Chopper and Jasper

A  pet owner in north east Kansas City called us for help with food.  Judy and Karen took some food over and there were several animals there. A young man and his girlfriend had recently moved in with his grandparents and proceeded to bring 4 animals with them to add to grandma’s cats and her Boston Terriers. It was a chaotic mess. A couple of weeks later, Judy and Karen ended up over there again taking more food.  They came back from outreach and told me that these people were keeping a little puppy outside in a wire crate with a blanket over it. This was in the late winter and it was cold. They said that it had been there the very first time they went there and the owner had immediately let it out and said that it wasn’t in there all the time. The same thing happened the second time they were there-the puppy was in the wire crate on the front porch. The owner let it out and again acted like it was not in there all the time. When they got back from outreach and told me about this, I knew I had to get over there and talk to these people.


I went over the next day. A woman came walking over from next door and it turns out that she was the sister of the young man that had moved in with grandma and grandpa. I started talking with her and she was pretty upset. She told me that that poor puppy was in that crate  24 hours sometimes. She said she had talked to them and they always told her to mind her own business. Shes said that when her brother and his girlfriend moved in with grandma and grandpa and brought all these extra animals (2 dogs, 2 cats) that it had turned her grandparents lives upside down.

The young couple came out and I started figuring out what animals belonged to who. They told me that the puppy had started out in the house, but it had worms and so they couldn’t have it in the house. Geez-ever think about treating the puppy for parasites instead of banishing it to the front porch in the cold of winter???

I offered them free spay and neuter for their 2 dogs. They had a bigger white and brown pit bull mix named Chopper. They also had the puppy, who had never been to the vet. I had a long talk with these people about this whole situation. I arranged a time for me to come and pick up Chopper and the puppy to get them fixed, vaccinated and de-wormed. They agreed. I told them while I had the animals in at the vet, that they needed to clean up their mess. I told them that puppy could not stay outside, that I would have him treated for his parasites and that they needed to clean out the crate and take it in the house.

I kept the animals overnight. The puppy was very skinny. Chopper was super cute, not too thin, but he was a little aggressive. This puppy was breaking our hearts. He was the sweetest little thing and his whole, short life so far had been hell. I very reluctantly loaded them up to take them back.

As soon as I pulled up, I could see the nasty, disgusting crate still sitting on the front porch, with the old coats and feces in it. They had not bothered to clean it out and put it in the house. I was not happy! The young couple wasn’t home and his sister came over again. She said that they had done nothing about any of this while the dogs were with me.



I asked the sister who was in charge of the house and she said her grandmother was. She also told us that her grandmother wanted us to keep the puppy. Grandma was sitting in the doorway in her wheelchair.  I went up and talked to her and she told me that what her grandson and his girl were doing to this puppy was inhumane. She signed the puppy over to Chain of Hope! It was her house and she wanted the puppy to have a better life. Thank God she had the good sense to do the right thing.

Of course we received the phone call when the young man came home and found out that the puppy wasn’t there. He was pretty mad. Patty explained to him that his grandmother had signed the puppy over, It was her house and she wanted this little guy to have a better life. When Patty told him that, there was suddenly a voice on another extension of their phone and the woman’s voice said, “you bet your sweet ass I did” and that was the end of that!

We named this little guy Jasper and he was a super puppy! He was so grateful, happy and very well behaved. We loved having him at Chain of Hope, showing him how to have fun, play with toys, play with other dogs, etc.





It wasn’t very long and we had a wonderful adoption application for this great little guy! It was time for Chain of Hope volunteers to tell him good-bye. Jasper was going to his forever home! We were so happy for him!







Of course, we didn’t forget about Chopper! The next time we went to see Chopper, the guy was pretty wary of us, but they desperately needed our help-none of these people were working. I knew they had a dog run in the backyard and that’s where Chopper was. I asked if I could go back and see Chopper and the guy said, “I don’t want you taking my other dog. ” I told him that I wasn’t there to take his dog, I was there to help him with Chopper. We went in the back and Chopper looked really good. We had wormed him when he’d been in getting neutered and he had filled out well! His kennel was clean-there was no poop in it. He had fresh, clean water and a good dog house. We hung up fly control, left food and told the guy he was doing a good job.  We also told him we’d be back with a tarp so that Chopper could have some shade, which we did provide for him. Chopper was a funny dog-sometimes he acts like he’s just fine and then it’s like he forgot to show you his bad ass self and he’ll bark and charge at you through the fence. I guess you could say that Chopper has a little bit of an attitude.  We  are continuing to stop by and check on Chopper and leave food and treats.  It’s always clean when we go there-every time. We gave them a leash and they say they walk him, but who knows? He does have it better than a lot of the dogs we see. He’s clean, well-fed, and healthy. Like most chained and confined dogs, he gets lonely, I’m sure. We are a bright spot in his day when we stop by, I know. We can’t possibly have space for all of the dogs that need to be taken out of their circumstances. We get the ones out that we can.









Thank you for your support. Jasper’s whole life has changed, thanks to Chain of Hope. Now he really has something to smile about!







One Response to “Chopper and Jasper”

  1. andywhiteman Says:

    It is miracle that the owners went from so horrible to being responsible. Maybe the grandmother had some input???

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