Chain of Hope received a call from a man that said that his Dachshund wouldn’t gain weight  and he didn’t know what was wrong with it. He said the dog was pretty skinny. I headed over to check on this little guy.

When I arrived at the house and went up to the door, the first thing I saw was a dead cat laying on a small table on the porch by the front door.


A woman answered the door and said that her brother had called but he wasn’t there right then. She said that she didn’t live there, she was over visiting and he had had to go somewhere.She kept keeping the big wooden door pretty closed with just a small crack to talk through. I asked her about the cat and she said that it was old and died inside the house the day before. I asked her what he was going to do with it and she said she didn’t know.

I kept asking her about the dog but she really wanted me to come back when he was home. I didn’t have a good feeling about this. It was freezing cold that day,we’d been talking at the front door for awhile and so I finally just asked her if I could step inside. She did let me in but she was very embarrassed about the house. She kept apologizing and telling me that her brother wasn’t a good housekeeper. There was stuff everywhere. The floor was covered in trash and cat and dog waste. There were empty soup cans just laying in the floor and all kinds of other trash-it was disgusting.  This picture isn’t very good, but it shows how cluttered and dirty the house was. You can barely see him on the blanket, but there was the Dachshund laying there.


When I got a good look at the Dachshund,  I could see that he was totally emaciated. I could see all of his bones. He was dehydrated. This poor little thing had clearly been suffering. I asked the woman if she could get hold of her brother. She called him and he was just coming up the street. I met this man and asked him how long the dog had looked like this and he told me 3-4 months. I couldn’t believe that this dog was even still alive. I asked him several more questions. The little guy was 13 yrs.old and in grave health. I told the man that I needed to get him into the vet asap. He agreed and I told him I’d call him.

This man clearly had mental issues. We got this little guy back to Chain of Hope and evaluated him. This dog was nothing more than starved almost to death.  We called the man and told him that his dog was in pretty bad shape and that he should sign him over to us so that we could provide the care that he so desperately needed. He agreed.





We named this little guy Cecil. He was absolutely precious. Everyone loved him immediately. He only weighed 6 lbs. His skin and fur were in terrible shape and he stunk. Donna gave him a bath, we fed him and he settled in.



Cecil did what most of our rescues do when they first come in and that is sleep. When we bring these emaciated dogs and get them settled in a nice quiet place, they will sleep for a few days (other than eating, drinking, peeing and pooping!). They are exhausted from trying to stay alive. It has taken every ounce of their strength to hang on. Now that Cecil was safe, well fed and loved, he could rest.



After spending some time at Chain of Hope and getting a little stronger, Cecil went to  a foster home.  Rachel does a great job with our little guys. Thank you Rachel!

photo (51)

photo 3

photo 1 (1)

Cecil did super at Rachel’s house. He felt so much better, his fur and skin started looking better, and he’d gained some weight. He was up to 9 lbs.!  Cecil’s whole life had turned around. Thank goodness the owner called us before it was too late, even though he couldn’t comprehend that he was the cause of Cecil’s suffering.

Cecil was adopted by a wonderful woman who is going to give him the best days of his life. He has an 8 yr. old  Dachshund brother named Max that he lives with, too! Thank you Marilyn for taking Cecil into your home and loving and caring for him. He deserves the best of everything from here on out.

Our supporters help us transform lives everyday. Thank you for helping us transform Cecil’s!

cecil foster3


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  1. Linda Smith Says:

    Poor Kitty too.

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