William is an angel in the hood! He has saved several animals just because he didn’t look the other way. He cares. William was coming home one night on a rainy night and saw a small dog in the middle of the road.  He stopped and got the poor little thing.  He took it home for the night and called Chain of Hope the next morning. He is such a wonderful man who really cares about animals and their suffering. He said that he thought it was blind and had a hurt foot.

I went over and met this adorable little black and white Shih Tzu and he was a mess! He was also very sweet! I thanked William once again,  took the dog back to Chain of Hope and got him settled in. I’m sure he was wondering what was happening to him now and where was he going?












We named this little guy Spanky. He is a little older-probably around 8 yrs. or so. When he walks, sometimes his right front foot bends a little weird, but he doesn’t seem bothered by it. We x-rayed him and nothing is broken in there and it doesn’t cause him any pain or impede his walking, so we are just going to leave it alone. The vet says it’s most likely some strange neurological fluke, but Spanky gets around just fine!

Spanky has dry eye and will most likely require daily eye drops for the rest of his life. They are inexpensive and something a lot of small dog owners deal with. We discovered that he isn’t totally blind, but his vision is certainly impaired. He’s not scared, though! He loves going for walks and smelling everything. Spanky walks great on a leash. The poor little guy also has an ear infection, which he is being treated for. He is neutered and vaccinated now.

The next thing we needed to do was to get Spanky bathed and cleaned up. He was matted and stinky and really needed some grooming attention. Tanner to the rescue!  Spanky was good as gold for his groom. What a wonderful little dog that was soaking wet in the middle of a street one night.  He is precious.








Everybody who meets Spanky loves Spanky! He is delightful! He is hanging out with Wilbur, who lost his eye recently. They are great friends!




Spanky is resilient, smart, grateful and very deserving of a loving, forever home. Spanky is up for adoption! Go to and go to our adoptables page to find the app!




We are able to help dogs like Spanky  because of our foster homes opening up space for us, our adopters opening up space for us (and giving one of our dogs a fantastic home, of course!) and because of our awesome supporters who keep us going! We thank you and Spanky thanks you!

















3 Responses to “Spanky”

  1. Susan Says:

    Great story. What a precious little dog. Spanky’s right foot is endearing. Great job William. I applaud you William for not looking the other way, because it mattered to this one! It takes a village.

  2. Ed Ponder Says:

    Interesting story I would like to adopt Spanky

  3. Ed Ponder Says:

    Adventures of Spanky,
    I could not have found a better companion if I tried harder. This little guy has proven to be very smart, loving, funny, and absolutely well mannered in every respect. He is super resilient in his nature, adapting to every new situationist he has encountered. I had some apprehension about his care because of the eye issue, but have found it to not be a problem at all, infact a labor of love. He’s very smart as I have said previously. another of his attributes is that he loves to ride and walk on the lease, the perfect dog. He has brought a kinda joy into my life that I have not felt for some time.
    A little story about his name change, he and I sat on the front porch of our home, as he looked at me, I went down a list of names that I thought might fit him from the way he looked. He has a mask like Zorro, the Lone Ranger, a Bandit or possibly a Burglar. As I spoke to him he just looked at me with no response to many or most of these names. Then I thought, since he was found in the inner city, maybe he understands Spanish or maybe he had been raised by a Spanish speaking family. Well, as we were running down the names, I spoke Spanish to him, sure enough he perked up as if he did understand. I hit upon Bandito, Spanish for Bandit, he shook his little butty & tail uncontrollably with a look in his face that looked to say, “finally someone knows my name”
    From that day on he and I bonded he knew he was at home, he relaxed and settled in. He snuggled and snorted. Well, the next day I got a serious attack of RA/Gout with a pain you could not imagine. I had to go to the hospital. I was confronted with the dilemma not being able to leave him alone, so I called my friend and former roomate, as she is the only person I would trust with his care. She owns a little Shin Tzu “Bisket” that I bonded with while I was caring for him or he was caring for me, which was the reason I understand and admire the breed so much. Bisket helped my recover from heart surgery as I had to walk him several times daily. He would walk me around the block at least 4 times a day, many times he would stop and look back at me ass to say “come on are you going to keep up”. The minute I turned him over to her I could see she instantly had love in her eyes as well.
    I ended up spending 3 days in the hospital, all the while checking on him to see what he was up too. Needless to say she thoroughly inspected him and took extraordinary care of him, I thought I might not get him back, for a minute. Well, during the 3 days she had him she heard the story and realized his name was indeed Bandito, so she played around until she found a similar sounding name he responded too, which was Bubba. That was my nickname, the name my mother and sisters always called me while I was growing up, she did not know that. What a coincidence, now we are just two guys, the 2 Bubba’s.
    Well, that is how his name became Bubba.
    If this blog allowed I would like to post pics of him as he has settled into life, but I am not sure how.
    Thank you so much ladies & gentlemen from the Chain of Hope in KC.

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