Harley, BeBe, and Cujo


I first met Henry back in February of 2013.  We received a call from him because we had been working in his area a lot and someone had given him our number. He had a black lab named Harley that had no shelter. When we arrived, Harley was chained up on the side of the house. He had no collar on-just a chain around his neck.



This is Harley after we’d fixed him up! He’s going after his new toy that we had just given him. He got a nice house full of straw and we left food for Henry’s dogs.

There was another black dog in the back named BeBe. She was older, already spayed and had a good dog house, although she was on a fairly large chain. Henry said she breaks all tie-outs so it had to be a chain. It wasn’t horrible-we’ve seen much worse.


Harley was not neutered or vaccinated, so I made arrangements to pick him up and get that done. Chain of Hope covered the cost because Henry just couldn’t do it financially.

We were educating Henry and he was stepping up. We checked in from time to time, but he was doing a pretty good job. A few months later, Chain of Hope received a call from a lady that we had helped as well. She had a cute little dog named Cujo, although he wasn’t a Cujo! Apparently, she and Henry had hooked up and now she and Cujo had moved in with Henry and BeBe and Harley! Small world!

Lisa said that she had noticed Cujo had a sore around the bottom of his neck from his collar. She said it was bloody. She asked us if we could come by and take a look at it and see if he needed to get to the vet. It sounded like an embedded collar, which we unfortunately have had a lot of in the past. We got over there and Lisa had brought Cujo up onto the screened in porch and was keeping him in a crate on the porch. She had peroxide and Iodine there and she said that she’d been cleaning it and trying to take care of it. Thankfully, the collar was not embedded, but it was just on the verge. The skin was very raw and irritated.


Henry and Lisa had caught this just in the nic of time and we praised the heck out of them for noticing before it went all the way through. they had started treating it the best they knew how and they called Chain of Hope for help!  Lisa was actually doing a good job and Cujo really didn’t need anything more. We told her to keep on keeping it clean, but he couldn’t have anything around his neck for quite awhile. We told her that we would get her a harness for him to wear while his neck healed all the way.

DSCN1016In the meantime, Harley’s skin wasn’t looking very good and he was losing hair all over, but also around his neck. Lisa and Henry thought he had mange and gave us $20 for medical treatment (we were thrilled-we usually get nothing!). I told them that it could be fleas, too. I told Lisa that they needed to bathe Harley really well and I left a tube of Advantage for her to put on him the next day. I told her that if I came back in a few days and they hadn’t bathed Harley, I wasn’t going to be very likely to continue to help them anymore. That very afternoon after we’d left there, I received a voice mail on my cell from Lisa telling me that she had bathed Harley herself and he was all done. She would put the Advantage on him the next day. We had also given them Advantage (thanks, Bayer!) for the other two dogs as well.

We went back over in a week or so and Harley looked so much better already! It definitely had been a flea issue.  He looked great-had even put on a few pounds!


We assisted Henry and Lisa with more fly gel for the ears. Chain of Hope also bought harnesses for Cujo and Harley to wear until their necks were all healed up well. Thank you supporters!





Henry cut down the old fly bags that we’d hung, which was very refreshing! Usually people leave those nasty things up. We have houses we go to that have had fly bags hanging on their clothes line for 2 years! We always tell people that we’ll put them up, but it’s up to them to take them down and dispose of them. They rarely do.


It turns out that BeBe is quite the opossum killer! She had apparently killed one the night before and Henry, refreshingly, disposed of that, too! These people were trying and we were glad to help them because they were actually making an effort and taking better care of their dogs.


Together, Chain of Hope along with the pet owners, had raised the level of care for these 3 dogs  immensely. The dogs were happier, more comfortable and healthier than when we first met them. That, my friends, is what Chain of Hope is all about. Thank you for your support!



5 Responses to “Harley, BeBe, and Cujo”

  1. Robert W. Jones - retired Says:

    I’m always glad to hear from the Chain to see what the next experience will be. Thanks again for all that you do.

  2. Robin Irwin Says:

    God Bless you and all you do for the helpless little souls…..

  3. Katy Says:

    I love this story, that although the dogs are outside, their people do want to take good care of them!

  4. Susan Says:

    Awesome story. Their dogs are beautiful, so happy and healthy looking. Keep up the great work everyone. It is so fulfilling for Chain of Hope I am sure to have things work out like this. And the pet owners should be very proud of themselves for taking such good care of their beautiful dogs!

  5. andywhiteman Says:

    I am glad to hear that this couple is taking such good care of their dogs with the help of COH. It is commendable that they love their dogs and put forth the effort.

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