Dorrit’s Bright Future



Chain of Hope was working in an alley in Northeast. We came across a dog tied to a dog house that was on it’s side. She was a very cute, very shy mixed breed dog and she was pregnant. The people were Hispanic and did not speak English. We had to go back when the teen-age daughter was home so that we could talk to them about this situation. We always give people the option to go ahead and spay the dog when they’re pregnant, but these people did  not want to do that. They were receptive to having her spayed after the puppies were gone, but they just couldn’t bring themselves to spay/abort her while she was pregnant. I know that it seems very callous to do that, but if you’ve ever worked in an animal shelter, you totally get it.  We told them that we needed to fix her up better and also that they should be bringing her in the house. We gave her a new dog house because the one she had was so light-weight, it would just tip over when her cable for caught on it or something.



This dog loved the woman that lived here. She seemed to be the one that she really trusted. This momma had 5 puppies and they were adorable. When they were old enough, the people let Chain of Hope take the litter for spay/neuter and then adoption. They wanted to keep momma and get her spayed, which we did for them.



We stayed in touch and dropped by in a couple of weeks. They told us that they thought they were moving and wanted us to take this momma dog. We were so full at the time, we told them that as soon as we got a spot, we’d come get her. When we were back a couple of weeks later to tell them to hang on, we’d get her as soon as we could, they said that now they weren’t moving and they were going to keep her. Geez-it was like a yo-yo, constantly changing. We never really knew what they were wanting to do. The truth was, we wanted to get her out of there, but we had no more foster homes and we were still full. But apparently now, she was staying.

A few weeks later, the teen-age girl called and asked us if we could take her! This was so frustrating, but unfortunately not uncommon for us to deal with this.  The girl told us that a male dog was hanging around and he had gone after momma. She said momma’s mouth was bleeding. We headed over to get her and we’d figure it out later. She had to get out of there.



We got momma back to Chain of Hope and got her settled in a nice dog run. She was beautiful!


103_6135Thankfully, Furry Kids Refuge was able to take Momma! They had a foster home for her. We are very grateful to Furry Kids and all of the help they give to Chain of Hope and our rescued animals. Momma went to her new foster home. When momma got there, the foster mom noticed that she would run into things. Furry Kids had her to an eye specialist and it was determined that Dorrit (as Furry Kids named her) was blind! She was totally blind and probably had been from birth. She had detached retinas and they were not operable. This was shocking to us! Dorrit had adapted so well, that we didn’t even know it! We had taken her for walks at Chain of Hope and she was using her nose and her sense of touch to move very gracefully around bushes and things outside. She was in a dog run inside. I personally have a blind dog and I didn’t know that she was blind.  The vet and techs didn’t notice-no one did. We’d been to her house many times and the people did not know she was blind either. It sounds absurd, I know, but Dorrit was very well adapted. I’m sure because that’s all she’s known.

It was very disturbing to know that she lived outside on a tie-out, was raped on her chain and gave birth on her chain, and the whole time she was blind. That is a hard enough situation for any dog to go through, but being blind through all of this was unimaginable! This girl was a survivor and she deserved so much more than this. We were so thankful that the people had called again and decided to give her up. Now, Dorrit is finally living the life she’s always deserved. She is in a wonderful foster home with Amanda from Furry Kids and doing well. She goes to adoption events and gets along with all of the other dogs in her foster home. She’s amazing!

What some of these dogs go through that we rescue is not even imaginable sometimes. To think of Dorrit out there, blind and with a litter of puppies to care for. Dogs are so resilient and so forgiving all at the same time. They are incredible animals.

Dorrit is finally having the life that she deserves and should’ve had all along. She is comfortable and happy and very well-adjusted. If she gets adopted by a special someone, that’s wonderful! If not, she is safe and very much loved at Amanda’s. Thanks for keeping us out there!



6 Responses to “Dorrit’s Bright Future”

  1. Susan Says:

    What an amazing and beautiful dog. It makes me sad (and mad too) to hear how people treat animals. But what a tough girl Dorrit is and a happy ending. Dorrit is now LOVED and living large.

  2. Linda Stanley Says:

    That is an unbelievably touching story. Thank you SO much for coming into this dog’s life.

  3. andywhiteman Says:

    I am glad things turned out well for Dorrit. Some shelters put down pregnant dogs because it costs $$$$ to properly care for, vaccinate, protect fro disease, and provide a proper diet. I can understand the owner’s flip flopping with her decision. Obviously she realized she couldn’t properly care for Dorrit and made a wise decision so that Dorrit may live out her life in a good, caring home.

  4. Maria Kaplan Says:

    OMG!!!! Truly a miracle dog. Thank you all so much!

  5. DoroThea Plattner Says:

    I am so glad I found Dorrit’s story! She is such a miracle and so full of life to be around! Hopefully she will be coming home with us next week, I cannot wait to have her happiness in our family! She is exactly what we were looking for and so much more!

    • Dolores Says:

      I hope you adopted Dorrit today. I saw her at the Furry Kids Refuge adoption event at PETCO today. She looks like a wonderful dog.

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