Chain of Hope received a call from a woman that said she had a small dog and she couldn’t keep it any longer. She wanted to know if we could take it. I headed over to see what was going on. It turns out we’d been to this house before. Last year, they had found 3 puppies, called us and we went over and got them.

When I walked into the house, there were several family members there. The woman that had called told me that her husband had cancer and they just couldn’t deal with the dog anymore. The dog was a very scared little Yorkie mix named Princess.  She wouldn’t come to me or to the woman. I felt so sorry for her. I told the woman that we could take her. She asked the grand daughter to pick up Princess, but the grand daughter couldn’t get her. Finally, the woman that had called was able to pick her up. I asked her to carry Princess out to the car and this is how she carried her:

DSCF2911There was no “good-bye”, no pat on the head-nothing. She carried Princess out like this and put her in the van. How very sad that this little girl had not been loved and cared for like she should’ve been. Princess was pretty scared in the van, I’m sure wondering what was going to happen to her now.

DSCF2914We got back to Chain of Hope with Princess. She was very frightened, so we put her in a kennel by herself where it was quiet.




Chain of Hope always changes the names of the animals that we rescue. Their old name belongs with their old life. Their lives are so much better once they’re a Chain of Hope dog that they start their new life with a new name. The vet staff named this little girl Miami. We just treated Miami like we’ve treated the other scared little dogs like Crosby and Roger-we let her come to us. We didn’t force any interaction with her, we just let her decide when she was going to trust us. In just a few days, she was doing much better with Judy, Karen and me. At first, we had to carry her out to go potty, but eventually she began going out on a leash. We put her with Crosby and Roger and they all got along just fine. Miami was still scared and would hide behind something most of the time, but she started gradually coming out and started interacting with us. She really was a great little dog. She was very much liking the attention and love that we were giving her. You could tell that she hadn’t had that for quite awhile and she was really needing  it!


After a couple of weeks, Miami was doing fantastic! We asked Tanner to groom her and this is what she looked like when he was through. Tanner likes giving these little ones their mo hawks, which we think is adorable!  It definitely gives them personality!







What a doll!!! We put Miami’s picture up on face book as one of our “newbies”. Because someone shared our face book post (thanks to those of you that share!), a wonderful young woman saw Miami and called to inquire about her. She was very interested and so we had her fill out an application. She passed with flying colors and we set up a time for Holly and her son, Silas,  to come down and meet Miami. They loved her the minute they met her!  Miami really seemed to like them a lot as well. Silas threw some toys for her and Holly and Silas took Miami out for a walk.







After having Miami in their home for a few days, Holly sent us a couple of videos! Miami’s new name with them is Iko. Iko looks like she is right at home and very much loved!



Thank you supporters for keeping us going. Thank you Holly and Silas for giving Iko such a wonderful, loving home! She deserves it!


4 Responses to “Miami”

  1. andywhiteman Says:

    I fail to understand how a “person” can be so non-caring towards their dog! I am glad that Miami was adopted to a loving home. Thank you COH

  2. Nina Says:

    I am so happy you all found a loving home for this little one .I love animals ,we have 5 dogs and love everyone of them ,some of them are little ones that people have dumped.All I can say for this person is SHAME ON YOU.

  3. Linda Ellis Says:

    I’m wondering if it was the husband’s dog and it was just that no one else liked it. But still how can a “family” not interact with an animal? There are no excuses for a dog to be that terrified of people. They had to be abusing that small one

  4. Donna Woods Says:

    She fell off the hay wagon into heaven with her new home! What a wonderful new life she will have!

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