Zoila and Her Puppies





Chain of Hope was working in a particular neighborhood when one of the girls that lives over there told us that the guy down the street had a litter of puppies and they were outside. This was in late December and it was freezing cold outside.   We went down to his house, but his car wasn’t there and the girl told us that if his car was gone, then he wasn’t home. There was a wooden dog house up in the corner of the yard. Momma was on a tie-out on his front porch. There was no way that she could reach the dog house and of course the puppies were staying right by her.  The momma dog was very aggressive-protecting her 8 puppies that were on the porch with her was her #1 job.  We couldn’t get to the door to hang our information.  We threw some treats for the mom and puppies and they were so hungry. We fed them all we could, gave our info to the girl who said she would make sure she talked to the owner and gave him our information.

We checked back a couple of days later and she said that she had given him our info and told him that we could help him. He did  not call. The temperatures were dangerously low. We went by as our last call one Sunday to see if they were all outside and there they were, on the porch. We called animal control. We sat up the street and waited for them. When they got there, they used their control stick to knock on the door and the guy came out. We could see them talking and pointing, etc. We thought that the officer would surely make him take them in the house. He was there about 10 min. and left.  The man went back in the house and the mom and puppies were still outside. This was so disappointing. I don’t know if the officer accepted the fact that there was a dog house on the property, but anyone could clearly see that there was no way for momma to reach it.





We went back the next day and left a note saying that we could help him with the puppies. We still couldn’t get to the door, but we left it where we thought he’d still find it.  The next day, the man called! He said that he needed help with his litter of puppies! We were so glad! I wasn’t happy with the way the animal control call had gone, but I believe it did prompt him to reach out and get some help with this situation. I think animal control being there and then Chain of Hope being there a couple of days later offering help once again all worked for the good in this situation. Now we were finally able to assist and try to get a good outcome for this little family.






I talked to Raul on the phone. He wanted us to come and get the puppies.  He said he in no way intended for the momma dog to get pregnant. I asked him if he was receptive to letting us spay the momma when this was all over and he said most definitely. We got over there after dark and he had already rounded up the puppies and had them in the back of his car.



We talked with Raul for quite awhile.  He wanted to keep a male puppy. He said that the momma, Zoila, was always a house dog before and that he was going to keep her as a house dog after all the puppies were gone. He said he wanted to keep one so that she would have a friend with her because she got lonely. We hear this all the time (the people wanting to keep one puppy) and it’s always tough. We used to play hard ball with these people and tell them we’d take the whole litter or none at all, but that doesn’t go over very well and we’ve lost getting any puppies because of that. Now, we have to go with getting the majority of the litter out with us. We have to save whatever we can save.


I told him that the only way I was going to help him with all of this was if he let us spay Zoila and neuter the puppy he was keeping. I told him that we could totally help him out with the spay and neuter, but that he needed to come up with the money for both of the dogs’ vaccinations and de-worming.  He agreed immediately!


I told Raul that poor Zoila needed to put some weight on before we spayed her. She was pretty depleted having had 8 puppies to feed and care for.

Raul put Zoila and the puppy he was keeping in the house while we transferred the puppies to our van.  We headed back to Chain of Hope. These poor puppies  just didn’t know what to think. All of the sudden they’re gone from their momma and they were inside where it was warm.







We got this litter vaccinated and de-wormed. We gave them toys and treats. They were shy, of course.  They were also adorable and I was so happy that they were not being given out all over the neighborhood where they came from. They will all be spayed and neutered before getting adopted, of course!




We reached out to TARA, The Animal Rescue Alliance, for help with the puppies. TARA has been a Godsend to Chain of Hope and to so many babies that Chain of Hope has rescued-sometimes with their momma and sometimes without. Carolyn is their “litter” foster mom and she has cared for many, many puppies that we have found. She has a great set up. We are sincerely appreciative to everyone at TARA and particularly Carolyn for helping Chain of Hope continue our difficult work in the inner city. Here is one foster family picking up their 2 foster puppies!



We stayed involved with Raul, Zoila, and the puppy (now named  Raphael) . Mom and pup were never outside when we went over. They were always in the house. Zoila picked up some weight and we had Raul bring them both in for their spay/neuter surgeries. They looked great and they were happy dogs. Zoila was much sweeter now that she didn’t have to protect 8 puppies and Raul said Raphael was pretty much house-trained!

DSCF1605This was very much a success story. It took multiple visits to this house in some very nasty weather, but we persevered and the outcome was worth it!



4 Responses to “Zoila and Her Puppies”

  1. andywhiteman Says:

    Glad this turned out so will with a great caregiver. Thank you COH!

  2. Amy Davis Caviness Says:

    Awesome story yet again, Chain of Hope! I was wondering exactly what Carolyn’s set up for foster puppies is? You mentioned it was “great” and I’d love to know the details! Thanks so much for everything you do!!! COH Rocks!!

  3. Mary Glover Says:

    What a great ending, thank goodness. Thank you, C of H! Wish ALL stories had such a good outcome!!

  4. Lori Williams Martinek Says:

    May God bless you sweet angels for your dedication to God’s creatures who cannot speak for themselves. We love our dog, Ella, who we received from Chain of Hope as a wonderful companion for our daughter who was battling cancer. Our daughter has transitioned to heaven, but we have her special companion to comfort us every day.

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