DSC_0039I was driving in the inner city one day when I noticed a puppy chained up that had not been there before. It was a black and white pit bull puppy and it had an igloo way back in the far back of the yard. He was on a chain, sitting there looking towards the back of the house. It was so sad because it was so obvious that he wanted to be in that house with his people! Instead, he was another pit bull puppy to grow up on a chain….

We monitored this boy for awhile and we were eventually able to make him a Chain of Hope puppy! When we got him into our facility, he immediately dove into a bag of food that was sitting there, ripped it open and started eating! Poor little thing was so hungry.





Next it was into the bath! He wasn’t so sure about that!



DSCF2137We named this beautiful puppy George and got him settled in. Thank God he wasn’t out there on a big chain anymore! George made lots of friends at Chain of Hope and even took on big Boston in tug-of-war!








We all fell in love with this boy!  George  was neutered, vaccinated and de-wormed. He put some weight on and was the most fun little guy!







George went to one of our pet adoptions and he never came back! Andrea, who was volunteering that day and has foster flunked twice already, fell in love with George. She took him straight home from the adoption event to foster. George fit right in and they started thinking like foster flunkies again!  They were seriously thinking about adopting George when Andrea’s mother sent out an email abut George with some pictures. A friend of hers named Pam called her immediately wanting to know more about George!








George went to live with Pam and her family, which included 2 Jack Russells. They are so fun to run and play with-George is in heaven! We shudder to think what George’s life would’ve been like if we hadn’t seen him and put him on our radar for some help.




We found George because we’re on the streets 6 days a week. We are out in the community and constantly looking for animals in trouble. Thank you for helping us to make such a difference in so many animals’ lives.


Now George knows that he is loved and wanted and that he is finally in a true, forever home. Have a great life, George!






2 Responses to “George”

  1. Donna Woods Says:

    Happy Tails to you George!

  2. Pam McCracken Says:

    We Love George and thank you from the bottom of our hearts!! Keep on keeping on!!! The world needs more people like you!! Bless you for the wonderful work you are doing!!!

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