We first met Sam when we were visiting Ebony, a Rottweiler, and her family. We had helped them for several months and they did a pretty good job. We spayed Ebony for them and we never found her without food and water and sometimes she was in the house!


I had never noticed a dog next door to them and that day I heard one barking. I looked through the trees and bushes and saw the cutest little Spaniel mix chained to a tree. I asked the rottie’s owner about it and he said that they had moved in recently and that they were very nice people. I went over and knocked on the door. I met the man that lived there and we walked around back to take a look at his little dog. His dog’s name was Bo and he was very thin. He had a dog house, but it wasn’t a very good one. I asked the guy why Bo was so thin and he said that he had been incarcerated for 6 months and he had just gotten out. He said the rest of his family did not take very good care of Bo while he was gone and that he was very disappointed and was “going to fatten him up.” I told him that we’d get him a better dog house and that he’d have to get neutered soon. The guy was fine with all of that. That is the day we became involved with cute little Bo. We made a lot of improvements over here and continued to monitor Bo, in true Chain of Hope style! In the summer time, we took a pool over for him to cool off in.


100_2279We went to visit Ebony and Bo one day and Bo and his family were gone! Ebony’s dad told us that they had moved and he didn’t know where they’d moved to. This happens to us so often and it scares us because we hate to lose track of a dog that needed our help. We could only hope that the family liked the free food so much that they’d call for more at their new address. That’s exactly what happened. After about a month they called for help and gave us their new address. We went over to visit Bo at his new house.


103_6122Bo did look better at times. He’d put on some weight, we’d find him with clean water, etc. If we came by and the kids were home, they always ran around and helped us and acted like they loved Bo. But then times, we would go and there’d be nothing out for him-no food, no water. He’d drop weight, we dewormed him and on and on we went. We always loved this dog and knew that he could be in a much better place. In the meantime, we’d try to visit often, bring him special bones to chew on, etc.



103_5843One day, we were finally able to make this little boy a Chain of Hope dog. His day of liberation had finally come! He was so joyful to get out of there! Bo had a lot of energy and he always seemed so frustrated-like he just wanted to get out there and run like the wind! We sent him to doggie daycare and just let him run and play for a couple of months! He was happy to have other dogs to play with and to have a place to just run and run! I’ve taken a lot of pix of Bo, but most of them are blurry because he’s always moving!


Bo became Sam, because he lost his old name along with his old life. Everyone loves Sam! He is a bundle of energy! We brought him to our Chain of Hope facility after a few months so that we could start working with him and helping him become more adoptable. He just needed a little less wild and a little more structure. The one thing about Sam is that he hated his kennel! He threw such a fit! He had to learn to cope a little bit and rotate out to the yard with a playgroup and then sometimes having to be in his kennel for awhile before going out again later. He did pick up on it and was doing much, much better. Sam was a VERY affectionate boy! He loved to get belly rubs and to get in our laps and get hugs. That’s something he’d actually stop for!!!



Sam01After spending a couple of months at Chain of Hope, Erica’s foster was adopted and so she took Sam home to foster! This was a match made in heaven! Erica is a bad ass trail runner , so guess who went running with her? Sam! He did a 6 mile trail run with Erica his first week or two with her and did fantastic!



sam3This boy’s life has changed so much for the better. Sam still needs his forever home. He’d make a great running partner, walking buddy, or a wonderful playmate for kids and/or another dog. Sam is so happy now and Chain of Hope is so grateful to our supporters for making this happen. We couldn’t do it without you! Sam went from being tied to a tree to running on trails through the woods! Thank you, Erica, for fostering him and giving him such a wonderful opportunity! The only thing that could be better than that is for his forever family to finally find him!



5 Responses to “Sam”

  1. Susan Says:

    Oh my gosh, what a complete metamorphosis. Not a single picture of this dog with his tail in the air in his former life (aka hell on earth), then he goes into the perfect foster home where the woman is a runner and Sam’s tail is always in the air. The best story. Wow and what a beautiful dog. Man this story gives me the chills.

  2. Mary Glover Says:

    What a success! Sam is a beautiful, happy boy. It was a lucky day for Sam when COH rescued him!!

  3. Sally Says:

    Sam is more than awesome…………..Chain of Hope……….thank you for giving this precious animal true HOPE !

  4. Buddy2Blogger Says:

    Reblogged this on Sherlockian's Blog.

  5. Donna Woods Says:

    Erica you make some of the worst situations joyful! Sam looks like he is for the first time loved and enjoying life!

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