Karen and I went to check a house with a report of an abandoned adult  pit bull. After thoroughly searching the area and not finding the dog,  we  headed back to the van. I looked across the street and I saw a tiny pit bull puppy eating trash. We barely noticed her-she never made a sound. She was very little and I could see her ribs, although she had a pretty big, wormy belly.  She was very intent on trying to find something to eat. Where in the world had she come from? She had a nasty collar on her that was really too big and it had a wire cord tied around it that looked like it’d been cut.



This little girl was starving! Often times when we start to approach a stray out on the streets, they bolt and run from us. This little thing was so intent on eating and going through the trash, she could’ve cared less when I picked her up. The poor, poor little thing.




We immediately got her some food. She dove her head right into the bowl!




Since we found her on Agnes street, we decided to call her Aggie. She is a cutie!



I don’t know where she got away from, but she’d been tied up for sure. She is only 12 weeks old! Thank God we were on that street that day and saw Aggie. She is precious!





Aggie is wishing for her forever family for Christmas! She certainly deserves a much better life than  she had. Thank you for keeping us on the streets 6 days a week to find animals in need like Aggie. It is so hard to see what the majority of these animals out here endure. It is incredibly sad, disturbing and maddening; yet we persevere for the animals still waiting to be found by Chain of Hope. Our supporters have our sincere appreciation.



4 Responses to “Aggie”

  1. Cheri Says:

    It makes my heart warm to think of you all out there helping to take care of those animals. Telling people what a wonderful thing you do is common conversation for me. Seeing your organization through the eyes of one of your volunteers, made me realize how bad it is out there. This is an organization worth supporting. Thank you for being there for our furry friends.

  2. Maria Kaplan Says:

    Aw, such a sweet girl! Good work and God bless. Please find the abandoned adult Pittie 😦

  3. andywhiteman Says:

    Aggie looks very similar to my Red Dogg who asked to be put down on August 29th because of cancer. I wonder if they are related? Red Dogg had a litter before I got her and had her spayed.

  4. CatWhispurrer Says:

    All of these stories have touched me so deeply, because of the wonderful PEOPLE who go to such lengths to save neglected & abused pups of every description. It’s truly heart-wrenching just to read about the endless rescue missions ~ and these are the LUCKY ones! Bless you all for all you do so selflessly for these innocent dogs. Please post the link where people can donate to Chain Of Hope to help you continue with your important mission. I will be sure to post & promote it via email, shared on FB & Twitter to help get some financial help. Much Love & Light, GoD Bless and DoG Bless you too!! ~xXx

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