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Chain of Hope received a call from a concerned utility worker in KCK. There was a terribly matted, small dog that was hanging out on a street that only had a couple of houses that were actually lived in. Everything else was boarded up. This utility worker had called several places in KCK to try and get help for this dog, but no one would help her. They either didn’t call her back or told her they couldn’t do anything.

Chain of Hope used to work in KCK a lot, but a couple of years ago, we had to make the painful decision to not provide services on the KCK side.  Our hands were more than full in KCMO and we just had to concentrate on the neglect and cruelty taking place there. Unfortunately, the need for our type of services is huge in KCK.   We still get many calls a week from people needing help with their animals there. It’s a shame that there isn’t more help available in the trenches and on the streets like there needs to be.

We knew we had to help this little dog. I asked a Chain of Hope volunteer that lives in KCK to go check it out and then let me know what we could do to help this poor little thing. Ashlee went over and saw him and he was pathetic! He was filthy dirty and matted beyond belief. He was scared and wouldn’t come to her. She tried coaxing with food, etc., but he was too scared. When she called and told me this, it was clear we were going to have to trap him. He was a tiny little thing and so Judy and Karen took a cat trap over there. He would circle it and smell all around it, but he wouldn’t go into it. I thought the cat trap was too small for him and so I called Virginia (again!) to borrow her medium-sized trap.

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That did the trick and he went in the trap! That was the best day of his life, he just didn’t know it yet.






This poor little boy had terribly matted fur around his rear end and where he peed. He basically had to pee into a huge clump of nasty fur, it was so matted. Same thing with his back end. Feces was caked on him, making it hard to go potty, I’m sure. After Tamara shaved him down, the poor thing just started pooping. He could finally get everything out-nothing was blocked anymore. He had to be so much more comfortable. We named him Roy and he looked so little  now that all that nasty hair was off of him. He weighed 9 lbs. after shaving him.


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Roy is doing really well. He is afraid of most people at first, but if you go slowly and are patient, you’ll be scratching his ears in no time! Roy loves Reggie, an older pit bull mix that we have, and Reggie loves Roy! There are so cute to watch together. Reggie at about 60 lbs. and little Roy at 9 lbs. make quite a pair.






Roy is precious. He needs a quiet and patient foster or forever home. He just needs time to figure out that no one is going to throw a rock at him again, or yell at him for getting in their trash because he’s so hungry. Roy is going to be just fine. He really likes being with another dog. I think it’s great that he and Reggie hang together.

Keep feeling more and more safe, Roy, because you’re a Chain of Hope dog now!



12 Responses to “Roy”

  1. Trudy Says:

    Thank God Chain of Hope rescued him. Poor little Roy would have been forever lost without them!!!

  2. Jim & Sally Larkin Says:

    Awesome that he is ”’safe”’.

  3. Janine Rodina-Carignan Says:

    Thank you utility worker and COH! Roy, you are safe now! Please keep us posted. Will send a donation in his name to help out!

  4. Sharon Bacon Says:

    Thank you COH for the work you do!!!

  5. Mary Glover Says:

    Roy is quite the little doll baby! Thank you, C of H for giving this guy the gift of a good life! YOU ARE AWESOME!

  6. Jan Says:

    what a beautiful baby dog ! another success story ! COH you folks ROCK

  7. Jayne Loulos Says:

    Hey Judy I will send a check in to help with the ROy and if you need to foster home I’m thinking about considering it.

  8. Susan O'Neal Says:

    I pray sweet little ROY will find a forever home — & some kind soul who will love him to pieces — he has such a darling face — it breaks my heart to think of what he has been through — (BTW – I live in Virginia — I hope someone in KC area comes forth — ) how wonderful you are, COH — ❤

  9. Lori Martinek Says:

    You guys are so wonderful and kind-hearted! We have 2 rescue dogs, with one of them having come from your facility. God Bless You for your courage, perseverance, and inspiration to us all!

  10. andywhiteman Says:

    Thanks for rescuing Roy. He was a filthy mess and will do much better now. Any chance that Reggie will adopt Roy?

  11. Christine Cetta Says:

    Brought tears to my eyes…thank you for saving Roy’s life.

  12. Janet Dubrava Says:

    I knew you would be volunteering where dogs need help!! What a wonderful story. I hope all is well! Janet Dubrava ps Dan and I will make a donation to Chainofhope.

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