One late afternoon,  I was driving through the Leed’s area, heading back to Chain of Hope from outreach.   I glanced over to a large lot and I saw a very small gray dog standing inside the lot. She looked pretty skinny, She was some kind of little  terrier mix and she looked very alone and forlorn. You can barely see her in the above picture. I pulled the van over and I had a package of smelly pill pockets up front with me. I got out and started tossing pill pockets to her, but she got scared and ran toward the back of the lot. There were lots of places where she could go in and out of the lot. I decided that I would come back the next day with a cat trap-she was such a little thing!

The only way that we could get in there to set the trap was to walk down some railroad tracks and then climb over a fence. It was quite a walk to get back there. It was a huge area once we were inside of there. She seemed like a spec when we’d see her standing in that huge lot.





I would usually get Qtrip hot dogs at 7:30 in the morning and then set the trap on my way to work. Later in the day, either Judy and Karen would stop by and check the trap or I would.  We would pull the trap every day, late in the afternoon because we do not leave our traps set at night-mostly because usually all you catch is opossums and raccoons.

We had set and checked the trap every day for 5 or 6 days and we were getting discouraged. Some days we would see her and some days we wouldn’t. We worried about her constantly. She couldn’t possibly make it out there much longer on her own.

After several days of nothing happening with the trap, I started thinking that although she could fit in a cat trap, she was a little bit taller than a cat and I don’t think she was comfortable lowering her head down, even just a little. I decided that we needed a bigger trap, but not our gigantic one. I called a friend with TARA that has the size of trap we needed and she was gracious enough to lend it to me (Again! Thanks, Virginia!)

The next day I set the larger trap and that afternoon, Judy and Karen went to check it. When they parked the van to start the walk across the railroad tracks, they could hear her barking and whining!!! They knew she was in there! Thank God!


We got her back to Chain of Hope and I got her out of the trap. She was a sweetheart!!  A total love bug covered in burrs! She only weighed 9 lbs. How in the world had she lived out there and how long had she been there? Thank goodness I saw her that day and thank goodness Chain of Hope stuck with it until we got her. We are pretty tenacious, as you probably already know!







Kathy is doing great!  She’s been all cleaned up. She’s in a playgroup with a puppy and another terrier and she does just fine! She likes having new friends! Kathy could sure use a forever home where she will be loved for the rest of her life.  A foster home would be nice in the meantime!


We sincerely thank you for keeping us out there! Kathy’s life was saved because we’re out there in the community and  we are constantly scanning and looking. What a resilient little girl. I can’t imagine how scared she must’ve been at night and where she hunkered down, trying to stay safe. It is our privilege to rescue such a wonderful little girl!



4 Responses to “Kathy”

  1. Mary Glover Says:

    What a sweet baby…she’s SOOOOOOOOOOO cute! You are angels, truly!

  2. linda langdon Says:

    she is so very cute. I love you guys!

  3. Robert W. Jones - retired Says:

    I surely agree that they are gifts, and they feel the same towards the Chain. They have the wonderful gift of being able to communicate with their eyes.

  4. Donna Woods Says:

    Kathy you are precious! Just look at her face! So happy to be safe and warm and of course loved by Chain Of Hope gals!

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