A week ago, on a day filled with downpours and thunder, April and I were on outreach. You know that Chain of Hope is out there in sleet, snow, rain, wind-whatever. The poor animals need help on those kinds of days most of all. As we went through an intersection, I glanced to the right to check for traffic and that’s when I saw a very small white animal standing in the street. April and I thought it was a little puppy. I backed up, turned up the street and we saw that it was some kind of small breed dog, not a puppy. It was a white poodle and it was drenched to the bone. As we got closer and pulled over, it ran further down the street. April got out with some canned food and began tossing some chunks of it towards the little dog, hoping it was very hungry and would come for it. It didn’t. It just kept going, running down the street. This was so sad. I bet this little one only weighed 10 lbs. April jumped back in the van and we drove up to where he was again. The mailman was walking that block and saw us trying to catch him. He told us that he’d never seen him before.



DSCF1942April got out again and the little one just kept truckin’ down the street. He was stopping for nothing. We had to drive up a little more just to keep up with him. All of the sudden we saw him cut over between a couple of houses. There was a fenced yard and the gate was open. He ran right into that back yard. There was a white shepherd chained up in the yard next to the one he ran in. He had run back there to go see that dog, thank God! We pulled over and I ran back there and closed the gate. We had him! The poor little guy was scared to death. April went to the people’s front door and told them why we were in their back yard and they said that it was fine. I was able to get a slip lead over his head, but he had the biggest eyes you ever saw-he was petrified. He was missing hair, he was filthy, and he was pathetic. Our hearts really went out to him.










We got this little boy in the van. He was very scared and yes, he tried to bite. He was overwhelmed.  We told him that this was the best day of his life, but I don’t think he believed it at that very moment! We got him back to the vet and decided to go ahead and sedate him and get him neutered, heart worm tested, vaccinated, bathed, and nail-trimmed.  We’d just do the works while he snoozed away the afternoon and never knew what was happening!










We decided to call him Roger. He reminded us so much of another little poodle we had rescued not too long ago named Roy ( They were so much alike. We set Roger up in a small, quiet room and just let him chill. The next day, if we opened his door, left for a few minutes and then came back, he would’ve been brave enough to have come out of his room and he’d be in the  hall. So, so scared, but yet a little better everyday. I knew he was going to go through a major transformation. Chain of Hope had been so fortunate to have seen it many times before. These guys  just need time, patience, and love.



We put Roger with Crosby, a black Cocker that we had rescued not long ago (  . Crosby was shy as well and the two of them seemed to like each other. After several days of just being at Chain of Hope and hanging out together inside, we took Crosby and Roger out to the yard to get some fresh air. Roger was nervous, but seemed to enjoy it, too. Having Crosby with him helped him a lot. They were becoming buddies. Now they love going out to the yard together everyday!









Roger is still shy, but not nearly as shy as he was when he was first rescued. He is really starting to like being held and loved on. Now he’ll come up to get his pets and listen to our kind words.











We are only out there saving lives on the streets because our compassionate supporters keep us there! Thank you for helping us to finally put a smile on Roger’s face!






One Response to “Roger”

  1. Susan Says:

    The outreach you guys do is amazing, just relentless. Roger was so dirty and scared. Great save. He is cute, cute, cute!

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