kane, 3You may remember a blog back in December of 2012 called  “Kane”.  It was about a wonderful black lab that had had a tough life so far. His owner went to jail and then the girl friend moved out and left Kane in the basement for 2 weeks. The man who went to jail’s sister found out that the dog was still over there and went and got him. He was skinny and he had a bad case of mange. Crystal and her room mate called Chain of Hope for help and that’s when I first met Kane. He was a very sweet boy.

kane, 2


I took Kane into the vet and got all of his meds that he needed. The girls were very grateful and did everything they were supposed to do-medicated baths and all.  Kane began healing and looking great. Of course, I told them in the beginning that the only way I was going to help them was if they let me neuter Kane and they agreed. Kane was finally on his way to being a a healthy, happy dog.


All was well and we didn’t hear from them for several months. They called this spring and said that Kane was looking bad again and his mange was back. I went over to see him and he looked absolutely terrible. He looked as bad or worse than when I first met him. I was extremely disappointed in these two young women. I could not believe that they had let him get this bad again! Poor Kane.

I actually knew the woman next door to Kane. I used to help her out south for quite awhile and then she had moved to northeast KC and was living next door to Kane. She was very concerned about Kane as well and was telling me how poorly they cared for him (obviously!). I could see how this poor dog’s life was going to go for the rest of his life with these people. I told the girls that I would take Kane and get him the help he needed if they would sign him over to Chain of Hope. They said no immediately. I reminded her that when she had first called Chain of Hope 6 months ago, she had cried and said, “I’ll sign him over to you, I’ll do whatever it takes to get him the help that he needs.” At the time, we had no room for another dog and this was the woman who rescued Kane and seemed to really care about him, so we helped her with the veterinary care.

Now, she would not hear of signing him over. I didn’t understand what was going on with her thinking, but I did something that is very hard to do-I left. I was not going to provide veterinary care to get Kane well again and then just turn him back over to these girls so that they could do this to him all over again. I had to stay firm and I left. Crystal had told me that she was getting a check in a couple of weeks and she guessed that she’d just have to get him into a vet then. I told her that I hoped to God that she really did  for Kane’s sake.

About 3 weeks later, I received a call from Valerie, the neighbor. She told me that those girls next door had moved out and left Kane in the basement!!! No way! I didn’t want to believe that someone who saved this  dog from that very thing would put him right back in that situation. Unbelievable!

Valerie told me that she got Kane out of the basement and had him tied to her front porch. She told me that he looked terrible and she begged me to come and get him. Of course, I told her I’d be right over! I pulled up in front of Valerie’s house and there was Kane!!! I was so happy to see him. I just kept thinking, “you’re free now, you’re free”.


Valerie walked him over to the van and we loaded him up. I thanked her for caring and for calling us.

DSC_0292I got Kane back into the vet and got his meds started again. I have to tell you that I LOVE this dog! He is delightful! He is such a good boy and is so happy and grateful to be at Chain of Hope. He kennels so willingly when playtime is over-he’ll just walk right into his crate and lay down. He loves playing in the yard with Simba, his 6 mo. old Chow mix buddy!

Why did I call this blog “Carter”? Because that’s his new name! If you follow this blog at all, you know that when we rescue a precious soul out of the hood, we always change their name. They start a new life once they make it to Chain of Hope and we get rid of anything pertaining to their previous,  miserable lives. Everything’s new-even their name! They start fresh and will only go to a carefully screened home.

Carter is a happy boy these days! He has lots of friends that he plays with. He has gained weight and his mange is getting better everyday.



Carter has a new life now thanks to our Chain of Hope supporters. Thanks for keeping us out there! If you would be willing to foster Carter while he recovers, please let us know. It would be great if he could get into a foster home or better yet, a forever home! He deserves a great life with love, care and security. He’s an awesome boy!

I guess this story just goes to show you that you just never know about people and what they’re capable of doing. Dogs, though, they just want  a nice walk, a scratch behind the ear, or spooning with you in bed when you finally get to sleep in!  They’re all about love. They are so much better creatures than most people. Thanks for standing with us as we advocate for them on every level.


2 Responses to “Carter”

  1. andywhiteman Says:

    I am glad there was a wonderful outcome for Carter thanks to COH! I sure don’t understand “people”. They act concerned to get free assistance, really don’t give a damn, let Carter go downhill, then abandon him in the basement! Uncaring “people” like this should be locked in a basement!

  2. Connie Sherwood Says:

    Thank you so much for what you do! Have you all ever been down to First Fridays in the West bottoms with a stand or something? Might be a good way to get donations, just a thought. You guys do so much with so little.

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