About 6-7 weeks ago, Chain of Hope received a call from a wonderful woman living north of the river. She said that there was a stray dog that was hanging around. She said that no one could get close to her and that she was in heat. She also said that she had something wrong with her leg-she thought it was broken.

When I called her back and talked further, she said that this dog would run if anyone approached her and that she was putting weight on that leg when she ran, just still limping badly.  I told her that it wasn’t broken if she was putting some weight on it, but something must be wrong if she was limping that bad. Another lady in the neighborhood called as well. They were very worried about her. However, they didn’t see her everyday and they didn’t know where she went, but they were putting food and water out for her. A team of outreach volunteers went over and looked around, but never saw her. It was a pretty nice area, but there were woods all back behind this house. We told the ladies to keep us posted.

I didn’t hear from either of these ladies for a few weeks and then one day, one of them called me and said that the dog was out there again. She said she was skinny and her leg was still injured. I told her that I would bring a trap up there and see if we could get her. We did and that night, pretty late, the woman called and said that the dog was in the trap. We told her to cover it with a sheet and I would be by early in the morning to get her. The women had put food and water in there for her.

I went to their house first thing the next morning and there was this gorgeous, precious girl laying in the trap. She was breathing kind of fast because she was nervous, but she really was doing pretty well. We carried her to the van. The woman who had called us about this girl had a wonderful big male dog and he had to come to the van to  tell her good-bye! He had been her only friend for weeks.



We named this girl Mattie and although her coat and everything looked pretty good, she was in bad shape physically. She was also pregnant. Makes total sense since she had been in heat 6 weeks before.

We got her into the vet and we did a heart worm test on her. She was positive, as so many of our dogs are. This poor girl had a lot of strikes against her-she was pregnant, her legs were damaged and she was heart worm positive. Yet, she was the sweetest little girl!  She was not very afraid of us and let us pet her and talk to her. She was not feral at all, just had been scared and on her own.

We went ahead and spayed her because there was no way that she should birth puppies and still have to deal with her other medical issues. I could tell that her legs were painful-she laid down a lot and didn’t like to walk. I was very concerned about her orthopedic prognosis and the vet told me that that was the worst of her problems. While she was under for her spay, we x-rayed her. This poor girl had been shot in the front right leg! This had apparently happened a while ago, was never treated and now the leg had healed funny. There was nothing that they could do for it. It had fused together wrong and so it was pretty stiff and not very bendable. Her back right leg was also a mess from whatever had happened to her and it was healed together wrong as well. Neither leg was operable or fixable, unfortunately.

We set her up at Chain of Hope and put her on pain meds for her legs.


DSCN0430Mattie is now recovering at Chain of Hope. We love her!!! The plan was to keep her on pain meds and see if she can get up and moving around a little better. If we can get her moving and feeling more comfortable, then she has a chance at a great life.  We have high hopes for Mattie, and she is doing great!

Now that we have her leg pain under control and she has recovered from her spay, Mattie will start her heart worm treatment. She is a delightful girl! She is still figuring out the routine and drill around here, but she is doing just fine! She could very much use a foster home right now, Mattie is a very special girl that has had a very difficult life. Please consider opening your heart and home to Mattie. It would be a very rewarding experience!



Mattie obviously has a lot of medical issues and all of her treatment will cost Chain of Hope a lot of money, but this is what we do! We help the homeless, the neglected and the forgotten and we always will. Thanks for standing with us!


2 Responses to “Mattie”

  1. Erin Says:

    I am one of those women who called. I am glad to see she is doing better and heart broken to hear she had been shot!! I have two dogs already so I can’t take her but I will be praying she finds her forever home real soon! Thank you Chain of Hope for all you do!

  2. Robert W. Jones - retired Says:

    Super good news for Mattie. What a beautiful dog. Thanks for sharing and giving her what she needed so much —- kindness and care.

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