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We first encountered handsome Rex when some people that we had helped previously and had ended up calling animal control on, called to say they had another dog and needed food. Of course, we don’t help people that have been negligent and inhumane and then turn around and get a new animal. We did, however, want to go over and check on this and see what poor thing was in their yard now. That is the day that we met Rex. It was a very hot day-near 100 degrees. Rex was loose in a fenced back yard, which was good that he was not on a chain. However, he had no food and no water on this blistering hot day. He was so thankful when we got him a big bucket of fresh, cool water. He drank and drank and drank. I talked to these people again about being neglectful of yet another dog. We knew we needed to get this boy out of there.

We continued to check up on Rex, but one day when we went there, the people had moved and taken Rex with them. Oh no! Now we’d lost track of Rex. We were so worried about him. We knew that  most of the time he  did not have water until we stopped by again.

I kind of knew one of the relatives from this family, so I stopped by his place one day and talked to him. He told me where these people were living. I asked him how Rex was doing. He told me that the boyfriend who lived there would get drunk and whoop on Rex. This guy was drunk just about every time we stopped by.

We went to the address where they were now living. We went up the back alley, but we didn’t see Rex anywhere. We drove around to the front of the house and I knocked on the door. The drunk boyfriend came to the door. I asked him if they had brought Rex with them when they moved and he said yes. I asked him where he was and he said that he was out back under the trailer. We went back there again and called for him and poor Rex came out from under a trailer that was parked there, which apparently was his only shelter.  He was chained to the trailer, it was very hot out again and he had no water again.



We fixed Rex up and told him to hang in there. We had to get him out of here, which we were finally able to do. Rex was pretty scared riding in the van. When we got to Chain of Hope, he was really wondering what was going on, especially when he hit the bath tub! We told him what we tell all of our dogs-this is the best day of your life!






Rex has blossomed! He is a GREAT dog! He is in a foster home with Erica and her crew and he is doing fantastic! He is well-behaved, loving and playful. He loves having a foster brother and sister and of course, he loves his foster mom!!!



Rex is very thankful for your support of Chain of Hope. Because of our wonderful supporters, we are able to be out there faithfully, following up on cases and finding more animals in great need. Rex is pretty happy that Chain of Hope responded to his owner’s phone call,  maintained him and finally got him out of there. Now he knows that it really was the best day of his life!



6 Responses to “Rex”

  1. Robert W. Jones - retired Says:

    “Rex” is a familiar name to me. I lived in a small town in S.E. Missouri where dogs were rarely chained up. Neither did the get hungry very often. You see, they could find much of their own food and water in the nearby woods, an advantage some dogs don’t have, living in a more populated area. The Rex you rescued is surely a fine looking dog. The “Rex” I knew had a dark red coat and his memory still remains with me. Thanks for giving Rex the “best day of his life”.

  2. Susan Says:

    Great save you guys. This beautiful boy was doomed in his previous life. The name Rex means King. I love this name. I had a dog as a child (a stray dog that my mom took in) and we named him Rex. I think Chain of Hope did a fantastic job here in tracking down this dog. Thank goodness you are persistent people.

  3. Robert W. Jones - retired Says:

    Way to go, Susan

  4. Trudy Says:

    Excellent job you all do! Do you have a paypal account where people can leave donations to help? Rex is sooooo happy he looks like he’s smiling in the last picture! LOVE what you guys do!!! Thank you!

  5. andywhiteman Says:

    I am glad that COH followed up and rescued Rex who is a beautiful dog. Some people should NEVER be allowed to have an animal of any species.

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