Chain of Hope received an urgent call one morning from an owner that had accidentally run over her own dog. This woman was very, very upset, of course. She felt terrible and she couldn’t stop crying. She told us that it had happened the night before and she had taken him to an emergency clinic. They told her that they thought the jaw was broken and of course, the eye needed to be removed. She only had money for a pain injection, which she did get for him.  She left with this poor little guy and took him back home. She said that his eye ball was hanging out of the socket and he had gone through the night like that.

Judy and I rushed right over. The woman told us that she couldn’t bear to look at him and that her older daughter had kept him in her room the night before. When the daughter brought this little dog out, our hearts broke for him. His eye ball was hanging out, he had a deep, bloody abrasion on the top of his head and a very deep wound on his front left leg where we could see the tendons. The poor boy was in bad shape. He wasn’t crying. The pain meds had been administered at 11:00 pm the night before and was supposed to hold him for 12 hrs. We had to get this boy in to the vet!










We got him into the vet. Thankfully, his jaw was not broken! He underwent surgery for the removal of his eye and stayed at the vet for a few days. We picked him up, brought him back to Chain of Hope and got him settled in! Everyone loved Wilbur and he enjoyed a lot of time getting loved on and sitting out in the sun for awhile.






Wilbur was doing great for about 5 days and then he started crashing. He started vomiting and having diarrhea. He wouldn’t eat or drink and was very lethargic. He had the classic signs of parvo. We ran a parvo test on him and poor little, weak Wilbur tested positive for parvo. Oh my God, I was afraid this would do him in. He only weighed 9 lbs to start with.

Wilbur was a pretty sick little boy. He was on an IV pump and receiving multiple medications. Thank you, Dr. Kennedy for diagnosing him and getting an IV in him on a Saturday night! This little one had another battle to get through, but we were all right beside him, helping him through it the best we could.










Wilbur is a fighter, that’s for sure. After several days, he started turning the corner. He was doing better and we were able to take him off of his IV. We thought he was on the road, but just a couple of days later, he was having more struggles. He was not wanting to eat. He had dwindled to 8 lbs. We felt like this little boy was barely hanging on.

We finally decided to take him to Blue Pearl. They did an x-ray and a sonogram. Wilbur had fluid in his belly and they diagnosed him with pancreatitus.  Poor, poor Wilbur. Our hearts were breaking. How much could one tiny dog take? We were worried sick about Wilbur. He didn’t want to eat or drink anything, but thank you Leah, for getting all of his meds down him and in him! He didn’t want to take his pills, but you always volunteered to be the “meanie” that had to get them down him. You were a Godsend to Wilbur and one of the main reasons he’s alive and well today!






After a couple of trips to Blue Pearl and the excellent care Wilbur received on a daily basis, Wilbur was healing! He was feeling much better, his appetite was coming back, and he was doing very well. He loved it when we took him outside and he got to smell around and feel the sunshine on him.








Eventually, we were able to give Wilbur a friend. We put him in the back area with Spanky, a  little Shih Tzu that we had rescued. Wilbur and Spanky spent a lot of time together and they became pretty good friends.





One of our wonderful volunteers that helps out walking dogs and cleaning  was really drawn to Wilbur. Kelly just loved this little guy, and she told us that she would like to foster him! Kelly had 2 little dogs and thought Wilbur would do great at her house. Well……guess what? Wilbur was so great that he is never leaving! Kelly is adopting Wilbur!!! We are so happy for Wilbur and Kelly and Wilbur’s new siblings!

photo (7)

Here is Wilbur, dressed in his finest, with his new sister Puddin and his new brother Dolce.  They are quite a little pack! Thanks for giving Wilbur such a wonderful,  forever home, Kelly. Supporters, thanks for enabling us to respond to calls like Wilbur’s and to be able to provide the medical care that these poor animals need. We couldn’t do it without you and we can’t thank you enough! Neither can Wilbur!





2 Responses to “Wilbur”

  1. Susan Says:

    GREAT story. Yeah for Wilbur! Wilbur is a tough guy. Man what a fighter. Great job to all the humans that helped him fight through all that.

  2. Nicole Bassett Says:

    My Schnauzer has Pancreatitis. It is a very costly and scary thing. Great job COH!

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