I was coming back to Chain of Hope one afternoon from doing outreach out south. I was heading north on Raytown Road-on the south end where it is pretty rural. I saw what I thought was a black cat run across the road-from the woods on one side of Raytown Road to the woods on the other side. I looked in my rear view window and barely caught a glimpse of it as it ran into the woods. As I looked in my rear view mirror, I thought it looked more like a puppy than a cat. I pulled over, backed the van up and got out. I walked back to where I had seen it go into the woods. I walked around, called, looked through branches and bushes, but to no avail. I figured it must be up in the woods with it’s momma or something-it had looked pretty little. I went on back to Chain of Hope, wishing I could’ve gotten it.

About 2-3 hours later, April came down to walk dogs and she came in my office and told me that she had just seen a puppy on Raytown Road! I asked her where and it was the same area that I had seen it. She had pulled over as well and gotten out, but didn’t see it after that. I grabbed my keys, we grabbed a cat trap and some canned food and jumped in the van to go try and get it.  We pulled over at the place we had both seen it and walked along the road. It was about 5-5:30 pm and the road was very busy with cars traveling really fast along there. As we searched and looked into the woods along the road, I saw it! I told April it was right in there, about 6 feet from the road. We moved down a little further so as not to scare him even more and set the cat trap. This was a tiny little guy, poor thing. We could see him huddled under an evergreen tree. You can barely see him in this picture.


He was definitely interested in the smelly food we baited the trap with. We went back to the van to just get out of there and give him time to go into the trap. We waited about 5 minutes or so and then walked back to peek. He was eating some canned food leading up to the trap! We retreated back to the van and waited longer. When we went back to check, he was not near the trap, he was huddled back under the evergreen tree. There was an incline up to more woods and we didn’t want him running up there and taking off. I told April that I was going to crawl up in there, above where he was so I could hopefully head him off if he tried to run up the hill. April kept tossing him some yummy treats while he was under the tree. I was on the hill, but he really wasn’t moving much. I inched my way down and I told April that I thought I could just slowly reach under the tree and get him. I really couldn’t see him that well-just parts of his body under there. I reached my hand in and pulled him out. He was scared to death. He’d been through hell, you could tell. There was a deep gash on the top of his head that looked infected. He was missing hair in places and had little scars and sores all over. He was petrified. Little did he know that everything was going to be ok -he was a Chain of Hope puppy now!







We got “Woody” as we called him, back to Chain of Hope. He was only about 8 weeks old. What in the world had happened to this poor little boy? Was he thrown out of a car? I guess we’ll never know. We looked all around for more and there were none. This is one of those times when I’m glad animals can’t talk because I don’t think I could bear to hear his sad story. He must have been so frightened all alone.

We got this little one settled in. He was exhausted and wanted to sleep a lot. It takes a lot out of them to try and survive out there. We fed him, let him sleep and decided we would tackle his medical issues in the morning. He had had a lot happen to him already today!




Woody is much loved at Chain of Hope and loves having other puppies to play with.




Woody’s head healed up fine. He has been neutered, vaccinated, wormed and had flea prevention on him. He is an adorable male pit bull puppy. We love his personality! He is very laid back and mellow. Definitely a snuggler!



Woody is up for adoption! Go to http://www.chainofhopekc.org and go to our adoptable animals page to find the application. Woody deserves the best, he’s been through a lot in his young life. We are so glad that we were able to rescue him from the woods. Thanks for keeping us out there.



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  1. Cherre Christensen Says:

    Thank you for taking care of these babies

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