Chain of Hope had had one of our many hay give-aways last winter. People fill out a form and then check off what they need help with: spay/neuter, a dog house, whatever.  It had been about 3 mo. since the hay give-away and I had a big stack of the forms from it in a file in my drawer. I pulled them out and started sifting through them one day. We usually make notes on there after we’ve gone to the house and seen the animals, met the people, etc.  I came to a form and there were no notes written on it. There was not a phone number, but an address and it said they had a female pit bull about 1 yr. old and they needed food, etc.  I don’t know how, but somehow this one had apparently been missed. Even though some time had gone by, I put this address on the outreach list one day so that we could at least drive by and see what was there. When we pulled up to the house, we thought it was abandoned. It did not look like anyone lived there. “For Sale” was spray painted on the porch real big. There was a fence on the left side of the house, so we walked over. That was the first time we ever saw Tanner. What a sorry state he was in!


He looked like he was an older puppy. He was a pit bull/shepherd mix, beautiful golden with a black mask.  He had a side yard area that was fenced and his only shelter was a black plastic trash can laying on it’s side with a small amount of straw in it. That was this poor little boy’s shelter? No way! I’m afraid it’s true-that’s what this little boy had made it through the winter in.  I couldn’t even think about it.



He had no food and no water. We poured water down for him and he drank and drank and drank! Poor Tanner was so incredibly thirsty. I don’t know when the last time he had a drink was. We fed him some treats and he was hungry, too!



I don’t know if these were the same people that had had a year old female pit. People come and go all the time. We’ve gone to many back yards where the people have moved and left the dog to fend for itself. This situation was puzzling. I really only understood one thing here and that was that this little boy was not receiving adequate care and he needed to get out of this situation. He became a Chain of Hope dog that day-the best day of his life!  He eventually went out to Aunt Crystal’s to run and play in doggie daycare. He had a blast! After being in his lonely yard all by himself with obviously very little human contact, he was in heaven!







103_6258Tanner was adopted into a  wonderful home in just a couple of months and is doing great! It’s because of our supporters that we are able to get out there and rescue dogs like Tanner-we appreciate you and so does Tanner!


2 Responses to “Tanner”

  1. Robert W. Jones - retired Says:

    You mentioned that you are so glad to have supporters to be a part of your program. Well, the reverse is also very true, and we derive gladness from the Chain’s outreach in search of dogs and cats in sad distress through no fault of their own. Thanks again !

  2. andywhiteman Says:

    Tanner was fortunate that you found his form and went to check on him!

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