IMG_0205We received a call from someone who had “taken in” a relative’s dog because that person had died. The dog, she said, was about 17 yrs. old. She said she needed food and a dog house. She was keeping this old dog outside! We were so incredibly busy with the terrible heat and the calls pouring in that it took us a few days to get over to this one. The heat index was over 100 degrees the day that we went. We knocked on the door and no one was home. We didn’t hear a dog barking in the backyard or anything. Lauren and I decided to go look in the back and thank God we did. That is when we first saw Pennzie. She was chained underneath the deck. She had no food and no water. She looked old and miserable, but was the sweetest girl when we got back there with her. She was so happy to see us. Her eyes were all gunky. Her gums were stark white-she was probably anemic. Her ears were raw, bloody, and scarred from years of fly strike every summer. To make things worse, she was absolutely coated in used motor oil. This was an old remedy for fleas back in the day. We still hear this every summer and see  motor oil on the ears of some dogs, but Pennzie was covered in nasty old motor oil from head to tail.  She had laid under the deck in the dirt and the dirt was stuck to her. She was filthy dirty and was really on her last leg. It was a scorcher that day and this poor old girl was miserable-out there without even any water. I don’t know how she was still alive.



IMG_0208Pennzie became a Chain of Hope dog that day, which was the best day of her life!  Lauren named her Pennzie, after Pennz Oil!   Lauren had to pick her up to lift her in the van and so both of them were an oily mess! Pennzie was totally starving when she got in the van. All we had up front with us was a bag of pretzels and she devoured those! This poor, poor girl had endured unbelievable suffering over the years, I am quite sure. It hurt my heart to even look at her and think about what a difficult life she had obviously had. A lot of her teeth were worn to the gums. This is usually from years of chewing on a chain and/or a fence. Our hearts ached for this precious girl.






We soaped Pennzie up twice thoroughly with Dawn. The oil was just matted in her fur with dirt. As we scrubbed Pennzie,I felt like we were washing away all of the hell in her life and she was starting new with Chain of Hope.




We got this girl bathed and got her settled in our isolation room, where it was nice and quiet for her.




She had a great appetite and was very tired that night after her day of liberation!

Pennzie began her journey back to better health. Abby, a black shepherd mix,  pretty much lives in my office.  She had a horrible life and Chain of Hope was able to rescue her out of a hellhole. Her story can be found here- . Abby feels safe under my desk and so that is where she likes to lay.  We introduced Abby and Pennzie and they hit it off!  Now I have two dogs living under my desk!



Pennzie loves to eat! Her color started getting better as her nutrition improved. Also thanks to Jackie’s satin balls that she made for her-thanks, Jackie!

Pennzie’s eyes are cloudy, a lot of her teeth are gone, and she’s fighting some skin issues. Yet, I swear this is one of the happiest dogs! She is grateful and joyful. She loves attention-something she’s never had enough of and I’m sure longed for.  She’s getting it now! She’s gained a lot of weight-she was a skinny girl under all that hair. Pennzie  also has her best friend, Abby, with her all the time. Pennzie likes to go out for walks, but she’s always ready to come back in and get a treat!

We don’t know how long we’ll have our sweet Pennzie, but these are the best days of her life. We are making sure of that. Thank you for your support so that we can give a dog like Pennzie a happy life-something she deserved all along.

DSCN0411We love you, Pennzie!


19 Responses to “Pennzie”

  1. Lou Russo Says:

    OMG I had tears in my eyes reading this story, first were the tears of sadness ….. that a beautiful sweet animal like this is abused and treated like this. Then tears of happiness that someone (angels) rescued her, loved her, showed her not all humans are mean or inhumane and in the last photo ……. you can see the words in her eyes ….. words Penzie is saying THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU to you. I wish all animals living like this can find an angel like you to rescue them.

  2. Lauren Says:

    Awesome. Thank you for saving her.

  3. Bruce Hennequin Says:

    What a sweet girl and thank you for taking the effort to get her and make her golden years…well, “GOLDEN’. She looks great in the later photos…good work, good work folks

  4. Marsha McNair Says:

    It helps me to know there are people like those in your group on this earth. Happy tears reading this story, thank you for sharing it.

  5. Robert W. Jones - retired Says:

    This remarkable account of you bringing Pennzie back is so wonderful as are so many others. I’m very much aware of the Chain and your history of all the rescues.

    Robert W. Jones

  6. Maria Kaplan Says:

    Yep, fighting back the tears on this one. Beautiful ending! Thank GOD you all were out there and decided to check the back yard. That oil is toxic! How could anyone treat an animal so badly? Sad.

  7. Sue Burke Says:

    Love and hugs going out to COH and Pennzie!!!!! Always so nice to hear a happy ending.

  8. shey Says:

    Holding my tears. Thank you for saving her so Pennzie can enjoy her final years.

  9. Joanne Vaughn Says:

    I believe there will be a special place in Hell for people who are so evil as to treat any living creature the way Pennzie was treated. Bless you for rescueing her and giving her the care and love she needs.

  10. Michael Felix Says:

    looking good Pennzie….!

  11. Sid Getz Says:

    Wow. Thank God for people like you. And too bad for people like the ones that treat animals the way Pennzie was treated. Pennzie reminds me of Pennzoil which it seems was poured all over her poor thing. Maybe Cleanzie should be her new name 😉 Thank you for doing what you do!

  12. PAT Says:


  13. Rebecca Ashworth Says:

    So very glad that this lovely old girl has a time, even if it is short, to know comfort and love, and to know that she matters. The things she deserved all her life and didn’t get. Thank you for rescuing her, and for the others you help.

  14. Judy Walker Says:

    Chain of Hope rocks. Another $ donation is coming your way. We have donated dog food and $ before and know it is helping those sweet animals that need a friend. God bless you

  15. Susan Says:

    Great save Chain of Hope. All the suffering that is out there breaks my heart. What a wonderful life Pennzie can now have. She went from hell to heaven! There will always be a special place in my heart for senior animals.

  16. rose rawlings Says:

    I can’t stop crying.. I’m so happy for her!

  17. Buddy2Blogger Says:

    Reblogged this on Sherlockian's Blog.

  18. Diane Says:

    Thanks you for the big heart and you will be blessed !!!!

  19. Mary Says:

    You all are a dog’s guardian angel, GOD will richly reward you for taking care of his creatures.

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