I was driving through northeast one day and I spotted a house with a pit bull and a pit bull mix chained up. They both had igloo dog houses. Their body weight wasn’t bad, their water bowls were knocked over. There were flies everywhere. The front yard was fenced in and the gate was padlocked. I could tell that someone was caring for the dogs, a least in a minimal way. I decided to closely monitor this house. When I went by again a few days later,  the gate was locked again and  no one was there. I tossed treats and raw hides to the two dogs and left. I knew I needed to call this into animal control. They would post the house and see if anyone contacted them within 24 hrs. to show that someone is taking care of the dogs.

I drove over there the next morning, just to make sure everything was still the same before calling this  into animal control. I went down the alley to check the back of the house and I saw a man dumping out the water bowls and filling them up again. Finally, I had a chance to talk to someone about these dogs. I went around to park in the front of the house and there was a black pit bull chained up in front, now, too. I got out and introduced myself to the man, who was named Dale. He was a pretty nice guy. His family actually wasn’t staying there at that house at the moment, but he was coming over and caring for the dogs. The black dog, Diamond, they kept with them where ever they were staying. The brown pit towards the front of the house was named Wolf. He barked at us, but he was more scared of us than anything.




The pit mix in the back was named King and he was very aggressive towards us. We could not get in his circle and we certainly couldn’t touch him. He had flies all over his ears and he was living on a heavy chain with a padlock around his neck.. I’d be pretty upset, too, if I had to live like this-he had every right to be angry.



The dogs were at good body weight and they had shelter. King and Diamond were already spayed and neutered! There were some things that were right over here, they just needed an intervention to get them to step up and improve the care of their animals. Dale and I talked for quite awhile regarding the dogs’ care and what was needed. I told him the only way I was going to help him with all of this was if he let me take Wolf in and neuter him.  He said he had wanted to, he just didn’t have the money right now. I told him we’d neuter Wolf for free and he agreed.

We almost  always give people a chance to step up once given some education,  resources and help from Chain of Hope. This man was trying, was out of work and his family was very much struggling to make it.







We de-wormed all of the dogs and got Wolf neutered and vaccinated. I started finding clean water in the buckets we gave them. They got better about picking up the poop. We had hung fly bags, put ear gel on their ears and put flea control on all of the dogs. The dogs were healthier and more comfortable, but still living on chains.

I went down the alley one day and saw that they had moved King even further in the back of the yard. He had gotten over the chain link fence and was in the next door neighbor’s back yard. He couldn’t get back over and it was very hot out. He was panting pretty heavily. I was going to drive around to the front and see if anyone was home. Otherwise, I was going to have to call animal control because I couldn’t touch him-he was too aggressive. As I went down the long alley and was coming out to the street, I saw the teen-age boy that lived at Wolf’s house.  I stopped and told him that King had gotten over the fence, he was very hot and could not get to his water and that he needed to go down there and get him back over the fence and make sure he had cool water to drink. He said he would and he started jogging down the alley towards home. I drove around to the front and could see him in the back yard, tending to King.

It was about a week later that I went over there again and drove the alley and I didn’t see King. His tie-out was laying there by his dog house, but he wasn’t there. I drove around front. Diamond, the black pit, was chained up front. The kid came out. I asked him where King was and he told me that he had died. I was speechless-I’d just seen him last week. He told me that King had hung himself over the fence. Oh my God! This wasn’t the first time we’ve had something like this happen, but it’s always horrible.

The kid walked off down the street. We drove around back and got into their back yard. We started looking all around for King’s body. I wanted these people to have consequences, but we needed the proof. King’s body was no where to be found-we looked in trash bags and all of the crap in the back yard. We left and I called animal control anyway and told them what happened. An officer went over and talked to them. I don’t know what happened, but I’m pretty sure that the people lied and told animal control that they had taken King somewhere else. Without pictures or the body to prove what happened, there wasn’t much that animal control could do.

I learned later from a neighbor that Dale had been in Joplin doing construction for a couple of  months and that is why the dogs were now falling through the cracks. He was the only one that even tried to take care of these dogs. Nobody else gave a damn about them-until Chain of Hope came along!

Through all this time, Wolf was getting friendlier and friendlier with us. He would get very excited when our van would pull up! He knew he was going to get treats and some lovin’! He let us pet him now and talk to him. He was a wonderful boy-just so lonely like so many chained dogs.  The next time that I went over to check on Wolf, the woman was home. We rarely saw her. She could tell I was upset when I came over to talk to her. I told her that I had heard that King had died. She got all tongue-tied and then told me that he hadn’t died, they had taken him “back to the farm”. I told her that I didn’t believe her for one minute and that I knew that King was dead and that it was their fault. We argued and I left.

Obviously, we weren’t welcome over there anymore. It broke my heart because I just loved Wolf. He was so lonely and was so excited when we stopped by, it made me extremely sad to know that we couldn’t go over there and hang out with him and give him some love and attention. We did, however, continue to check on him. We would just pull up sometimes and get out and throw him a pig ear or a big bone or something. He always looked at me with those soulful, brown eyes like he didn’t understand why we never came into his yard anymore to give him lots of love and attention. My heart ached for him and I knew that his heart was aching, too.



We don’t forget about these guys out there and I had Whitney and Joe drive by one day to check on Wolf. They called me and said that Wolf was all tangled in the porch railing.  I told them to go on with their list, that I was coming over there to get a picture and call animal control. I was so tired of the neglect of this dog and no one caring about him.



This is how I found Wolf when I got over there. He was tangled around the railing, there was trash everywhere and those pans you see in the picture were both empty-no food, no water. I called animal control and they impounded him, thank goodness. He had to get out of his hell that he had been living in for over a year. Thank you, animal control, for getting Wolf out of this pathetic situation.

I went to the shelter one day and saw him. He is at KCPP and they had named him Brisby. When I found his kennel and went up to him and started talking to him, he got so excited. I called him Wolf and I know he remembered me. He was wagging his tail and licking my hand. I told him to hang in there- that this was better than where he’d been for so long.

Erica and I went over to KCPP  Wednesday of this week and we were able to have him out in one of the play yards. I still call him Wolf, instead of Brisby. He was so excited and so happy that someone knew him! He was impounded on March 20th, 2014 and he’s still there, waiting for a loving, forever home.








Wolf is a great dog! He’s very handsome, very loving, and very deserving of a wonderful place to live where he is loved. I believe that they are going to be introducing Wolf  to other dogs again and see how he does. I was told that he was not reactive when they tested him a few weeks ago, but was a little nervous and would need tested again. He had no reaction to any of the other dogs when we walked him from and back to his kennel. Wolf’s ID # is 22284194.


Wolf has paid his dues and then some. He has had to endure many hot days with no water and many freezing cold nights, where he undoubtedly shook uncontrollably all night  from the severe temperatures we had this past winter. I’m sure he spent  many days tangled just waiting for someone to come along and untangle him. It is not fair how he was treated and it’s a shame.


Maybe Wolf has an angel out there somewhere that can offer him a forever home, a foster home or a spot in rescue. Chain of Hope is so full. If we could get a foster home for Wolf, we could pull him into our program.


This dog has so much love to give. Thanks for keeping us going.




5 Responses to “Wolf”

  1. Susan Says:

    Tears of happiness for Wolf (someone please help him) and tears of sorrow for King.

    Chain of Hope, I love the outreach you do.

  2. Lois Gorman Says:

    Thank you for all you do for these wonderful animals. I will pray that someone will foster Wolf or give him a forever home. I’m already maxed out or I would help. God bless you for all you do.

  3. Mary Glover Says:

    Thank you a million times over, Chain of Hope, for not forgetting Wolf. He’s a beauty, and I wish I could take him in…I’m just afraid that he and Bandit would not get along well. I hope there’s a family who will give him what he deserves–love and a great home.

  4. andywhiteman Says:

    COH, Thank you for caring. These dogs were living in Hell! I pray that Wolf gets a nice furever home.

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