The Baby Blues

DSCF2719   Chain of Hope received a call from a man whose relative had told him about us. He had a pit bull that had puppies and they were about 6 weeks old. He wondered if we could take the litter from him. We went over and met Terrance. We went in the back yard and met the momma, named Blu and her 5 puppies. Refreshingly, Terrance was not trying to keep one puppy (like so many do). At least we didn’t have that battle on our hands.   Momma had a pen that he had made and the gate was open and she could come out into the yard on her tie-out cable. The puppies looked pretty good. DSCF2717   DSCF2724     DSCF2726   DSCF2730   DSCF2720 DSCF2721   Blu’s puppies were born outside and had never been in the house. Hard to believe, but we see this all the time. We told Terrance that the only way we would “take this litter off his hands” was if he wanted to get Blu spayed. He agreed immediately and said he did  not want her to have anymore puppies. We told him to let her milk dry up and we’d get her in for her spay in a couple of weeks. We loaded up the puppies and got them back to Chain of Hope. Their lives were about to change for the better! DSCF2732   DSCF2734 DSCF2736



These little ones were as cute as can be. They were also very hungry! All 5 heads dove into the food pan and they ate and ate and ate.





DSCF2740   DSCF2763   DSCF2741       DSCF2760   Chain of Hope was also aware of 2 more litters in the hood that we were going to have to deal with. We reached out to TARA, The Animal Rescue Alliance. TARA has been great about helping Chain of Hope with litters of puppies, thank goodness. I don’t know what we’d do without them! Carolyn, a super awesome TARA volunteer, said she would take this litter! We cared for them for about a week or so before reaching out to TARA, making the arrangements, finalizing plans. Soon, Carolyn came to get them!DSCF2798 DSCF2803 DSCF2800


DSCF2868The puppies flourished with Carolyn and TARA. Before too long, they were all spayed and neutered and ready for adoption! Here are a few of the puppies with their new families!








All of the puppies were adopted pretty quickly. They were healthy and well socialized and of course-adorable!

I went and picked Blu up a couple of weeks later, brought her in and had her spayed and vaccinated. I took a crate back with her when I returned her and encouraged them to bring her in the house. We will continue to check on Blu.


Yes, we wish we could’ve gotten Blu, too. The reality is that Terrance didn’t want to give her up, he did call us for help and he did want her spayed. We have no where to put another pit bull in our program right now and the city shelter doesn’t need another pit bull either-it’s full of pit bulls. The best we can do is what we did-get the puppies out of there, get momma spayed and monitor her care. We do not forget about the mommas, which you already know if you’ve been following this blog for long! The mommas are near and dear to our hearts.

This is a litter of puppies that normally would have been given out around the neighborhood or to family members, probably never fixed, and would continue the tragedy of overpopulation by reproducing themselves when they turned 6 mo. or so. Chain of Hope resolved this situation and shut all of that down. Thank you for your support-we are making a difference out there!






2 Responses to “The Baby Blues”

  1. Linda Ellis Says:

    Thank You Carolyn and Tara for all you do

  2. Jason Says:

    “If I sleep on top of the food, they can’t take it away.” Poor baby.

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