Red’s New Digs


While on outreach one day, Chain of Hope volunteers spotted this wonderful little brindle and white pit bull. She was just a puppy-about 6 mo. old. She had a chain around her neck that she was chained up with.  She had a dog house and had torn up toys all over (at least she had something to do while chained!). Red was so incredibly cute! She had that adorable, big pittie smile!

We pulled over, went up to the door and met the owner. She said that the dog’s name was Red. I asked her if she had come into heat yet and she said no. I asked her if she was interested in getting her spayed and the woman said yes. Since Red was on the verge of coming into heat and being raped on her chain, we made arrangements for me to pick her up that week and get her in.




When I took Red home from being spayed, I gave the owners a crate to keep her inside. We continued to check on Red, but she was always outside. She had fly bites on her ears and when we asked why they didn’t keep her inside, especially because we’d given them a crate, they just insisted that they did bring her inside sometimes. Every time we went there, she was tied outside. I highly doubt that they  took her inside.

We had a very generous person that donated a nice dog run and we decided that Red could really use it.  They obviously weren’t going to keep her inside and she was hyper and frustrated being chained. Donna was nice enough to go pick up the dog run and bring it to Red’s house on a pretty hot day.  The owner, his friend, Judy, Erica and I put the run up. It was the kind with the rolled fencing that you have to unroll and fasten to the frame. It took a long time to get it all together. Red was just happy for the company and was watching everything that we were doing. She kept smiling her incredible smile!







103_6730We finally got Red all set up in the run. It was good that she had a lot of shade where she was.  She was a busy girl checking everything out. It, of course, is not as good as being an indoor dog, but at least she won’t have that chain pulling at her neck all the time.  If we can improve a dog’s life and get them set up a little better than we found them, then sometimes that’s all we can do. We talked with the owner about the need to clean up the poop in the pen, etc   In true Chain of Hope style, we will be checking up on Red from time to time. The best part of all is that she will never add to the pit bull tragedy by popping out a litter of puppies.

Red is now spayed, vaccinated and off the chain! We think she’s pretty special!



7 Responses to “Red’s New Digs”

  1. Susan Says:

    Fantastic job everyone. Man o man will that sweet girl’s life be much improved!

  2. andywhiteman Says:

    Great job! I dislike dog cages but they are better than a dog on a chain.

  3. Connie Sherwood Says:

    good job as always guys!

  4. Connie shull Says:

    You guys do great work, but I do have a problem with calling it rape when. A dog is bred. I fully believe all animals should be spayed or nuetered, but when that doesn’t happen a female comes into heat and is bred. This is a perfectly natural occurance, the female is accepting of this. To equate that with a woman who has been raped shows a complete lack of compassion and respect for women.

    • dru Says:

      sorry about your problem with the word “rape” …..but that’s what it IS……she was tied up n had NO WAY of getting away…her pen is not really very big but I guess that’s better than being tied up….she really NEEDS to be in a home that will allow her to be part of the family–IN THE HOME…….

  5. Michelle Says:

    That’s a wonderful story, but so depressing that the family gets the dog and refuses to take care of it as it should be taken care of. My concern is warmth in the winter, but I’m sure you’ll have that taken care of too when the time comes. I don’t understand why people get a dog and just leave it outside. Makes no sense. I wish they had surrendered her instead.

  6. Robert W. Jones - retired Says:

    You continue to amaze me. I have an idea Red has really good thoughts of “thanks”. Great job !! I’ve put my monthly $100 check in the mail yesterday God love ya.

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