Sophie and Riley



Chain of Hope received a message from a man that said he needed help placing a couple of dogs from a family member’s house. Apparently there had been a lot of turmoil and the family, unfortunately,  fell apart. While family members scrambled to take care of the human children, no one remembered about the dogs right away. This nice man told me that it finally dawned on him a couple of days later that there were dogs in the back yard. He bought some dog food, drove over and fed and watered them.

This was out in Belton and we normally don’t go out that far, but this man and these dogs needed help. He told me that there was a Cocker Spaniel and a Golden Retriever and he thought that they were both around 6-8 yrs. old. He thought that they were both fixed. He said that the Cocker was pretty matted. He said the family members had obviously not taken very good care of the dogs. I thanked him for calling and trying to find help for them. We made arrangements to meet at the house the next day to see how we could help him. I called Crystal, who runs Winding River- a doggie daycare and boarding facility. She usually has at least one Chain of Hope dog at her facility and we appreciate her and all she does for the dogs! She has a great relationship with  Golden Retriever Freedom Rescue in Colorado and I knew she could probably get Riley safely to them.

The next day, Crystal and I arrived in front of a nice,  middle class house. It had a large, fenced back yard.  Thankfully, the dogs were not on chains-they were running free. It was then that this man told us that he couldn’t touch them. He said they wouldn’t come to him. Crystal and I went in the back yard. The two dogs were running together, back over to a deck with a lot of overgrown vegetation. This must have been their home base. There was no shelter, but the dogs went under the deck. Oh joy-this was not going to be easy!




DSCF3529They were scared was all. We tried coaxing with the smelly treats and all of that. Riley was a little more trusting than Sophie, although he hid under the deck, too, for awhile. Finally,  Crystal was able to get Riley, the Golden, on a leash. She dangled a slip lead from up on the deck, hoping to lasso Sophie when she finally peaked out from under the deck. That’s exactly what happened and Crystal had her on the leash!  I had to go around the deck and crawl under some bushes to get Sophie out.  It took some coaxing and talking to her, but eventually she let me pet her head and then she let me scratch her head and then she finally decided it was ok to come out.





Crystal and I got them over to the car and Crystal showed them how to jump up in there! I love this picture of Riley with a slight smile on his face. It’s like he knows he’s safe now.







Sophie was matted terribly! She had to be so uncomfortable. Riley was matted, too, just not as bad. He was sporting some dreads, though! We got these two deserving dogs back to Chain of Hope. Their new lives had just begun!









Sophie was pretty nervous.  Tanner, our fabulous groomer, went to work! It was a chore, but he got through it and so did Sophie. Tanner weighed the hair and Sophie lost 6 lbs. of hair. Poor, poor girl. She was going to feel like a different dog!









Riley got cleaned up next and then Sophie and Riley spent the next few days at Chain of Hope, getting a lot of love and attention.















Then it became time for Riley to leave for Colorado! Off to rescue in the mountains and a wonderful new life. Good for you, Riley! Have a great life!



Sophie remained at Chain of Hope and boy does she miss her buddy! I call her “nervous nilly” because she’s so frantic for attention right now. She  had been so ignored and so neglected  for so long, she is very much needing the attention now!






Sophie is a very intelligent dog. Do you know how I know that?  She’s figured out exactly where the treats are! You go, girl!




Sophie is up for adoption. She needs someone who can hang out with her a lot of the day. She wouldn’t do well with someone who is gone all day.  She needs some confidence, but she’ll get there. I’m sure she doesn’t trust quite yet-probably wondering if she’s going to get neglected or ignored again. You’re not, baby girl, you have no more worries-you’re a Chain of Hope dog now!







2 Responses to “Sophie and Riley”

  1. Susan Says:

    Sophie is sad without her buddy Riley. They were probably life long companions! She’s lonely without Riley. I can imagine so, I mean what a good looking pair they were. And to have a dog like Riley to be your best friend, and everything they went though together. Poor girl, she looks soooo sad! Thank you for helping them. I can’t believe that animals are forgotten, just forgotten. It makes me feel physically ill. Please someone adopt Sophie and give her all you got for the rest of her days. She has a long life ahead, make it super for her!

  2. andywhiteman Says:

    It would be nice if the could have been adopted as a pair.

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