Ernest and Arlo-COH Cruelty Cases at KCPP

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It was January 7th and the temperature was 0 degrees. We’ve got a couple of great volunteers that are teachers. They do outreach in the summer and whenever they get a day off from school. School was closed because of the weather, so these two called and wanted to do outreach. They’ve done quite a bit of outreach and they know what’s out there. I was so glad they donated their time on this brutal day. That made it possible for Chain of Hope to have 3 teams out that day, one of the coldest of the winter.

I sent Lauren and Whitney over on south Hardesty and it wasn’t long before they called with a problem. They had spotted the top of a dog house down a hill and thank God had gotten out to run across the field and check it (that’s how COH does it!). That is when they first saw the large black and brown German Shepherd on a chain standing in front of a crappy wooden dog house. He did not look like he was in good shape at all. He looked miserable.It only took a moment to realize that there was something wrong with his back leg, back end or something. He limped terribly.

This dog was behind a type of large Morton building that contained a Bobcat and other items. I’m sure this poor old thing was supposed to be a guard dog. No one lived here. The girls decided to climb the fence and go down the hill to see about this poor boy. When they got down the hill, they discovered that there was another dog chained up further back. It was a pure white German Shepherd. He had a small igloo that was too little for him, although I think he crammed himself in there. This weather was brutal. It was bitter, bitter cold and windy.





hurt shep

The girls called me and told about the situation. I told them that I wanted to come over there and look at this, but I was tied up for another hour or so. They went to do some other calls and we met back over there. Lauren and Whitney told me that the neighbor had come out. She said that they had been concerned about these dogs because the guy didn’t live there, but he came every couple of days or so and fed and watered them.  They knew there was something wrong with the black shepherd from watching him walk.


I could not believe Lauren and Whitney had even found these 2 dogs. You could barely see the top of one of the doghouses from the road. We hopped the fence and went down to the dogs. It was a very sad situation. I took a lot of pictures. The white shepherd held his right front leg up a lot. Something was wrong with him, too. We knew we needed to call animal control, but we also knew they were swamped because of the weather and we were worried that they might not get there that day. We decided to go ahead and fix the dogs up for the bitter cold night ahead. The dog house of the black shepherd had holes in it. It was a pathetic situation. We crammed a lot of hay into their dog houses. We fed and watered them and gave them pig ears. We felt so bad for them. It is so different when you standing right there, touching the dogs and seeing their horrible conditions and looking into their eyes and having the brutal cold wind blowing in your face.  It is sad, difficult work.






I sent the pictures to an animal control supervisor and then talked to them on the phone. They took this very seriously and went over and confiscated the dogs. Thank you animal control! I was so relieved when they called me and told me that they got them!

This is what we try to tell people that work and volunteer in the shelter, (which I have also done)-as sad as it seems for the animals to be in the shelter and not in a home, there are things much worse out there that they need to be taken from. Thank God that these 2 boys would now be in an inside facility that was warm and dry. They were examined by the veterinary staff and their medical issues are being addressed. They have consistent food and water. They were in a hellhole and now they are being cared for.




old shepherd in kcpp

I wanted to let everyone know about these 2 boys. They have certainly paid their dues and suffered greatly. They need to finally experience a happy, comfortable life where they are treasured, rather than forgotten.

Chain of Hope is full. We unfortunately cannot pull these two boys out of KCPP, as much as we’d like to. The only other thing I can do is to tell their story and let you all know about them and hope that someone can get them out of the shelter and into a loving home. Here is some more information about them:

The black and brown one is Arlo. He had hook worms and coccidia, which he’s been treated for. His back end is weak, his muscles are atrophied in the back and he had painful hips. He has had x-rays and he is currently on pain control. He is listed as 8 yrs. old, but could be older. He’s had hard life and looks like he’s much older. He is gray and a little fragile right now. He needs to slowly build up his muscles in the back. He needs someone that can just keep him and keep him comfortable and loved.  He is a beautiful boy and is very loving now that he’s feeling better.  His ID # at KCPP is A21822768.

The white shepherd is named Ernest. He is listed at 5 yrs. old. You can’t really tell in my pictures, but he was very thin. He had whip worms, which he’s been treated for. He had a couple of puncture wounds on his front lower leg which are healing just fine. He has been through a lot as well. His ID # is A21822778.

Both dogs are heart worm positive, but Chain of Hope could possibly help with part of this cost.

I hope someone can get these boys out of the shelter and into wonderful homes. They have endured conditions that were reprehensible and inhumane and they made it through.

I told Lauren and  Whitney that they have eagle eyes and that is what saved these boys. That is when help finally arrived for them. Chain of Hope is highly motivated to continue being out there 6 days a week, often 2 teams out a day. When we find dogs like were in this situation, it makes me constantly think about how many more are out there waiting for that same help to arrive. That is what makes it possible for all of our outreach volunteers to get up early, layer all of their clothing, and face the bitter wind. We know what’s out there-we see it everyday and we are extremely dedicated to the forgotten animals out there. Thanks for keeping us going as we push on through the cold.


7 Responses to “Ernest and Arlo-COH Cruelty Cases at KCPP”

  1. andywhiteman Says:

    Thank you COH and especially Lauren and Whitney for rescuing these precious hearts! The owner should be cited for abuse and as punishment left outside on a chain by a ramshackle dog house with frozen water. Frozen water=no water!
    People should realize that it is colder in KC than in Fairbanks, Alaska! That is why I moved away from the State of Misery (too cold in the winter and hot muggy in the summer). I just couldn’t afford to heat and cool my house to a comfortable level.

  2. Nancy Says:

    Reblogged this on "OUR WORLD".

  3. Jannine Rodina-Carignan Says:

    If someone adopts these guys, Kate, my rescue, M’Shoogy’s will treat the heartworm. Contact me at 816-304-1969. JANNINE

  4. Jannine Rodina-Carignan Says:

    Or foster!

  5. andywhiteman Says:

    Jannine, That is a generous offer, but shouldn’t Heart Worm treatment be started ASAP before it gets worse? What is these guys aren’t a adopted for some time?

  6. deanie Says:

    will the owner of these dogs be able to get them back? He should be locked up outside for a long time. I don’t understand why people have dogs and treat them so bad.

  7. Brenda Newton Says:

    My husband Todd & I adopted Ernest on March 1st through Unleashed pet rescue. His heartworm is being treated and his other parasitic problems are gone. He’s put on about 15 pounds (still needs another 10) and is pure joy on 4 legs. We love this sweet guy and are making sure he has a happy and healthy life. Our picure is on unleashed’s Facebook page and if I figure out how I’ll add a video we took of him playing in the yard. Thank you to all of you for finding and saving him!! We’ve named him Nelson 🙂

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