This story really began in the spring of 2012. While on outreach one day, I saw a pit bull in a fenced front yard and she looked very pregnant!



No one was home, so I turned this into animal control and they went over to check it out the next day. They emailed me that she was not pregnant, but it was a medical condition. I knew then that it was probably heart worms since she had the big bloated belly. I don’t know what happened after that because it’s all very confusing and unclear, but somehow through someone at animal control (this is what the owner told me), this dog was able to get treated for her heart worms. I’m not sure who helped the owners or how, but she did get her heart worm treatment.  She was also spayed somewhere along her journey. Whoever it was-thank you for helping this dog!

We didn’t encounter this house again until Chain of Hope received a call this spring from a concerned fireman. He told us that he saw a pit bull with mange and he had stopped and given them our card. He said that he also wanted to call and give us the address in case the people never called, which they didn’t.

I went over a couple of days later and realized that this was the house where I had seen the pit bull with heart worms the year before! The dog with mange was that very same dog, which they called Momma. The people were very nice. It turns out they also had 3 pits chained in the back yard. One of them was already fixed and the other two, a male and a female, were not. I asked the guy if he was interested in getting them fixed for free and he told me that he “kind of wanted to have a litter out of them”. I told him that to do that was illegal in Kansas City. I also told him that the only way we were going to help him with Momma was if he let us spay and neuter his two remaining pits for free. He agreed. The other 3 pits looked at good body weight and had shelter, they just needed fixed!

I made the arrangements for picking up Mercedes and Brutus for their spay/neuter and I went ahead and took Momma into the vet. She needed immediate help, the poor girl.



I got her into the vet and got all of her medication. I took Momma and all of the meds and the medicated shampoo back home and sat down and explained and wrote down everything. They were very appreciative.


I picked up Brutus and Mercedes a couple of weeks later for their surgeries. Everything went well and I delivered them back home, along with dewormer for all 4 dogs and some dog food.





Everything was fine. I checked on everyone a couple of weeks later and they all looked pretty good. Momma was better, but certainly not over the mange yet. I asked them if they were giving the meds okay and doing the medicated baths and they said yes. I told them to call if they needed anything.

We didn’t see these dogs or receive a phone call from these people for 2 months. I put this address on the outreach list one day recently so the girls could run by and see how Momma was doing. Karon called me and was pretty upset and said that Momma looked terrible-her mange was back. She said that Momma was really bad and that she just stood there and would cry. The owners were home and I told Karon that I was on my way over there-she and Judy  could go on with their list.

When I got over there, I could not believe how bad Momma was. Oh, how this dog had suffered! I was shocked and very disappointed in these people. Momma did just literally stand there and cry. She was miserable. She looked worse than the first time I ever treated her for mange! She was crusty and oozy and she stunk to high heaven! This poor, poor girl. I could not believe that they had let her get this bad and never picked up the phone and called us. How could they let this suffering go on and not do a damn thing about it, especially when they knew who to call and that we would help them? Even worse, they were keeping her outside ONLY and we were having some very hot and humid days. Poor momma, she was so painful and uncomfortable-outside on days with the heat index over 100 degrees!







DSCN0435I took Momma back into the vet and we started all over again-all of the medication, the baths, etc. In fact, we got her into the tub that very day and gave her a good, medicated bath. It seemed to help her a lot-she loved it!

I talked to the owners about signing Sista over to Chain of Hope and letting us take it from here. I told them that we already paid all the medical bills once and they let her get this bad and didn’t even call. This was neglect, pure and simple. This dog had clearly been suffering for weeks. They signed her over to Chain of Hope.



DSCN0503Judy named this wonderful girl Sista!  She said we’ve had too many “mommas”, which is true! Sista’s ears were terrible and we got them all cleaned out and medicated. In just one day, Sista seemed to feel SO much better!


DSCN0469Sista is doing fantastic!!! She loves being at Chain of Hope!



Thank you for funding Chain of Hope! We run on public donations and that is the only way that we are able to continue with our mission. helping dogs like Sista. Thank you for keeping us out there!



3 Responses to “Sista”

  1. andywhiteman Says:

    Thanks COH for fixing the problem but it is ridiculous and stupid when the owner can’t or won’t follow up with proper care! It makes my angry that Sista had to suffer so much!

  2. Robert W. Jones - retired Says:

    Double thanks to COH. My heart went out to Sista. How glad and happy she must be to have you there for her. If she could only talk, I’m sure you would would hear some wonderful words. Thanks again.

  3. Buddy2Blogger Says:

    Reblogged this on Sherlockian's Blog and commented:
    Another great rescue by Chains of Hope.

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