Back in 2012, some people called for help with their animals. There were lots of people that lived in the house and  there were several animals there-inside little dogs, cats and a dog on a chain in the back yard. When we arrived, we went to the backyard to meet the chained dog. He was a super cute boy and he was living in squalor. Trash everywhere.  His name was Rex. He wasn’t so sure about us, but he was just scared. He was only about 9 mo. old, living on a chain. He had a homemade dog house made out of cinder blocks and plywood.

We met Mary and Michael, who owned Rex and also a  little Cairn terrier mix named Scrappy that they kept  in the house. We made arrangements to pick up the two dogs and get them vaccinated and neutered. We took Rex a new dog house and got him off the chain and onto a tie-out cable. We were slowly improving things over here for the animals.

Mary had had a difficult life.  She had moved up here from Arizona, where she had lost her kids. She had gotten a severe bone infection in her leg which was extremely painful and had had medical treatment for almost 2 yrs. before she and her doctors decided that she needed the leg amputated. Then, Mary had gotten caught up in drugs and the wrong crowd and ended up pretty much homeless. She hooked up with Michael at some point and they told me they had kicked the drugs together. It seemed like they were trying hard to make it and at least had a roof over their head.

About a month after we’d neutered the boys, we were able to talk Mary and Michael out of Rex! Rex was now free! I thanked Mary and Michael for making the best decision for Rex so that he could have a happy life!  These dogs always lose their old names if they’d had a terrible life, so Rex became Ollie. We eventually found Ollie a wonderful new home. No more being chained in a back yard!





Mary and Michael really did take good care of Scrappy and they loved him very much. They kept him inside with them and he seemed happy.  One day I ran by to see if they needed anything and Michael told me that they were moving to an apartment in northeast KC. I visited them later at their new place.  They actually turned several of their new neighbors onto Chain of Hope and we spayed and neutered several animals in that building, which is always a great thing!





Everyone seemed to be doing well. Mary and Michael were able to buy their own food now that it was just Scrappy, so they really didn’t call much anymore.  I’ve known them for about 2 yrs. now and the other day, we received a voice mail from Mary. She was crying so hard, Patty could barely understand her. She said that she had no where to go, she was homeless and she had tied Scrappy up at a particular address with a friend who was living in a tent  there. We could tell she was heart-broken.

Karen and I jumped in the van to go get Scrappy. As we got closer, I realized where this was. I had been here about a pit bull tied up a long time ago. It’s a very old, abandoned hospital. It’s huge and there’s just lots of tall weeds and branches all over. The picture only shows a part of it-it is much bigger. Homeless people kind of hang out here sometimes. We went up to the building and just started yelling hello and that we were there for Scrappy.





We were hollering for Scrappy and we didn’t see or hear a thing. We walked all around one huge side of this building, calling for Scrappy, pounding on doors and looking but we could not find him. When we got to the back of the building with no sign of anything,  I told Karen that we needed to walk all around the entire building, even though this wasn’t looking promising. As we came around the other side and I turned a corner, there was Scrappy! He was tied up with a red tie-out and he was just sitting there. There was a tent set up  in the corner. Scrappy was just looking at me and he hadn’t made one peep, even though we’d been calling and calling for him. There was a pair of shoes laying outside the tent, but no one ever came out, made a sound or said anything. We unhooked Scrappy and left. He was SO excited to see us and to go with us. I don’t know how many days he’d been tied up there, but I knew he was very glad to be leaving!














We brought Scrappy back to Chain of Hope. We didn’t change his name because he really did have a good life with Mary and Michael. Plus it totally fits his personality, but hey-he’s a terrier, what can we say? Everyone loves Scrappy!










Our grooming guru, Tanner, went to work on Scrappy a few days later to get him cleaned up and looking good!  He gave Scrappy a Mohawk all the way down his back, too, and we think it’s fantastic! Scrappy is such a funny little guy anyway, it just adds even more pizzazz to him!











I am so thankful that Mary called Chain of Hope to go get Scrappy. She knew that we would take good care of him. I kept telling Scrappy that his mommy loved him very much, but she just couldn’t take care of him anymore. But, of course, I told him not to worry because he’s a Chain of Hope dog now! We wish for good things to happen in Mary’s life and for her to ultimately weather her storm and come out even better for having gone through it. Godspeed, Mary. We are taking the best care of Scrappy.







3 Responses to “Scrappy”

  1. Jannine Rodina-Carignan Says:

    Does he need a further home now, Kate?

  2. Sharon gartin Says:

    Another amazing save! Thank you Chain of Hope!! Inspired me to donate! I hope it inspires others too.

  3. Trudy Royster Says:

    Hooray for both Ollie and Scrappy! New, happy lives! Thank you, Mary for alerting Chain of Hope!!!!!!!! Good luck to you!

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