This is the story of Gracie, a true little survivor.


Chain of Hope received a call a couple of weeks ago from an older woman that we’ve helped quite a bit. She said her daughter had called her and told her that she needed to get in contact with the dog people that came over. She told her mom that there was a puppy trapped in an abandoned house next door to her and it was screaming and crying. I immediately called the daughter and she told me that the puppy was  trying to chew it’s way out of the basement of the house and had made a hole.


I told her that I’d be over as soon as I had the Chain of Hope dogs cared for. As I was getting close to her house about 8:00 pm, I called her to let her know that I was almost there and she told me that a white van had pulled up earlier and now she didn’t hear the puppy anymore. She said they had thought it was us, but I told her  it wasn’t. She said that she thought they had taken the puppy because she did not hear it crying anymore. I told her to keep my number and if she heard it crying again to call me. I told her I didn’t care if it was 11:00 that night or 5:00 in the morning, call me!

The next morning my phone rang and it was the woman. She told me that the puppy was still there and it had been crying all morning. I told her I’d be right there. I grabbed my hammer and jumped in the car.

I went up the alley to the back of the house and I did not hear a thing. I walked up to the house where the puppy was and I saw the hole the puppy had made in the house. I started calling for it and at first I didn’t hear anything, but then I could hear it moving around and it started crying. In just about a minute, it’s little face appeared in the hole. This really wasn’t even a basement. It was just like a crawl space under the house. The puppy had to have been put down there from inside the house. Why in the world anyone would do that is beyond me. I will say that both Chain of Hope and animal control had been to this house with a previous problem concerning another dog last winter. Then the guy had apparently moved out and that dog was gone. The neighbor told me that someone came to this house about once a month and she was pretty sure they sold drugs out of it. There were no utilities on in the house. This poor puppy had been down in that dark, cold crawl space all by itself for at least 2 days now. The first day the woman heard it she thought someone had stashed it in there for whatever reason and that they would be coming back for it so she didn’t call. By the second day, the poor thing was crying so loudly  it was screaming, the woman told me. This brave little girl was making herself known, begging for help, trying to get someone to notice her. Thank God this wonderful woman called her mom for our number. She saved this little one’s life by making that call.


The puppy was frantic to get out of there. It was crying and crying and biting and scraping at the wood. It wanted out of there so bad. I was pulling off wood with my hammer, trying to make the hole bigger. I thought I finally might have it and tried to pull this little girl out, but her wormy belly wouldn’t fit. Her cheek was bleeding from being scraped on the wood. I was praying and praying for God to help me get this baby out of here and to do it quickly so we could get out of here. I would stop and rub her cheek and talk to her, but she was just frantic. I told her that I wasn’t going to leave her, that I was trying with all my might to get her free. There were some big nails in there and I just wasn’t strong enough to pull off some of the wood. I had gotten about as much as I could get and I was trying to figure out what I was going to do next when a car started coming up the alley. I had no idea who it was, I didn’t have the puppy free yet and I was standing there with a hammer in my hand. The car turned into the driveway next door and I realized that it might be the woman that had called me about this little one. I couldn’t see them through the fencing, but I hollered out her name and she answered me that it was them. I said, “Hurry, I need help. I can’t get this board off of here. ” She came walking over and behind her was her husband with a pickax in his hand! He came over and started helping me and it wasn’t too long before we finally had this precious little girl out of there. Thank God for his help or I don’t know what we would’ve done.







I got this little angel to the van and started warming her up and loving on her. She was about a 10 week old pit bull puppy and I named her Gracie. I was instantly in love with her! Gracie really saved herself by screaming at the top of her lungs and also making a hole in the house trying to chew and dig her way out of there. A true survivor!


DSCF1071I got her back to Chain of Hope and let her run around in the yard for a minute to do her business.



I got her inside and I don’t think she was even put down for a minute! Everyone adored her, of course. She had had a big couple of days and she was exhausted!  She got her tummy full  and pretty soon, poor little Gracie could not keep her eyes open one more minute.



gracie with laptop


Thankfully, we were blessed enough to get a foster home for this baby right away and she left Chain of Hope for her foster home. Gracie is lovin’ life now!  She adores her foster siblings, her foster mom and is a blessing to everyone who meets her. She’s just awesome!

IMG_0893 (1)

gracie in foster

Gracie was one determined little girl and it saved her life! You got spunk, Gracie!

Thanks for keeping us out there.


9 Responses to “Gracie”

  1. Connie Sherwood Says:

    There is a place in hell for people who do this! What a wonderful lady who called so U guys could save her.

  2. Mark Says:

    you are gonna be so mobbed at the rainbow bridge when you finally get their doggie kisses for ever ! God loves rescuers and so do I !

  3. Terri Davison Says:

    I would like to say how grateful I feel for people like you. You are Angels to these poor neglected animals. I have had contact with your organization before. I did delivery work in the inner city and came across some very sad situations. You truly are Angels. I can not help as far as fostering any of the animals you rescue for I have 2 rescue animals of my own. I am touched deeply by what you do. I would like to give a monetary donation to you to maybe help. How do I go about that? Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart. The lady that is next door to this house where this precious puppy was actually fighting to save its life is a former coworker of mine and I have thanked her so many times for caring. Thats what makes a difference. There is far too many occurances like this. I believe people are evil to do this to a helpless animal. Bless you and please advice how I can help.

  4. Maria Kaplan Says:

    Remarkable story! Thank you, Jesus!! And Chain of Hope, of course!

  5. Cindy Hamilton Says:

    God Bless you and the work you do and what a precious baby. I have NO idea how a human being could do this to an innocent animal. I pray for you and your organization all the time.

  6. andywhiteman Says:

    COH, Thank you for rescuing Gracie. She is an extremely intelligent pup! With her intelligence, I suspect she will become a service dog. I had two dogs who trained themselves to be my service dog. Somehow they could pick up on my body changes. I don’t know if it was smell or they could detect my brain waves. The important part is they knew something was wrong.

  7. andywhiteman Says:

    Forgot to click “notify me” so have to post again! There should be away to Notify me of follow-up comments via email without making a post..

  8. Staci Jefferies Says:


  9. Tom Says:

    We adopted Gracie, now renamed Pinky, this week from Chain of Hope and her foster family. We had a home visit on Sunday by Susan and Stephanie. She was introduced to our two dogs, Sheeba ( 9 year old border collie mix rescue ), and Porky, (7 year old lab mix rescue). The day was a feeling out period with good results. We picked up Pinky aka Gracie on Tuesday. She has settled in nicely with her and Porky becoming good playmates after a period of establishing who is the alpha dog. Sheeba tolerates her but she is the queen. We love Pinky so much, and she is the funniest puppy ever! Our gramdkids love her to death. We are so grateful for this adorable, playful puppy and thank the great people at Chain of Hope for the good work that they do. I encourage all to support these people in Amy way that they can. Our granddaughter, Delilah, had a birthday party and asked for donations of food, toys, chew bones, blankets, money, etc instead of presents. I went with her and my daughter Brie to their facility in Raytown to give them her donations. We got to meet Kate and her staff and tour the facility. These people are true, dedicated saints! Keep up the good work Chain of Hope!!! Tom

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