed and getting her first heart worm treatment.

All I can say about Jersey is that she is a total sweetheart. She is a lab mix-beautiful black with some chocolate on her, too. She is only about a year old and she is great with other dogs. She’s in playgroups and has very nice manners!









Look how good she looks now!




We can’t say enough about this dog. She’s a really great girl! She is ready for adoption as soon as she completes her heart worm treatment and rests for a couple of weeks. Let us know if you’re interested in giving this special girl a wonderful rest of her life! Applications can be found at and go to our adoptable animals page to find the app! In the meantime, Jersey is having fun at Chain of Hope and loving being treated like she should be treated-extra special!









Thanks for making our very important work possible by supporting us! We couldn’t do it without you!


2 Responses to “Jersey”

  1. Lori Williams Martinek Says:

    Thank you, wonderful people who tirelessly work to rescue these innocent and beautiful animals. It is great to get updates and see what is actually going on during these rescues. Next week I am making another donation in my daughter’s memory. It has now been a year since she passed and she so loved her rescue dog from Chain of Hope. (used to be called “Pewter”, but she changed her name to “Ella”. We are raising this super dog, spoiling her rotten! She is a wonderful consolation, reminding us each day of our beautiful daughter and her love for Ella. May God Bless you all and keep you safe in your daily rescues!

  2. Krista Says:

    I’m from Kansas City but have been living in Seattle the past 5 years. I follow your stories and try to donate to Chain of Hope whenever I can. Your posts take me on a roller coaster of emotions but I am so happy that you’re able to rescue these beautiful creatures. Thank you so much for what you do – you’re a God send!

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