Simon and Sydney


This story began a couple of months ago when a woman called and needed help getting her female pit mix spayed. She also needed help with food. When we went over to assist this wonderful little pit mix named Beautiful, we noticed a couple of puppies in the front yard of the house next door. There was also a black cat and another dog. We knocked on their door and the people were home, thank goodness. They told us that their dog had had 9 puppies, one had died and they were keeping these last two, which were about  10 weeks old. The rest they had given away. They also had 3 small breed dogs in the house. They also told me that the cat had had kittens inside the house. This place was a mess!!! They asked us if we could help them get Princess, the momma dog, spayed. At least they realized that that needed done. We started talking to the guy about the last two puppies and trying to get him to sign them over to us. He would not hear of it and was obviously dug in about it. We knew, of course, that there were lots of things wrong over here. The woman that lived there wanted us to take the puppies, but the man was not going to do it. We decided to stay involved and keep working on the guy.

The next time a couple of volunteers stopped by, the puppies were in the people’s house and looked good. We made arrangements for me to pick up Princess and bring her in to get spayed, which I did. We weren’t over there for a couple of weeks because we were so slammed with calls to check out. When we did finally get by there again, Princess and the puppies were all in the back yard in a makeshift pen that this guy had made out of scrap wood and pallets. It was ridiculous looking. We looked down into the pen and the male puppy had a chain around his neck and was chained up inside the pen. Princess and the female puppy were in there with him, but they were not chained.




DSCN1862This was definitely not okay. The woman was home, but not her husband. I told her that they could not keep these dogs like this and asked her why the male had the chain around his neck. She told me because he was climbing out of the pen (smart boy trying to get away!). She told me that she thought they should give the two puppies to us, but her husband wouldn’t do it. I told her that they had too many dogs, they were overwhelmed and that it was inhumane the way that they were keeping them, especially the male. She told me that she would have a talk with her husband that night and that she’d call me. Of course, I didn’t hear from her so we stopped by a couple of days later. This time the male was chained outside the pen!

DSCN1912We were over at this house so many times, that this could be a much longer blog. Suffice it to say, we weren’t giving up-we continued to keep our eye on this situation.  Judy and Karen stopped by one day and the guy told them he had given away one of the puppies!  Judy asked him why he did that when we’d been asking and begging for those puppies for almost 2 months, and he just mumbled something about a guy wanting it. Our job is so frustrating every single day and it’s because of stuff like this.







A couple of days later we received a call from the woman that lived at this house and she asked us if we could come and get the puppies! Geez-this was a nightmare that just wouldn’t end! I called the lady back and told her that our volunteers had come by and that her husband had told them that he’d given one away. She said, “he did-it’s back!” She said that her husband was now ready to give us the two puppies. Of course he was! They were now 5 months old, much bigger, and since we refused to give him food because he insisted on keeping all of these animals-I guess he decided that was a lot of mouths to feed by yourself, without Chain of Hope’s help. Of course we went right over and got these two babies out of this hellhole.

photo (37)

photo (36)

We won’t forget Princess. We will continue to monitor her. She is spayed now which is so important. She is at a good body weight and she has a good dog house.  We had to get the puppies out of there when we finally could, but our hearts are with Princess-another lonely, backyard dog.  That is why the pig ears, raw hides and toys are so important-a visit from Chain of Hope and something tasty to chew on for awhile is such a blessing to so many chained animals.  We will continue to visit Princess and  work through this house until we can help get everyone spayed and neutered.

Look at these two precious babies now! The black one is the male named Simon and the black with white on her is the female named Sydney. They are the best puppies!!! Simon and Sydney are having a great time at Chain of Hope. They are perfect guests and would be really wonderful at your house, too! They are about 5 1/2 mo. old now and they are very intelligent puppies. They are very well-behaved puppies, very loving and they each deserve the best of homes! Thank you for keeping us out there so that we can save animals like Simon and Sydney! We are so happy to have these two-we love them!


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