Diamond and Obama

We have been taking care of Diamond and Obama for about 3 yrs. now. Diamond had had litters of puppies in the past and Obama was one of her puppies from the last batch that the owners were going to keep. We saw Diamond on her chain one day and stopped to talk to the people. At the time, Obama was only about 6 mo. old and they had kept him in the house while he was a little puppy. Like what happens a lot, they started putting him out on a chain when he started getting bigger. At first, we’d go by and sometimes he’d be in and sometimes he’d be out. Then eventually, he was out 24/7.



We talked to the owners about spaying and neutering the dogs and they agreed. We got them in and got them vetted. They went onto our monitoring list and we stopped by periodically. Obama was getting big! He’s a tall dog and we finally had a really nice, large wooden dog house donated (thank you for all of the dog house donations!). We loaded it up,  took it over, and it was perfect for him!



These dogs never went inside! We took care of them in all kinds of weather. Here we are on a blistering hot summer day just pouring cool water over them to try and give them some relief.

The owners didn’t do a bad job, as far as food and water goes. The dogs almost always had water and they were usually at a pretty good body weight. Believe me, these people called every time they were running low on dog food. We didn’t mind, though, because they had let us fix them and we loved visiting these 2 dogs! They would get so excited whenever we rolled up in the van, they knew their friends were here!


We hadn’t been by in about 3 weeks when the owner called. She said that Diamond was sick and she thought she needed  dewormer, which we had given them in the past.  We had a long  list of animals we were trying to get to and did not make it over there immediately. She called back 2 days later and said that Diamond was pretty bad off  and could someone come over?

I called her back and she said that Diamond couldn’t get up, she was just laying there groaning and she wouldn’t eat. I asked her where Diamond was and she said, “Out in her dog house”.  That infuriated me, but I told her that I was heading over right now to get her to the vet. She told me that she would try to get her in the house. When I got over there about 20 min. later, the woman had carried Diamond to the house. She was laying on the living room floor. She looked terrible and she was very, very thin. We loaded her in the van and I took her to the vet. She was a very sick girl. She had a 105 degree fever, she was emaciated, and she could not stand up.




I hated seeing Diamond suffering like this. I could not believe how far down hill she had gone in just a few weeks. The vet kept her and started running bloodwork and x-rayed her. They started her on some antibiotics, pain meds, etc. I called the owner and told her that she could sign Diamond over to me and we would take it from here. She had no money to pay for any of this, so she agreed to sign Diamond over to Chain of Hope. When I went over the next day to have her sign the relinquishment form, Obama was in the house!!! I was shocked! Good for him!

When I called the next day, the vet said that Diamond was better, her fever was way down but they wanted to keep her another day and make sure she was definitely headed in the right direction. I went over to visit her and took her a couple of McDonald’s cheeseburgers, which she loved!



DSCN2547We were finally able to bring her back to Chain of Hope and get her settled in. We changed her name to Iris because our kids always have to lose their old names when they come into their new life with Chain of Hope. Iris was nervous and had a lot of anxiety. She had lived outside on a chain for so long with little human interaction and now she was free. We just let her chill out and start building herself back up. When Iris was rescued, she only weighed 44 lbs.  She was very ill, but was so much better now and had an appetite that was getting better everyday.


Iris is a beautiful girl. She is super sweet and deserves the best of homes. She still has some anxiety, but she is on medication to help her with that. She is filling out and weighs about 58 lbs. now.  She’s getting there!

We still visit Obama, of course. Sometimes he’s inside and sometimes he’s out, but at least he’s not out there 24/7-he is getting to be in with the family where he should be. I checked on him a few times during that super cold weather and he was always in. We have told these people  that if they get another dog, they will no longer be able to receive services from us and yes-we took Iris’s dog house back!

I say it all the time, but it’s so true-we can only do this critical work because of our supporters keeping us out there. We thank you and Iris thanks you!



One Response to “Diamond and Obama”

  1. andywhiteman Says:

    I am glad to hear that Iris regain her health and is out of that environment thanks to COH! I can’t understand why anyone would have a dog and keep him/her outside! It is good that they are keeping Obama inside part time now. Maybe they saw the problem was keeping Iris outside in fowl weather.
    Kate, when you buy burgers, do you get the whole thing or just the patty? When Red Dogg wasn’t eating, I bought the patties only at Carl’s Jr. which cost much less since I doubted she would eat the bun because she could barely eat the burger.
    My new dog, Blondie, was an abuse case chained to a tree and I suspect she was also a bait dog. She is now living inside in luxury, and took over my bed which she now allows me to use.

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