Momma at the Baseball Diamond



Chain of Hope received an email and a  picture concerning a dog in Swope Park. She was emaciated and looked like she was nursing puppies. She was hanging out at one of the ball diamonds across from Lakeside Nature Center.

I went over and saw her pretty much right away. She was laying in the grass at the baseball diamond. I had some canned food and tried to coax her for a while,  but she was too scared to come close enough to me. I went over to the Nature Center and talked to them about her. They said that she’d been there the day before and they had fed her. They said that they thought her puppies were dead because she just stayed at the baseball diamond all day long the day before, never leaving.  How sad.

I went back to Chain of Hope and grabbed Judy and our large dog trap. We went back and she was still there. We set the trap for her and then retreated farther away and were watching her with the binoculars. She was curious and was circling the opening to the trap, when a car came along and pulled in there right near our trap. This, of course, scared momma dog. I ran over there and told the lady that we had a trap set for her and to please leave the area. She had come to feed her and had some more canned food with her.



After all of this, momma was not having it. She would not go close to the trap. Obviously, several people had stopped and put food out for her. She wasn’t hungry at all, so she wouldn’t go in the trap for the really good stuff.  I went back over to Lakeside and asked them not to feed her, that I would be back in the morning with my trap again.  If nobody fed her, she should be hungry again by morning.

This dog was totally emaciated, but she had lots of milk. I agreed with the Lakeside employees. I think her puppies were dead as well. She never left that area and I had looked everywhere around the baseball diamond.  Momma had an old collar on and no ID. You can’t tell in the pictures very well, but her skin and coat  looked like she had mange. This girl had had a rough life, I could tell. I so wanted to get her and show her what a good, happy life could be like.


I had the trap and all of the good treats the next morning and headed down to Swope Park. When I arrived at the baseball diamond, I didn’t see her. My heart sank. Then I looked across the road and two employees from Lakeside Nature Center were picking momma’s body up off the side of Gregory and putting her in the back of their truck. Momma had been hit and killed by a car.


I know you see  a lot of happy stories on this blog, but we aren’t always successful. We try so hard, but we don’t always have the outcome that we were hoping for. This was one of those situations. This poor momma deserved a chance, but someone miserably failed this dog and now she was dead. We don’t always win and when we lose, it hurts like hell.


5 Responses to “Momma at the Baseball Diamond”

  1. andywhiteman Says:

    This is a sad tale, but you put forth you best effort! That is all anyone can do.

  2. Lisa Says:

    I hugged my four rescues that little bit tighter. Many ignore, the few try, thanks for being the few..sad story but beautiful that some do care. Thank you chain of hope…thank you.

  3. Becki Says:

    This just stinks!

  4. Maria Kaplan Says:

    Oh, no. I was waiting for the happy ending to this story. How incredibly sad to lose your babies, run around mourning them, be starving with no love or affection, then die all alone. It’s so unfair and so unjust. Her suffering is now over and she’s in God’s Kingdom. Thank you for all you do. You people are amazing human beings.

  5. Susie Says:

    Just breaks my heart…..poor Momma.
    I hope the owner of this lovely dog gets to read this story, and live with the incredible guilt and shame that his/her carelessness caused.

    Thank you, Chain of Hope…….sorry for your loss.

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