We were at a house in mid-town about a week ago helping some people with their pit bulls. A  small tri-colored dog was running around loose, but kept running  to a couple of yards over where a lot of people were sitting outside. The people hollered at us and asked what we were doing. When we told them, they said that they had a couple of dogs and asked us to come down there and talk to them. It turns out that the little tri-colored dog was theirs. She was running around loose, she was skinny and she wasn’t spayed. They said that she was a pain and was always getting away. They told me that she was dumped in the park across the street in the winter when she was a tiny puppy. They took her in, but now were clearly getting frustrated.

Their other dog was a male pit bull named George, who was 8 yrs. old.  He was at a good body weight and he was an indoor-outdoor dog. When he was outside, he was on a chain. He had something wrong with his rear end . It looked like a prolapsed rectum or something. They said that he had had surgery a few months before and they had spent $400 and it wasn’t better-it was worse. He’d also been attacked by a dog while on his chain and had a puncture wound in his chest. They said it had happened several weeks ago and they had been cleaning it everyday and putting neosporin on it and that it had gotten a lot better. They were very concerned about George’s rear end, but George wasn’t neutered and Dee, as they called the little girl dog, was not spayed. Chain of Hope will only help people who are receptive to spaying and neutering their pets. I told them that I could take George in and get him looked at, but that he’d need to get neutered when I took him in. They said that was fine.

When I picked up the dogs the next morning, I talked to the woman about Dee. I told her that I could find a good home for her if she wanted me to take her. She was waffling, so I told her to think about it during the day while Dee was getting spayed and we’d talk that evening.

It turns out that George had  a tumor. I forgot the long name of it, but it was from being older and not being neutered.  Getting him neutered would help and the doctor also shot some estrogen into the tumor. In all my years of rescue work, I’ve never seen this kind of tumor before. The doctor told me that it should start shrinking up. They cleaned his chest wound as well and I took George and Dee back home.

I got George out of the van and walked him up to the door. The people were happy to see George and George was happy to be back home. Then the woman asked me where Dee was. I told her that she was on the van, but that I knew I could find her an indoor home, where she could live inside with her family. The  kids were sitting around playing video games and she looked at them and said, “well?” and the kids started whining and saying that they wanted to keep her. I asked them what for if they were going to keep her outside on a chain. They insisted that they brought her in a lot. They wouldn’t budge, so I had to get Dee out of the van. They took both dogs into the house.

We went over last Sunday to check on everyone and this is how we found Dee. She had a big chain wrapped around her neck, she was laying in the mud and she was noticeably more scared than she’d been the week before. This was not a good situation. She seemed traumatized. George was in the house and Dee was sitting in squalor. Before I could even get up to the front door, the woman came out and said, “I think you’d better go ahead and take Dee. She won’t stay on anything.” Well, hell no! She didn’t want to have to live there like that. I’d try to run away, too!



They signed Dee over to us and off she came  to start her new life! She was scared to death- shaking and trembling. I don’t know what had happened to her, but obviously nothing good. We whispered to her that this was the best day of her life, she just didn’t know it yet!



Erica gave her a bath and we got her vaccinated, de-wormed and settled in. We kept her in the back of Chain of Hope where it’s quieter and she could recover from all she’d been through. At first, we had to carry her to go outside and potty, but in just a few days she is walking right out with us and going for walks.



Skyler is awesome! We love this girl! She has a very sweet personality. She’s about 6 mo. old and doing super at Chain of Hope. She used to hide in her crate and be scared when we’d come in her room, but now she comes out to be petted and talked to! Skyler is blossoming right before our eyes and that is the coolest thing!

Outreach has been very difficult and sad lately. Thanks for supporting us, praying for us, encouraging us and sending some good mojo our way. We appreciate all of our supporters keeping us out there on the streets!




4 Responses to “Skyler”

  1. Connie Sherwood Says:

    she looks so much happier, you guys are true angels on earth!

  2. Rhonda Frandsen Says:

    What a wonderful gift you gave her. I am so in awe of what you are able to accomplish with all animals. From my heart to yours….thanks you. Keep us updated about Dee. Have you found a foster or is adoption a possibility! Did not know how much longer she would need to be with you as she has so much to overcome with your help! Thank You again!

  3. April Veale Says:

    Love these great stories…thank you all for ALL your hard and continued work.

  4. Maria Kaplan Says:

    What an awesome outcome for Dee!! Whooppee! Thank you guys so much for all you do for the dogs, the community and our neighborhoods.

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