Many Kitties Receive Our Help Too!



Chain of Hope helps a lot of cats and kittens on outreach. There are so many that are just trying to make it.  Although we are not set up to house kitties at our facility, we do spend a lot of money on medical expenses for kitties and we provide a lot of food for them.  Thank you for your support so that we can care for the numerous cats and kittens that we come across daily.




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This is Onyx. He is a very sweet 6 mo. old kitten that Chain of Hope brought in for neuter. After we got him in here, we discovered that he had open wounds on his back. We think he’d been in a cat fight, but something definitely got him. Onyx needed several stitches to close the wounds. He is negative on his combo test, which means he has no contagious diseases, which is great. He’s now been neutered and vaccinated and now he just  needs his forever home.  I can’t say enough about what a sweet boy this is. Onyx is a very affectionate kitten and so grateful to have been rescued. Let us know if you’d be interested in adopting Onyx. Call 816-221-8080. He is healing up nicely and doing very well in a foster home.









This poor boy had tangled with something, whether it was another cat or a raccoon or opossum, etc.  He had a severe wound at the top of his tail and one of his testicles was almost ripped off entirely. He’s been fixed up and neutered and returned to his caregiver. Hopefully with being neutered, he won’t be getting in fights anymore!








There were about 10 cats running around at this house. They were mostly just neighborhood cats and these kind people fed them. Chain of Hope came in there and spayed and neutered everybody. We continue to drop food to this house periodically.






This poor old man who we named Charlie was very sick when Chain of Hope brought him in. We found him in the hood.  He was emaciated and had sores all over. He tested positive on his combo test and unfortunately, we had to euthanize him. He was pretty far gone, but at least he didn’t suffer and die in the streets or under a porch somewhere. Rest in peace, Charlie.




Princess had a wound on her rear end. It was pretty deep and getting infected. Chain of Hope provided medical care, paid the bill and returned Princess back to her owner.








This young momma we found one day on outreach.  She had 2 kittens with her as well. We couldn’t touch them, so we continued to go over and feed all of them. We were finally able to catch them and they went to Furry Kids, who we thank greatly for helping us out with this little family.






This momma and her babies are off the streets, all of them are fixed and they are up for adoption through Furry Kids Refuge.





Oscar was a stray that hung around a house where he and some other stray cats were fed by a wonderful young woman. She called us one day and said that one of the cats had been in a fight or something and that his entire left eye was swollen, looked infected and the front of his head was very swollen as well. We brought Oscar in for treatment. He had a horrible abscess, which was drained and cleaned. Of course, we neutered him while he was under for his wound procedure! We returned him to his caregiver after about a week and he is doing very well.



This man had found this cute kitty as a stray and decided to give it a home. He called Chain of Hope for help. We picked up Susie and had her spayed, took the guy back some cat food when we brought Susie back to him and they are doing fantastic!

DSCN2743We have been helping this family for quite awhile with their dog, Tiger. They don’t call very often, only if they truly need some help with food. We had already fixed Tiger, of course. One day we went by and found out that they had taken in a stray kitty name Buttons. We stopped by one day to care for Tiger and that’s the day we met Buttons. Surprisingly, these people had already had Buttons neutered and vaccinated! We were so impressed that these people had taken the initiative and gotten this taken care of. Yay for Buttons!



This beautiful cat named Sylvia had an infected tooth that was causing her some discomfort. Chain of  Hope took care of the bill and she was spayed while she was under getting her tooth pulled. Good as new!





There are about 10-12 cats here. They all live outside, but a kind woman feeds them. We help her with food and we have been making our way through the colony getting them spayed and neutered. So many babies need our help!






Marcy had gotten her leg caught in something and by the time  someone had called us, it was pretty bad. Marcy ended up having her leg amputated, poor baby. She did very well and we ended up being able to find her a new home.

Here are some more kitties that Chain of Hope has been able to help because of our wonderful supporters.









Although we don’t talk about it very much, Chain of Hope is out there helping too many cats and kittens to even count. We could not do this without our wonderful supporters. So many kitties need our help. So many things can happen to stray cats out there. We  have taken care of so many of them with wounds and injuries. We are glad when someone in the hood is concerned about them and calls Chain of Hope for help.  Many of these kitties we come across just by being out there on the streets. They are everywhere.

Thank you for your support so that we can help the kitties too!






2 Responses to “Many Kitties Receive Our Help Too!”

  1. Susan Says:

    Great job COH. I knew you guys helped cats too! COH is an amazing organization. I just don’t know of any other place like you. Keep up the great work, so many animals need you.

  2. connie sherwood Says:

    U guys R angels on earth! Keep up the good work!

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