About a month ago, I was at the eye specialist with Boston in Overland Park. I received a frantic phone call from Judy, who was on outreach with Karen. She said that they had come across a skinny Boxer tied with a chain to a stop sign on 23rd street, which is pretty busy. She said that he was freaked out and acting aggressive (because he was scared) and they couldn’t get up close to him. I told her that I had just gotten to Over land Park for Boston’s appointment and that I couldn’t come and handle this situation. I told her that I would call animal control. Judy told me that she and Karen were going to stay there near this Boxer until animal control arrived so that nobody tried to mess with him.

Animal control said that they would send an officer over as soon as possible. Judy said that when the officer arrived and got out of the truck, the dog really started freaking. It turns out that he wasn’t tied to the stop sign, he had been dragging his chain and had gotten all wrapped around the stop sign. In his frenzy and aggravation when animal control arrived, he had spun around the sign and had gotten himself loose. He took off running, dragging his chain. Judy, Karen and the aco chased after him. They lost him. They all looked hard for about 45 min., but eventually everyone had to get going onto other things.

We were all worried about this dog. He could get caught up in anything with that big chain dragging behind him! He was skinny and obviously hadn’t been fed very well. I hated to think about him out there running with that chain dragging behind him, hungry.

Finally, later in the day when I was getting ready to go home, I asked Judy which direction the Boxer had run, where they had  lost sight of him, etc. I told her that I was going to go drive around that area on my way home. I got over there and just started driving slowly, looking everywhere. I started thinking like a dog and I thought that this boxer may gravitate toward another dog. I felt like if he came across another dog, he would probably go up to it and try to play. I realized I was close to a sweet mixed breed dog that the people kept chained up way in the back of their very big back yard. He was a young dog and we had been intervening over here for quite awhile, but with little success.  I went down Cypress and pulled up in front of  the house and looked way to the back where Chico was chained. There was the Boxer!!! He was back under the tree with Chico! I walked closer and I could see that these 2 babies were terribly tangled together in their chains. They were happy and they were trying to play with each other, despite their circumstances. I went to the door and asked the woman about the dogs. She said that they knew the dogs were like that and her husband had tried to go over and untangle them, but the Boxer was acting aggressively. They couldn’t get them apart, so they had called animal control. I asked her how long ago she had called them and she said about 30 min. I went back over to look at the dogs again, poor babies!








I was in my car going home when I had found him, so I didn’t have a lot of supplies with me. We were going to have to cut the chains with bolt cutters to get these dogs out of this situation. I called Tanner, who was still at Chain of Hope and asked him to please grab the bolt cutters and hurry over to the inner city where I was. In the meantime, I had some canned cat food in my car so I took it over to the boys and they were both wagging their tails and smiling! They ate that up! I knew that the boxer was going to be fine.




Tanner cut the chains to free these guys. We hooked Chico up with yet another tie-out cable and turned around to go.



We got this handsome boy into Tanner’s car so that Tanner could take him with him back to Chain of Hope! I think this wonderful boy was ready to get out of there!



Tanner named this very handsome boy, Floyd. He is a delightful dog! Floyd was under one year of age and had a lot of love to give to others. He fit right in at Chain of Hope and was friendly to everyone.















Floyd started having the time of his life. He loved the swimming pool-that was a big hit!






Floyd had some sort of tag on, but it was untraceable. He stayed at Chain of Hope for about 1-2 weeks. He was neutered, vaccinated and dewormed. We had hooked this boy up!

We moved Floyd to a great Boxer rescue group in South Dakota. They renamed him Getty. He is in a foster home and doing great. The foster mom’s brother has put in an application for him and we are told that if that doesn’t fly for some reason, they have 3 more people very interested in this fabulous dog!

We know that we could’ve placed this dog eventually, but this rescue group is exceptional and was  able to take him almost immediately after they were contacted. Chain of Hope tries to get help from other rescue groups, of which several are very gracious and receptive to Chain of Hope dogs. Since we are on the front lines out there, there are many times we have to get a dog out of a hell hole right then and there.  We must have the space to bring emergencies and priority animals into Chain of Hope on the spur of the moment. Moving dogs along either to other rescues or through adoptions is imperative to being able to grab the forgotten ones when we can.





Floyd-you are no longer forgotten. Have a GREAT life!




One Response to “Floyd”

  1. Wendy Pederson Says:

    We love him. He is absolutely adorable and we are very much hoping he becomes a cousin to our own boxer.

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