Angel, Daisy and Delilah


This is Angel. Chain of Hope first found her when we were driving on outreach. She was an older puppy at the time and she was sitting, loose, on the front porch of a house. Their front door was open and so we went up the steps to meet the owner and the dog. They said that she was about 6 months. She was not spayed and she was not vaccinated. She was, however, super cute and very sweet. We explained our program to the owner and asked if they would like to get her spayed at no cost to them. They did. We made arrangements and I picked Angel up the next week for her spay.

The owners told us that they took Angel inside, but the neighbors said that she just runs the neighborhood. We got her in and got her spayed just in the nic of time! When we took her back home from getting spayed, we told them that she had to stay mostly inside, only out to potty, for several days. I asked them if they needed a crate and they said no. They acted like it would be no big deal to have her in the house. But, as is so often the case, when we drove by a couple of days later, she was outside.  We asked them what was going on and it became very apparent that they did not want her  in the house and they were not going to have her in there. They lived very close to I-70 and we were scared to death that Angel was going to somehow get to the highway.

This little girl really broke our hearts. She was such a sweetheart, she deserved to be on someone’s sofa! We knew that we would not let up on this situation and that we would press to get her signed over. It just might take a little bit. We gave them a tie-out cable and a dog house. She was all set up, still in the front of the house. If we could just maintain her while we work on trying to secure her release, she’d be okay.

Well, what happened next is what usually happens. They put her in the back yard and pretty much ignored her. We began visiting her about once a week. She was lonely back there and was always so excited and happy to see us! She loves her belly rubs! At least she was free in a big fenced yard and not living on a chain.




One day when the volunteers went to this house to see Angel, the owner came out all happy and said, “I have two new puppies!” Oh no! She didn’t take care of the dog she had!  Why in the world this woman got 2 new puppies is beyond me. I swear we just stand there sometimes and wonder what the hell people are thinking! The puppies were both female. When the volunteers came back and said that they told her we’d spay the puppies for free, I gotta say I was not happy about it. This woman had no business getting two more mouths to feed when we were already bringing her food for her current dog.  And now, we were also supposed to pay for the spays and shots!

It is Chain of Hope’s policy that if you are already receiving services from us and you acquire another animal, you may no longer receive services. It is stated on the front of our literature that we hand out and we also tell people that as well. It makes absolutely no sense to go out and get more animals when you already have to call an organization to bring you food for the one that you have. People always say they couldn’t do outreach because they’d get too angry. When someone is already receiving services and they get another animal (usually off of Craig’s List), my blood pressure goes sky high! We always pose the question to them when we go to their house. We literally ask them, “if you already have to call us to be able to feed the animals you had, why in the world did you go get more animals? Am I supposed to feed all of your animals for the rest of their lives? That’s not what we’re here for.” I have no problem telling people that.

None of us went by this house for the next month. Then, Judy stopped by one day. She said the puppies were not socialized, almost feral acting, They were in the backyard with Angel, so at least she had someone to play with. I think these people had ignored these puppies, too.  They ran and hid behind the shed.

I had not been to this house since I told her we were not going to help her anymore. A couple of weeks ago I told Judy that I wanted to go by and see these puppies. We didn’t know what had to happen, but even if they were feral acting, they had to get out of there. The lady said that they were 8 mo. old now. When we walked around back, apparently the puppies got startled and ran behind the shed that you can see in the picture. I never even laid eyes on them. The owner then informed us that there is a hole in the fence back there and they get out and disappear for awhile. I asked her if she could touch them and she told me yes, but I really wasn’t sure. She said now that they had gotten out, they’d “be gone a while, but they’ll come back.”  Geez……..this work is frustrating!

I told the woman that we were not going to be able to help her anymore and I explained why. Then she started retracting everything abut keeping the puppies and said that she’d been the one that’s ended up taking care of them, not the kids. Big surprise there! She said that we could take the puppies, but of course now they weren’t there. Since she said they’d be coming back around, I gave this woman my cell number and told her to call us when they were back and she could get them for us. Of course, she never called. A couple of days later, Judy decided to stop by and the woman was there and the puppies were in the back yard. Judy stayed out front so the puppies wouldn’t be scared of her and the woman was able to get them and bring them out to the van. These poor little things!

We got them settled in at Chain of Hope. They were not feral at all. They were just scared little babies that had not been treated very well.



We named them Daisy and Delilah and we just gave them some space and went slow with them and they began coming out of their shells a little bit. Tasty treats helped a lot! They are Beagle/Shepherd mixes and they are just now about 6-7 months old. We have already spayed them and they are doing very well.



After spending a week at Chain of Hope, we took the girls out to Aunt Crystal’s doggie daycare. Here they are arriving and wondering what was happening to them now!




Here they are making some new friends!



These puppies are the best!! We have several adoption events coming up (listed on our Events page), so come by and meet the wonderful Daisy and Delilah!

If you know one thing about Chain of Hope, you know that we are tenacious when it comes to saving an animal in need.  Although Angel is still in her back yard, we are there weekly. She gets a lot of love, treats, and attention from us when we are there. Of course, that is not enough-she needs so much more than that.  We will stay involved with her until we are finally able to show her what a good, happy life inside the house really feels like!




Thank you for keeping us out there!


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  1. Robert W. Jones - retired Says:

    Thanks for this wonderful through your unending care.

  2. Pat Says:


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