We first met Chico back in the winter of 2013. We saw him chained to a tree, far back in a side lot next to a house. We knocked on the door and that is how we became involved with Chico. He had a very small dog house at the time-I don’t even think he could fit into it anymore. He was young-about 6 months. The people were receptive to neutering him. Since it was so cold, we went ahead and fixed him up with a bigger dog house with lots of hay and made arrangements to pick this boy up and neuter and vaccinate him. We could tell these people needed some education and this dog definitely needed monitoring!

I picked up Chico and brought him in for his vetting. He was a shepherd/hound mix and he was adorable! He was the sweetest dog you could ever meet.

We stopped by pretty regularly. Our hearts went out to him because he was cabled to the tree and didn’t get much attention. We found out that these people also had a couple of smaller, white dogs that they kept in the basement. The woman told me that they were siblings. They were not altered and she usually blew me off when I brought it up and offered spay and neuter. I told her over and over again NOT to breed at all, but especially don’t breed siblings-she was going to end up with lots of problems. We usually cut people off that won’t spay and neuter every animal in the home, but we couldn’t walk away from Chico. We were all he had.

We stopped by one day and they told us that he kept breaking his cable and so they had him on a chain, although it was a light weight one. They said he broke his collars, etc. I’m sure it’s because he wanted to be free! We spent time fitting him with a harness, hoping that would help things. He seemed so happy when the kids were around him! Too bad they didn’t spend more time with him or  have him in the house with the family. He was at a good body weight and was healthy. We didn’t need to stop by here as much as some other houses we needed to monitor more closely.











Sometimes in the spring, the woman would put her little white dogs out on the front porch in a crate, “to get some fresh air”, she’d say. She still wouldn’t listen to us about spaying and neutering, but we wouldn’t walk away from Chico and we would just keep working on her about the white dogs.

If you’re an avid Chain of Hope blog follower, you probably remember the story or Floyd, the Boxer.  https://chainofhope.wordpress.com/2014/06/03/floyd/   I found him all tangled up in the chain with Chico! It was Chico’s yard that Floyd had run into and gotten tangled up while playing!





We hadn’t been by in a while, so I put it on an outreach list for Erica and Carol. They called me later and said that there was a white dog in a crate on the front porch. It had no water and it was a hot day! No one was home. They also told me that Chico was thinner than he’d been. They’d fixed them both up with food and water and I told them I’d be getting over there in the next couple of days and see what was going on. When I went over, I was not happy. The white dog had a chain wrapped around it’s neck and was now chained to a tree. It was disgusting.






DSCF4081The little dog had a  styrofoam container laying on the ground with a hunk of chicken or something in it and there were flies all over it. This was despicable. There was Chico, still chained to his tree. His water was knocked over and it was a really hot day.  I took pictures, gave them a small amount of water to drink and a few milkbones, but I knew I was going to go call this into animal control, which I did. When I came in to work the next day  and put in the case number to see what happened, the results were “unable to locate animal”. Oh brother!

I drove over to this address the next day. There was the white dog, still chained to the tree and there was Chico, chained in the back of the yard. I took more pictures. While I was there, the woman came home with a couple of the kids in the car. I knew I would be pursuing this with animal control again as soon as I left, so I didn’t spend very much time talking to her. I asked her why the white dog was chained to the tree and she replied, “Oh, we’re moving”. So…..because you’re moving, you need to chain your dog to a tree on super hot days with no water??  I asked her where they were moving to and she said, “I don’t know but it’s somewhere not too far from here.” I didn’t get to ask her where the 2nd white dog was because she used to have two of them. I left and called a supervisor and they said they would send someone over. I went on because I had a lot of addresses to get to. I drove by this house the next day and the white dog was not there. I never found out if animal control impounded this dog, but I don’t think so. What they probably did was had the people put it in the house and tell them that it couldn’t be out there like that. Apparently, they thought Chico looked ok.



A few days later, I received a call from an animal control officer and they were over at Chico’s house. Someone else had noticed Chico and called animal control. The officer called me because Chico had a dog house that said Chain of Hope on it. They thought he looked pretty thin, which he did. They said it didn’t even look like anyone lived at this house anymore. She wasn’t sure what was going on. I told her how this boy had been falling through the cracks for the last several months. She ended up leaving paperwork on the front door of the house. When she went back the next day, the note was still on the door, so she impounded the dog. Thank you, animal control!!! Finally, this boy was out of there! It looklike the people had gone ahead and moved, taken the white dog with them and left poor Chico chained in the yard. Losers!

We contacted the shelter and let them know that we would like to pull him out of there just as soon as he could go. We found out that he is heart worm positive, but we’ll deal with it like we always do. It was a joyful day when Judy and Jan went over to get him out of the shelter! I’m sure he was wondering where he was going now, but his new life was about to begin!





You know our dogs we rescue always have to lose their old name, along with their old life. We renamed this boy Farley and we love him!!! He is so happy to be a Chain of Hope dog now! Farley gets along with everyone, he is a little shy but getting better everyday with all of the TLC that he’s getting. He loves to go out in the yard and the pool. He’s really blown away by the fact that there is always food and water available to him! He’s gaining weight. He’s happier than he’s ever been! Farley is literally smiling everyday!












Thank you for your support. It is the only way that we can continue our critical work in the inner city. It’s because of all of you that Farley now has a happy life. The only thing that could make him happier, would be his forever, loving, indoor home! Let us know if you’re interested in offering Farley a foster home or better yet-a forever home!



3 Responses to “Farley”

  1. judy Says:

    Thanks Judy and my great Sister Jan for helping dog’s in need

  2. Connie Sherwood Says:

    Such a great bunch of angels you are! I hope the white dogs are found soon too!

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